Best Earbuds for Flights 2023

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

Traveling is great, but the truth is that if you are going to travel many hours, you may even get overwhelmed. It happens if you are going to make a transatlantic flight. It also happens if you have to travel by car for many hours, or even worse if the trip is by bus or train and the other passengers decide to talk loudly.

That is why a great travel companion can be a headset with active noise cancellation. They are the best wireless headphones for traveling. In addition, luckily, today, there are quite a few on the market, with different price ranges, which can be ideal if you want to be able to isolate yourself at times from the outside world. We have compiled some of the best earbuds for flights in the article. We advise you carry on exploring and have a look at them.

If you have ever thought about buying some good noise-canceling headphones for your travels, this article is for you. Say goodbye to screaming children, airplane engine noise, and PA messages. However, before getting into the matter, it is essential to understand the types of earphones suitable during flights. The first thing that we must look into is the voice canceling capability of headsets.

Some headphones incorporate technology that eliminates ambient noise. With these headsets, you will not be able to hear either the child screaming at the top of your lungs in the seat next to you or the annoying and constant noise of the plane’s engines. This fascinating technology allows you to eliminate any loud and booming noise that it may be and enjoy a quiet and pleasant flight.

In addition, there are various formulas to cancel annoying ambient noise or minimize it to the point that it is no longer perceptible to the vast majority of users. Active noise-canceling headphones create an artificial sound wave that blocks ambient sound from entering.

Choosing the wireless headphones that best suit our needs, both daily and traveling, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. That they weigh as little as possible is an important feature, also that their battery lasts for hours, because we never know when we will have access to a plug to charge them. Finally, yet significantly, comfort, which is determined by designs for all tastes, customs, and demand levels.

There are many characteristics to determine if a product is the most suitable for your objectives. Each one demands different characteristics according to their customs and their state. It is often a great plan to listen to those in your circle who you believe in. Another piece is what is disseminated about the information in the networks, television, and press. Sites like ours are unbeatable options if you are looking for wireless headphones for flights.

It has become a habit that, before buying anything online, you check reviews of different buyers on the internet. Thanks to the benefits of our recommendation, a large number of buyers get the products that best meet their expectations in a blink of an eye.

Best Earbuds for Flights (Comparison)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus1.52 x 2.75 x 1.04 inches4.8 OuncesCheck Price
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW7 x 3 x 2 inches3.53 OuncesCheck Price
Elite Active 65t Earbuds4.88 x 2.17 x 7.34 inches2.8 OuncesCheck Price


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The arrival of Buds + is an evolution of Samsung’s fourth-generation TWS line of Earbuds. As the name suggests, this is an improved version of the regular Buds, and in many ways, it is. However, simultaneously, Samsung stopped the release of the first generation Buds, the new model should gradually replace them on the shelves completely.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + comes in a tiny, almost square box made of solid white cardboard. Inside is a case with inserted headphones, a Type-C connecting cable, and a set of rubber pads in three sizes and ear holders. These earphones have a small egg-shaped case comparable in size to the Air Pods case. It is, of course, thicker but also narrower, easily fits in that petite secret pocket of jeans. The carrying case of headsets has glossy hard plastic, but it does not slip at all in the hands.

Moreover, an LED indicator is installed under the cover on the panel, and rubber inserts with markings for the left and suitable sockets. The indicator inside shows the state of charge of the headphones themselves, and the indicator outside the case shows the charging of the case’s internal battery. All synchronization occurs when the case is opened. The lid is securely fastened, there is no backlash when opening, there is a feeling of a firmly knocked down and durable device.

In actual operation, the usual noises during flights like Airplane engines, crying kids on nearby seats are isolated. To avoid breaking away from reality, you have to resort to the transparency mode through the application. There are three levels of sound transparency; that is, at the maximum level, external sound not only passes well through the microphones but is also amplified more than it is, as a hearing aid does. There are three microphones on the body: one internal and two external.

You can manage controls using a smartphone or the touchpads on the headphones themselves. The pads are highlighted in color and have a highly slippery pearlescent coating. Because of this, fingers glide perfectly over the sensors that provide a great experience-using while on long flights. Further, a single touch to the touchpad activates the play or pause function, double-switches to the next track or answers a call, triple moves to the previous track, and holding rejects the call, or you can customize it as you like.

With the Samsung smartphone, there is a “seamless” instant connection without downloading any applications and establishing a Bluetooth connection. If the smartphone is from another company, then you will have to download the Galaxy Wearable application.

Excellent connectivityNeed Galaxy Wear app to enhance functionality
Longer battery time
Three sizes of ear pads


These Samsung earphones have excellent sound and voice communication along with excellent battery time. The connectivity with applications is simplified and provides a fantastic experience using during flights.



Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW QuietPoint

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW fully wireless in-ear headphones with QuietPoint’s proprietary active noise cancellation technology offer a successful combination of wearing comfort, feature set, and sound quality. The headphones are equipped with 5.8 mm wideband dynamic emitters, the diaphragm with a special coating, and are not inferior in rigidity to diamond.

The headphones use a Qualcomm Bluetooth module with support for aptX and AAC audio codecs and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus technology to reduce the latency of the transmitted signal. All this provides neutral and detailed sound with a wide stereo image, making these earphones one of the most musical-sounding headphones in their class and provide maximum perfectibility while traveling through airplanes.

QuietPoint proprietary digital noise-canceling technology, used in this model, provides excellent protection for the user even from the intense external noise of airplane engines. Two microphones in each Earbuds (one located in front of the speaker and the other behind it) transmit ambient sounds to the noise-canceling processor to analyze and generate a compensating signal.

Furthermore, the instrumental separation is easy to spot when listening to tracks. For example, all stringed instrument patterns are easily identifiable and do not be tangled or overflowing even in the more congested sections of the piece. The dynamically evolving drum and bass sections exhibit energetic, fast transient responses with a lot of energy being pushed through them that provide an ideal listening experience while having long flights.

These headphones have a built-in microphone and multifunction buttons for convenient control of music playback and answering incoming calls on a connected smartphone. The acoustic transparency function in this model allows you to hear the environment at the touch of a button. The headphones are compatible with the Audio-Technica Connect app, with which you can control their operation, including changing the noise-canceling modes.

These earphones come with four sizes of interchangeable silicone fittings and a pair of Comply foam. The battery life of these earphones is up to 4.5 hours and up to 18 hours using the included charging case.

The companion app is primarily intuitive and easy to use. It continues Audio-Technica’s recent tradition of providing the listener with helpful information that other competing applications lack, such as listing the codec used. The app even has a built-in media player so that you can use it like a DAP. It will communicate easily with other apps like Spotify. Unfortunately, it does not have a custom EQ.

Two different programmable essential mapping functions are similar to choosing a control style when playing a video game. The noise-canceling and pass-through modes have three settings to choose from, and thankfully, you can turn them both off completely. The transitions between these selections are buttery smooth, with a smooth fade in/out between each function.

Quiet Point Active Noise Reduction SystemBest results via the companion app
Bluetooth aptX / AAC
Signature 5.8 mm drivers


The sound offered by this all-new wireless wonder is a well-balanced dish that happily caters to a variety of tastes. With natural, smooth sound and many features, with excellent noise-canceling capabilities and performance, these wireless headsets are the best on the market.



Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is two elegant buds that will be just as effective when making calls to listen to music. They also do the job well, making them a well-rounded and better alternative to some of the more popular components like the Apple Air pods.

On the box, the Jabra Elite 65t welcomes you under the proud inscription “Welcome to superior sound,” you immediately realize that the headphones are made with a more lavish musical bias than previous Jabra models in this class. Everything in the box is neatly folded, and in its compartments, although the set is not large, it looks stylish and restrained. Inside the case, there are two slots for charging the headphones and a small LED between them. It duplicates the lower LED but only works with headphones installed.

These buds have a P-shaped design with an anatomical shape on the side of the emitters, and holes for four microphones complement the entire image. These earphones look futuristic and versatile due to their unique design. These headsets fit perfectly into the ear and do not go beyond its borders, so you do not look like an alien with antennas in your ears due to its small size. Their ideal fit provides tension-free use while traveling on the road or having long flights.

Moreover, each of the buds has LEDs that indicate the status of connection and battery charging. Together with them, the control buttons are located on the buds. On the left, the button is divided into two clicks, with which you can adjust the volume, switch tracks, and find out the status of the battery, but the right one has only one press, which can turn on / off the headphones, receive a call, stop and continue playback and activate the Hear Through mode.

The initial connection procedure is not complicated and is similar to that of other Bluetooth devices. However, it is worth noting that it is better to pair using the proprietary Sound + application since it determines the headphone model in addition to the systematic illustrated instructions. In case of problems with the connection, it will give a hint about the solution. After first connectivity, the headphones will automatically connect to the smartphone; it will be enough to get them out of the charging case.

These earphones have one dynamic radiator in each bud for Sound. The frequency range for this device is 20-20000 Hz, which is standard. Therefore, you will get a good volume reserve, and even at maximum, there is no distortion; the Sound is always evident.

AutonomyThe app is non-intuitive
The quality of speech transmission
Dynamic radiator system


These earphones are comfortable to listen to for a long time, and it does not distract from doing exercises or enjoying your long flights. You will also get a comfortable and secure fit, “safe” Hear Through with settings and excellent microphone performance.



Final Verdict:

During flights, you must activate the Airplane on your smartphones before using headsets. In this way, there will be no waves that can interfere with the aircraft’s communications. When activating this mode, your mobile phone will not be able to connect to the Internet. It will be impossible to receive data of any kind. Therefore, you can use Bluetooth headsets on an airplane without any restrictions and enjoy your traveling.


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