What is the Best Way to use Your Earbuds?

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

What is the Best Way to use Your Earbuds?

Available wireless headphones eliminate the need to deal with tangled wires. Thanks to the advanced gadget today, you do not even have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag to select a track or start a conversation.

These devices can receive a signal from a source in several ways, depending on design features.

Bluetooth technology is the most common option. The main advantage is versatility. Gadgets of this type transmit audio at 2.5 GHz. You can connect such devices to every gadget in which the corresponding module is installed, including smartphones, tablets, and TV.

The technology maintains a strong connection. These headphones are mobile, and you can take them on the road. This technology assumes the presence of special encryption that protects the communication channel from interception.

This technology is used for gadgets of famous brands, for example, Samsung.

Wi-Fi technology is a convenient way to transfer data. Such devices can receive a signal directly or connect through a router. In addition, you can configure the system so that two headsets work simultaneously from the same source.

Learning to use these Earbuds is easy. Even though brands release many models, the feature set is standard. You can carry out the functions using buttons on the body:

  • A separate button is always there to turn the device on and off. The device is activated or deactivated by a long press on it.
  • Two buttons carry out volume control. They are denoted by “+” and “-.” With their help, you can switch between the music tracks.
  • A separate button is available for pause and playback of the song. Other functions are also tied to it – receiving calls, calling the last dialed number, etc.

Some manufacturers provide a separate element for switching the signal source. Each brand has specific button layouts. For example, in standard Sports Headsets, three buttons are located on the remote, present on the “collar.”

Unlike passive headphones, these devices cannot completely “mute” ambient sounds, but modern models suppress noise and isolate it from external sounds. Therefore, it would be best if you will be careful when traveling by transport or cycling. Remove one earpiece. Some headphones connect to the smartphone wirelessly, the second to the first device using a cable. It allows you to watch videos or listen to music together.

Other gadgets also provide sharing options. For example, in Chinese devices of the JBL brand, this function is called ShareMe. In such a function, the signal from the first travels to the second device via a wireless channel.

For the accessory to be in proper condition, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, the buttons switch neatly, even the smallest ones; you cannot use improvised items like a pen or a knitting needle for this. It will damage the gadget.

  • You should store the device in average humidity.
  • It would be best if you did not expose it to high temperatures.
  • You should protect the device from mechanical damage, so you should place it in a specially designed case. If the branded cover is lost or damaged, you need to buy a new one.
  • Clean the ear cushions of the headphones regularly using the products recommended by the manufacturer.


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