How to Get Water Out of AirPods Pro?

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

How to Get Water Out of AirPods Pro?

Airpods are expensive and taking care is important. These are wireless Bluetooth headphones designed specifically to work with iPhones and iPad. However, since they are Bluetooth audio devices, you can also use them with just about any other computer or smartphone, even Apple TV.

These are Apple wireless headphones. Of course, like all Apple products, these are also quite expensive, so it is essential to take care of them. However, what if they, unfortunately, get wet? Maybe because we forget them in our pockets and put the garment in the washing machine or simply because they fall into the water. How should we behave in this case?

Unfortunately, wet AirPods are a big problem, as they are not waterproof like the new iPhones, and they do not have any sensors that tell us if they are wet, if they have taken in humidity, etc.

We know that the AirPods Pro is resistant to splashes of water, but they are certainly not waterproof, so what to do if they accidentally fall into the water? In this regard, a user comes to the rescue who has created “Water Eject, “a command capable of performing a series of operations, including reproducing specific audio frequencies capable of letting the water out of the AirPods Pro thus avoiding it from being compromised.

Since it is an unsigned command, you will first have to activate the “Untrusted Commands “on our iPhone from “Settings-> Quick Commands.” Then confirm the operation by clicking on the “Allow” button as soon as the notification appears and enter the iPhone code if requested.

At this point, you will have to download the “Water Eject “command that allows the water to come out of the AirPods. Let us connect to this link and download the command by clicking on the “Get Shortcut” button.

Then scroll to the end of the “Add shortcut” screen that opens and clicks on the “Add untrusted shortcut” button.

The command will be added to the shortcuts, and you can use it later on if required.

How to use Water Eject to expel water from AirPods?

Let us take the AirPods and make sure they are connected via Bluetooth to the iPhone.

You cover the two black capsules with your fingers to simulate the presence of the AirPods in your ears; in this way, they will be active on the iPhone.

Activate the “Transparency” mode on the iPhone: open the “Control Center” and perform a long press on the volume bar, then click on “Transparency.”

Once this is done, open the Commands application and click on the “Water Eject” command, and finally on “Begin Water Ejection.”

At this point, you can test the headphones, check if they regularly connect with your device, and then check the audio quality.

If only one earphone is damaged, we remind you that you can also replace it individually.


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