How to Prevent Earbuds From Breaking?

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

How to Prevent Earbuds From Breaking?

It is evident that every material has a valuable life, greater or lesser, and in that, our Earbuds, whatever type they are, are no exception. From the moment we buy them and start using them, our earphones are exposed to wear and tear, but in that, as you also know, the type of use we make is very decisive.

To prevent headphones from breaking prematurely, the first thing to do is to know the most exposed parts to wear and tear and the agents that most expose them to deterioration, or even to a definite uselessness.

Over a lifetime, headphones have been useless, both or only one of them, when the cables are stripped along their route or the plug area, which is the one that suffers the most from bends and pulls. The cables are twisted and tangled when we store them anywhere makes the cables strip more quickly, although it does not help to wrap the cables by pressing around the audio player.

Therefore, a priori, at least if we look only at this aspect, wireless Earbuds are more durable at the level of breakage (not at the level of potential durability, since they are exposed to battery wear, which is not replaceable in the 99% of cases).

In the specific case of headband headsets, the transducers (or earmuffs) are usually the most vulnerable and sensitive elements over time.

To make them pleasant to use, they usually have a first thin and soft membrane, which tends to wear out quickly, especially if we leave the earphones in the sun, or expose them to humidity, or if we usually wear a few days beard (in the case of men), since it acts like sandpaper.

Primarily if we use our headsets for running, or in the pool, or outdoors on days of rain or dense fog, our headphones can deteriorate due to humidity. So that this does not happen, it is best to keep them out of any possible contact with water, although any headset of medium and high range, of course, usually has certificates of exposure to water: IPX4, IPX5, IPX7, IPX9, etc.

As a piece of general advice, we always recommend storing the headsets in their case when they are not going to be used to protect them as much as possible. In the case of wired headphones, it is essential to always keep the cables without winding themselves and act on the plug when (both connecting and disconnecting them) with the utmost care possible. It also applies to USB-type C wired headsets.


If you like to listen to music on your daily commutes while exercising or in the park, a broken pair of headphones can throw you off the hook. Your Earbuds can damage and break with frequent use; no matter how expensive or cheap they are, so it is up to you to take care of them. When you take proper care of your headsets, you prevent the wear and tear that ruins so many pairs prematurely, ensuring you have high-quality sound for as long as you want.


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