How to wear Earbuds Properly?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

How to wear Earbuds Properly?

Using earbuds properly gives you great sound. For wireless headphones to last longer and not cause any harm to health, the owner should understand the rules of their operation and put on the headphones correctly.

They are present in the auricle, hold due to the elasticity of the tragus and anti-tragus. A tragus, an anticogel, is two small-paired cartilaginous protrusions located in front of the auricle of a person’s outer ear. Wired Earbuds seldom usage and wireless Earbuds have gained popularity, being copied by manufacturing companies after Apple released its ergonomic Air Pods.

The convenience of wearing them depends on the distance between the tragus and the anti-tragus:

  • If it is small in comparison with the size of the earphone, the person will feel discomfort from wearing it for a long time;
  • If it is large, the liner will constantly fall out due to sudden movements of the head.

The main thing for the user is comfortable placement in the ear tube, wearing a headset. Vacuum or in-ear headphones (plugs, plugs, droplets) acquired their name because they are inserted not into the auricle but with the help of ear pads – into the ear canal.

The selected ear pads, plugging the ear canal like a cork, hold the plugs well in the ear; create additional sound insulation when listening to music tracks in a noisy room. It is in its cone-shaped beginning that the ear cushions should be tightly inserted.

It is advisable to remove all jewelry from your ears before properly putting on any headphones to avoid injury if the correct use of the overhead headset does not cause problems (it is enough to place the headband in the middle of the head).

Ease of wearing Earbuds, plugs do not depend on the design and size, but how they are correctly inserted into the ear.

It will be best if you do it in the following order:

  • Determine in which ear each of the headphones should be inserted by the letter marked on the leg “R” or “L,”
  • Gently install the Earbuds into the auricle;
  • Grasping the leg of each of the headphones, turn them 30 ° forward and backward until they take the most comfortable, correct position in the ear.

To correctly insert the vacuum plug into your ear, you must:

  • Bring the earpiece to the ear canal and, gently pushing it with your finger, fix it in the ear;
  • With the opposite hand, pull the earlobe; push the plug until the ear cushion sits tightly inside the ear canal;
  • Release the earlobe while the auricle will take a natural position and fix the earpiece.

An improvement in the sound will indicate that the headset is correctly inserted inside the ear, and for vacuum plugs, there is also a sharp decrease in external noise.


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