Best Earbuds for Mountain Biking 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Cycling should be fun. Many cyclists take their favorite music with them on the road. It is so great to ride your favorite bike with the breeze to the sound of a melody and not to the noise of city streets.

Exercising with music is always more effective: motivation increases, vigor increases, and the result improve. Many professional athletes and amateurs need particular sports Bluetooth earphones. Such a device will be an excellent companion wherever you go – to the gym, conquer mountain peaks or participate in a bike ride.

Sports headsets are designed for mobile people who lead a healthy lifestyle and extreme sports fans who want to get adrenaline with music. We have compiled some of the best earbuds for mountain biking in the article. We invite you carry on your research and have a look at them.

For mountain cyclists wearing headsets, comfort, and only partial sound insulation from the external environment are very important: runners often have to cross the road, and cyclists even have to ride on the track. For such conditions, in-ear headsets are most often used.

Peak climbers, snowboarders, skiers, and surfers need earphones for extreme sports, compact, durable, well-fitting in the ears, and, if necessary, with a high level of moisture protection. Wireless sports earphones need to be comfortable when paired with your gear.

When choosing wireless headphones for training, you should immediately test them on yourself. Even a state-of-the-art device can cause discomfort during use, in which case the training will not be practical. The volume in the buds should not go off the scale. However, it is worth paying attention to sound insulation and noise reduction: study the instructions and materials used in the headsets.

Moreover, not every wireless model is designed for cycling, but the good ones, even for fitness, are sweatproof (moisture resistant). The connection between your smartphone and sports headsets should be flawless. When choosing a device, consider the communication range and resistance to shock and vibration. With the right color and design of the Earbuds, you can add style and confidence to your look.

The world is now wireless, and there is no reason to listen to your tunes or capitalize on advances in wireless technology. While cycling in traffic with buds can still be dangerous, newer models allow for more surround sound or even use bone-conductive technology (the “buds” go to the temples, not the ear canal) so you can hear more about what’s going on around you. It makes them good options for mountain biking, bike trails, and gravel roads, in addition to using them on a trainer or gym. In addition, as the technology improves, cycling options become more durable and sweatproof and are offered with longer battery life as prices drop.

When exercising or riding a bike, many movements are often performed. If your earphones are not the right size and do not fit well, they will surely fall out constantly. Not only can this be quite annoying, but it can also be costly if you drop, run over, or lose them. Like any headset, the audio quality of your cycling headset is essential. The sound should be excellent and clear, without static or interference. Finding mountain biking earphones is not always easy, lets check.

Best Earbuds for Mountain Biking (Comparison)

SENNHEISER CX 400BT2.32 x 1.33 x 1.67 inches0.43 OuncesCheck Price
Sennheiser CX6.85 x 5.12 x 1.89 inches7 OuncesCheck Price
Sennheiser IE 80 S1 x 1 x 1 inches10.7 OuncesCheck Price




Sennheiser CX 400 TWS buds are an excellent offer for those who are fond of mountain biking. These wireless headsets have a slightly lower price tag, great sound, and exciting tuning features. The key advantages of these flagship buds are wearing comfort and autonomy, touch controls, Bluetooth 5.1 is supported, and SBC, AAC, and aptX codecs – in general, all the main things are in place.

The headset comes in a cardboard box, traditional for most Sennheiser products, decorated in white and blue tones. On the front side, there is an image of the device and the manufacturer’s logo. Inside the outer box is another one made of thick white cardboard, where earphones and a case for buds in a plastic cradle.

The kit includes the CX 400BT True Wireless, a 25 cm USB to USB Type C charging cable, ear pads, a case, and documentation. There are three extra pairs of ear cushions. As with the flagship model, the inner hole is covered with a cruciform element, which prevents the ear adapters from being too deep in the sound tube and provides initial protection against dirt penetration.

Furthermore, the appearance of the earphones is unique and looks very nice and solid. Outwardly, the headset resembles the older model, but there are also noticeable differences – even rounded corners have appeared. The body is made of non-marking matte plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch. On the outer part of the case, a cover is made of glossy material, on which the manufacturer’s logo is applied. The right earpiece has a hole in it, behind which is a hidden microphone for voice communication.

The shape of the inner surface has several bends designed to ensure tight contact with the auricle cup. The LED indicators are there on the inner surface, which is rather interesting. In any case, this is better than in the case of many headsets that draw the attention of others to the user’s ears with “light and music” performed by constantly blinking indicators on the front panel.

You can configure the headset using the Smart Control application. When you turn on the buds for the first time, they activate the pairing mode by themselves; in the future, you can pair it by holding both touch panels for a few seconds. It would be best to connect the headset in the “classic” way and add the device to the application.

The headset has touch panel controls, which traditionally require some caution. Their sensors work perfectly, correctly perceiving both single presses and double and even triple presses. It would help if you got used to the correct delay between them. It gives short beeps with each touch.

Excellent soundPlastic case
Great grip
Good autonomy


The manufacturer has fulfilled its central promise – to keep the same sound in the CX 400BT as in the flagship model. There are other vital functions: from correctly working, touch control with the ability to set up to a comfortable fit and good autonomy.




Sennheiser CX

Sennheiser CX True Wireless headphones support high-quality AAC and AptX Bluetooth codecs, which are rare in this price range, and allow you to customize your audio signature via an app with adjustable EQ. It makes these earphones True Wireless earphones a significant wireless priority with audio playback first, especially if you are a mountain biker.

These wireless earphones look sleek and simple with a square shape to help ensure a secure fit during mountain biking. The coating may look matte, but it is slippery, so the Earbuds are easy to fly when placed in your ears or removed from the case.

The touch-sensitive outer panels on any headset control various essential functions. A single tap controls playback or answering calls, a double-tap controls track navigation (left ear backward, right ear forward), a triple tap calls up your mobile device’s voice assistant, and a long hold adjusts the volume (left ear for down, right ear cup).

The charging case is short but wide, with a hinged lid and one status LED on the front. The supplied USB-C to USB-A charging cable connects to the rear USB-C port. The set also includes four pairs of silicone Earbuds in different sizes.

In addition, the Earbuds have a modest IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand light splashes or fog. It is common for most true wireless couples that are sports-oriented, and the modest protection should still be enough to cope with sweat or a little rain. The rating does not apply to the charger, so do not wet it and make sure the Earbuds are dry before placing them in the docking station.

You can control different functions through the Sennheiser Smart Control app for Android and iOS. Instead of the typical five-band fader-based EQ, it uses slightly complex animated curves to adjust the balance of the sound.

Besides EQ, the app has a lot to offer, including customizing controls, adjusting side tone (how much of your voice you hear during phone calls), toggling voice prompts, and setting auto power-off times. It also provides valuable data, such as which codec you are currently listening to and how much battery power is left. In addition, of course, it allows you to update the firmware with the added benefit of an actual list of bugs or issues.

The Earbuds are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant and support Bluetooth AAC, AptX, and SBC codecs. These wireless headsets offer nine hours on a single charge and 18 more hours with the charging case. These are great numbers for true wireless headphones, but your results will depend on your volume levels.

Bluetooth 5.2 compliantA little bit warm on Bass
AAC, AptX and SBC codecs
Sleek and simple


Sennheiser’s CX True Wireless Earbuds rank among the growing number of wireless models thanks to their high sound quality, amazing battery life, and support for the high-quality Bluetooth codec. The EQ is a little less straightforward, but it is still a significant improvement over the many models that do not provide audio tweaks.




Sennheiser IE 80 S

The IE 80 S headphones are sound fantastic and feature adjustable hems, and ship with a wide selection of cushions providing the best fitting for mountain bikers. These headsets are an excellent replacement for the previous IE80 in an updated package, with better ergonomics and a fresher look. These earphones will be an excellent purchase for those who appreciate the high-quality sound that is adjustable for each genre.

The accompanying cleaning tool, which also functions as a mini screwdriver on the other end – each bud has a tiny screw on the outer panel – can be used to alter the bass response from ear to ear. Turning right increases bass responsiveness, while turning left diminishes it.

At the lowest bass settings, the headsets have more Low-frequency depth than typical flat response pairs, but the bass is clear and well balanced with the rest of the frequency range. The headphones deliver a powerful subwoofer-style punch and never distort even at recklessly high listening levels on tracks with intense subwoofer content.

These in-ear earphones are particularly suitable for mountain biking, with their highly resistant shells and robust interchangeable cable with an exclusive 2-pin connector. Practically, you can put the ear hooks optionally in place to ensure better support while improving the comfort of use in the event of physical activity.

Additionally, these headsets incorporate dynamic drivers precisely calibrated by Sennheiser engineers to deliver exceptional precision and clarity of sound. Combining an industrial design that is at once elegant, sober, and robust, they immerse the listener in a very immersive sound experience, with the key to intense musical emotions.

A good fit of the earphones in the ear canal is essential to enjoy an optimal musical experience with in-ear headphones. It is why the German manufacturer supplies earphones with an extensive choice of Earbuds, including a complete set of Comply ™ memory foam. With these tips, which adapt perfectly to the morphology of the ear canal, the improvement is significant. It benefits both the quality of the sound, the comfort of use, and the effectiveness of the passive attenuation of ambient noise.

They have ultra-resistant shells and an interchangeable reinforced cable in the most demanding conditions. This model will delight demanding listeners and the most audiophile, equipped with quality portable audio players.

Breath taking sound qualityThe case is relatively big for small pockets
Pleasant to wear


Sennheiser IE 80 headphones have been designed to reproduce the minor details of digital music while offering the possibility of personalizing the sound. Thanks to its exclusive low-frequency adjustment system, it is possible to adjust the desired bass level according to your tastes or the style of music. In addition, the sound insulation is excellent, with noise reduction of up to 26 dB.



Final Verdict:

There is nothing better to motivate yourself than to do mountain biking with music. You may not know it, but listening to music during your biking or other sports allow you to better focus on your physical activity and effectively pace your sessions until you reach your goals. In addition, in this area, the headsets specially designed for sport have succeeded in conquering the hearts of all sportsmen.


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