Best Earbuds for Xbox One Controller 2024

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If you are gaming on a PC or a console like Xbox One, the sound is an essential gaming aspect. Without the proper sound, the whole game becomes sultry and bland. In addition, when it comes to online and competitive play, the sound in the game lets players know the direction of their enemies. Nevertheless, that is not all; you also need to communicate with other players. That is why you need a headphone with an accurate and immersive sound signature, a quality microphone, and comfortable to wear – after all, you will be wearing it for a long time. We have compiled some of the best earbuds for xbox one controller in the article. We suggest you carry on exploring and have a look at them.

A quality headset should be a way to chat with your teammates. It should provide the most fabulous possible dip and point accuracy so you can hear explosions in the background and take steps in your surroundings. It should provide clear communication and a seriously comfortable ride.

The Microsoft Xbox One is one of the most incredible gaming consoles on the market. Since 2013, millions have been sold. Therefore, it is safe to say that the device is quite popular among console gamers. When playing video games on Xbox, they tend to use a headset for a more personal experience because you may need to communicate with others through a microphone.

One of the most recent issues we have encountered with microphones when playing on a Microsoft console is the apparent silence. No one wants this, and it is a big deal even when playing team-based video games like PUBG. Before you begin, there are three critical points to take into consideration,

  1. Battery is fully charged.
  2. Microphone is muted.
  3. The connections are firmly in place.

Moreover, a good gaming headset can make a huge difference in enjoying both online and indoor gaming. The quality microphones that gaming headsets offer are an obvious advantage for voice chat in multiplayer games.

They come in both wired and wireless models and usually work out of the box as your PS4, and PC connect via USB or Bluetooth, but Xbox One requires a dedicated connection, so not all headsets will be compatible right away. Read our best gaming headsets to find the one that best suits you and your gaming rig.

If you are buying a gaming headset, you have many options. There are many earphones on the market, which are compatible with the gaming console. These sets have variable prices depending upon the manufacturer and functions. However, if you are unaware of your perfect required device, you might pay a high price or otherwise might buy a low-cost headset that will not fulfill your requirements. Therefore, it is vital to understand a few technical aspects of earphone and console compatibility before making any buying decision.

For example, earphones compatible with Xbox work without a dongle because they connect via Microsoft’s proprietary wireless protocol. Further, they are only compatible with Xbox consoles or a computer via an adaptor.

The headset that ships with the Xbox is one of the worst. Therefore, to help you decide on the perfect headset for Xbox One, we have put together a list of the best headsets out there:-

Best Earbuds for Xbox One Controller (Comparison)

Galaxy Buds Pro6 x 4 x 2 inches5.3 OuncesCheck Price
Sudio Tolv2.37 x 1.29 x 1.92 inches2.12 OuncesCheck Price
Mission V16.5 x 4.2 x 1.8 inches8.4 OuncesCheck Price


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The new Galaxy Buds Pro has a hybrid design, which provides a comfortable and soft feel in-ear but still blocks most external noise. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you test the various rubber pads to make sure you use the one that fits you best.

Despite the rubbers, however, the new Galaxy Buds Pro shape could convince even those who do not generally like in-ear headphones. The external surface of each of the two, which houses the touch sensor, is shiny and holds finger prints a lot. On the outside, we find two microphones (protected by a windproof grille). A third microphone is located inside, near the connectors for charging and the proximity sensor.

The charging case has an incredible design in the shape of a square box, which is a little thicker than most other cases but at the same time shorter. Overall, the dimensions are compact enough to fit pretty much in any pocket.

On the front and inside, we find multicolored LEDs that indicate the charge status (of the case and headphones) and on the back a USB-C port. The case supports wireless charging and is compatible with the Qi standard.

Moreover, it has a dual driver consisting of an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter. The result is a sonic rendition full of detail, with full and deep but not excessive bass, warm vocals, and ringing highs when needed. Another detail not to be overlooked is the soundstage, not bad for earphones. These buds offer a truly excellent sound performance, certainly among the best in the true wireless market. You can adjust the equalization by choosing one of the six presets available from the application.

Bluetooth is in version 5.0, and it supports AAC, SBC, and Scalable codecs. The ANC is present and makes the difference, especially in the low frequencies. Together with the ANC, the Ambient Sound function amplifies the sounds (up to 20 dB) to let us hear what is happening in the world around us.

One of the great new features of the Buds Pro is the Voice Detection function, which senses when the user speaks to temporarily enable the Ambient Sound and lower the volume of the music, and then return to ANC mode after 5, 10, or 15 seconds (a choice).

Top sound qualityPrice is not for everyone
Good ANC and ambient sound


The Galaxy Buds Pro is undoubtedly the best earphones Samsung has ever made, as well as one of the best models on the market for sound quality. These headsets provide excellent ANC and transparency mode supported by Samsung companion App. These Buds are among the best earphones money can buy. Further, they are fully compatible with Xbox one controllers.



Sudio Tolv True Wireless Earbuds

Sudio Tolv True Wireless Earbuds

The True Wireless Sudio Tolv earphones have a sleek design along with Scandinavian aesthetic touch. This in-ear model will allow you to listen to your favorite music in complete freedom and the best conditions. Further, the wireless technology Bluetooth 5.0 will prove efficient and stable for your music sessions in motion.

It allows easy control of your music with the controls on the ear pads. Start your song, skip to the next track, or take a call with ease. The microphone has a precise and comfortable communication. You can control the playback with physical buttons on the plugs. A variable number of clicks on the left or right plug changes song pauses playback or answers the phone. Something you learn relatively quickly

You get silicone pillows in four sizes, so most people should be able to find one that fits. Thus, the plugs sit comfortably. Since they lack wings, you probably have to be a little careful about training with them. On the other hand, they are not sports plugs, so that is not the intention either.

These in-ear headphones have a great battery life of 7 hours on a single charge and up to 35 hours with the charging/carrying case. Considering the relatively neat size, it is no wonder that the battery life lasts well up to seven hours for most people. You can also charge them four more times in the charging case, for a total battery life of a respectable 35 hours. It also has a micro-USB connector for charging.

For the full recharge of the headphones, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is average, and in the end, recharging by micro-USB is not annoying and quite fast since boxes of this type do not require a high charging speed.

Additionally, the invisible microphones are efficient. The characteristics do not indicate noise reduction, yet the vocal rendering is of good quality in calls as for voice control; no worries, therefore. The voice assistance works perfectly but is complicated to activate. You have to press both buttons simultaneously for a second, so you need both hands, which is a little contrary to the simplicity you are looking for with the command.

The stereo effects are impeccable, and they have minimal distortion even at high volume; unfortunately, there is no smartphone application to adjust the sound, but they support all styles of music, even rich songs, thanks to their beautiful precision.

Compact size Do not have the apt-X codec
Comfortable and fit well in the ear
Micro-USB charging


With a compact size and complete silicone ear tips, the Sudio TOLV are pretty comfortable and fit well in the ear; their passive isolation is not bad at all for in-ear headphones. With their sleek design and noble materials, these are very pretty and have nothing to envy to the top of the range. Further, the earphones provide a great experience with Xbox one controllers.



Monster Mission V1 Wireless Earbuds

Mission V1 Wireless Earbuds

The Monster Mission V1 compact wireless Earbuds allow freedom of movement during a workout, gaming, or listening to music. They provide uncompromising sound by eliminating surrounding noises. Further, these headsets provide an ultra-low latency connection for reliable streaming and an unstoppable gaming experience.

It provides excellent voice clarity by two microphones. With single charging of buds, you get five hours of nonstop listening time. However, its case also offers five times more charging to increase your usage time up to 25 hours. You will experience your gaming sound in real-time with these headsets, enhancing your gaming pleasure many folds.

The latest Bluetooth technology and dual-channel data transmission provide super-fast and ultra-stable connectivity for ideal immersion in barrier-free distances of up to 10 meters. These Gaming earphones are fully compatible with your Xbox one controller as well as for Android and iPhone.  Additionally, it allows us to use either a single bud or both while listening to music or playing our favorite games.

In addition, these earphones have Cool RGB Lighting, which is designed to create a gaming environment and provide an exceptional experience. You can easily switch between music or gaming mode by pressing the right bud quickly.

You can use Type-C cables for fast wired charging, and you can insert a casing over the wireless charger (sold separately) for easy wireless charging. In addition, its Type-C fast charging technology provides extra 1-hour listening after 5 minutes of fast charging.

The headphones are portable and comfortable to wear all day. These earphones offer three spacers of different sizes. Everything is ergonomically designed to fit your ears.

The connectivity with devices is straightforward. First, you have to place the earphones into the charging case, press and hold the charging casing reset button for 3 seconds. After that, the left and right earphones will light up for 2 seconds, the left and right earphones will restart successfully, and they will connect automatically.

This connectivity is due to the state-of-the-art Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology that creates a reliable and hassle-free wireless connection. Furthermore, pairing is super easy – once you unlock the charging case, the headphones easily connect to your latest pairing smartphone. You can also pair them with multiple devices, but you cannot link to another without disconnecting from the first if they are associated with one device.

Excellent voice clarityVariation in sound quality
Eliminate surrounding noises
Fast connectivity


You will be astonished by its extraordinary design after unboxing the package. The great lights on the box and buds provide more high-tech feelings. These earphones are fully compatible with Xbox one or any other gaming controllers as well as computers. In addition, these headsets will satisfy you with their fast connectivity and wireless charging, eliminating concerns while playing video games.



Final Verdict:

Today, video games have become an increasingly competitive and engaging form of entertainment. Over the years, we have seen a constant development of both game modes and the narration and their graphics, reaching increasingly stunning and realistic results. Another particular aspect, sometimes underestimated, is the sound of video games. There are numerous studies that, from the nineties to today, have shown how this is a fundamental element and one of the first factors to make one’s fortune.


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