Best TV Wall Mount For Plaster Walls 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Flat screens have saved us space while also offering us ample visual comfort through Swiveling, tilting, and folding. There are numerous types of stands available, including the one that suits your living room or bedroom. To hang your flat screen on the wall, you need to orient yourself on a suitable stand for your screen’s wall, size, and weight.

You can decide between a fixed, tillable, swiveling, adjustable stand, and many other options. The flatter your screen, the stand should be to be as discreet as possible. We have compiled some of the best TV wall mount for plaster walls in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

However, you must take your device’s connections into account to make the connections easily, as well as the distance between the screen and your favorite chair. A stand or support arm allows you to mount a flat-screen on the wall at an ideal height, thus freeing up floor space. It would be best if you kept multiple criteria in your mind for selecting a stand for your intelligent flat screen.

These criteria include wall type, the weight of the television, size of the screen, which is usually in cm or inches, and there should be enough depth between the wall and the television to make connections.

Moreover, among all these criteria, the type of wall is fundamental. Nowadays, the most common walls and partitions in homes are:

Plasterboard partitions (or hollow wall).

Load-bearing concrete or brick walls.

Cellular concrete walls.

The nature of the wall provides the possibility of establishing the type of dowel used to fasten the support. Once you identify the type of plug, it will be necessary to carefully evaluate the weight it can support concerning the load, consisting of the weight of the screen plus that of the stand.

Solid and hard walls can accommodate all kinds of fixing plates for the television stand. However, hollow or brittle walls require a large fixing surface to allow the correct distribution of the load over the entire wall. In this case, the fixing bracket of the stand must be broad. In general, you will find the weight of the screen indicated on the packaging box of your television, which will help you do the calculations quickly.

A stand with a maximum load compatible with your screen corresponds to the total load it can support without the risk of damage. Therefore, it is crucial to select compatibility of anchors with the burden of your display and stand. On the packaging, you will find the indication of the maximum load that a dowel can support.

If the weight of your screen corresponds to the maximum allowed by a stand, do not hesitate to take one that bears a slightly higher load to leave a safety margin.

Moreover, there are two fundamental dimensions required to support a particular screen—the size of the flat screen expressed in cm or inches. Second, behind the television, the distance between the holes to fix screws according to the VESA standard. Therefore, it certifies the compatibility of the fixing between the screen and the support.

The VESA standard is an international standard adopted by television manufacturers, which sets a standard distance between the screw holes for fixing a stand.

To find out the VESA standard of your screen, you need to measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of your television, both horizontally and vertically, in mm. Therefore, with a VESA 100 x 100, we mean, for example, a distance of 10 cm between the screw holes both horizontally and vertically.


Mount It MI-310B35 x 11 x 5 inches30.9 PoundsCheck Price
PIAT2N/AN/ACheck Price
ONKRON M7L26.08 x 9.84 x 3.86 inches19 PoundsCheck Price
Mount-It35 x 4.63 x 10.75 inches20.8 PoundsCheck Price


Mount It MI-310B

Mount-It MI310B

The bracket  MI-310B can support a television having size between 32 and 55 inches, supporting a weight of up to 175lbs. therefore more than enough for most devices on the market.

The manufacturer guarantees compatibility with all VESA models (750X450) mm, including popular brands such as Samsung.

VESA refers to a consolidated standard to which most companies have now aligned and allows you to buy universal brackets.

On the other hand, considering the space occupied, after fixing the bracket with a wall, it can be completely folded back on itself, spacing the television from the wall or in full extension from 5 inches to 20 inches.

The rotation is 60 ° from left to right, -15 to+15 degrees up and down, allowing a high degree of customization of the viewing angle.

You will find everything you need to install in the package, such as screws for each type of VESA fixing, dowels, and a very comfortable spirit level to position the screen perfectly without the slightest mistake.

The users are delighted and confirm the possibility of carrying out the whole procedure alone or at the most with the help of a friend or another member of the family unit by following the detailed instructions in the manual. The overall solidity of the product is indisputable. However, some consumers complain about an aesthetic that is not perfect, especially if you need to extend the bracket to appear visible.

The first step involves hooking the front panel brackets to the back of the screen, for which you will have to use the compatible screws included in the package. Subsequently, you will have to identify the exact point to drill the wall to fix the wall plate. Naturally, you must perform this function with some precision, so do not be afraid to calculate the precise position several times.

Finally, after locking the plate, you will have to insert the guides previously installed behind the screen in the bracket, and you can close it completely.

Supports VESA models up to (750X450) mmNo support for screens more than 55 inches
The rotation is 60° from left to right
Extension from 5 inches to 20 inches


Thanks to the VESA standard, the bracket is compatible with Samsung 55″. However, the most convincing point is the solidity of the stand, made with excellent materials able to withstand weights up to 175lbs.

While it is true that the eye wants its part, the TV wall bracket must above all be solid and well-built to prevent the device from shattering to the ground when you least expect it. From this point of view, this product does its job very well.




PIAT2 wall mount

The PIAT2 universal stand is the best available solution for VESA dimension 600mmX400mm. It can hold television-having weight up to 165lbs.

This bracket is most suitable for television, having screen sizes from 50-inch to 90 inches. It is compatible with all renowned flat-screen brands available on the market.

This bracket has solid steel construction, which allows the holding television to have four times more weight. A single-section wall plate makes its installation and mounting process very convenient for everyone.

In addition, its building and strength quality is out of the market that allows you to keep your new modern flat-screen secure.

Its elegant design and space-saving quality make your room modern and appealing, coupled with an attractive low-profile design that gives you more space in your room.

Moreover, its pull out to 15.4 inches and return to 3 inches with +/-3° spinning for leveling provides you an incredible viewing experience. This function also helps to reduce screen glare problems without using any extra tool. Finally, its tilting function takes this product among the top-of-the-line available options on the market.

Its complete delivery box contains all Essential installation hardware kits, multiple usage screws, and mounts to match most flat screens. You will also find easy-to-follow assembling documentation, which will enable you to complete your assembling, and mounting process swiftly and securely.

Additionally, Plug-in 5.2 provides ample space in the back of the screen with a complete and effortless cable management system for all television types.

It is equally suitable for 16″- 24″ medium-sized plaster walls and wooden concrete and brick walls. However, you have to make sure using correct drywall anchors then it will do the objective. Nevertheless, this premium and superior wall mount will prove itself as value for your hard-earned money.

Attractive low profileLimited rotation
Simple installation
Full-tilt function


The PIAT2 universal stand is one of the best products available on the market for 50-90 inches screens with a wide range of compatibility. Its pullout and return with spinning for leveling is out of the box. It helps to remove glares due to windows and lights. In addition, uncomplicated and systematic assembling and mounting documentation with the package makes your life easier in this respect.

Its tilting, swiveling, and rotating functions are not inferior to any other this type of product available on the market. It enhances your viewing angles and gives you a cinematic feel while watching your favorite television shows with your loved ones.





Wall mounting is a traditional solution to home and office, large and tiny companies, conference rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms.

ONKRON  produces high-quality mounting options for screen displays and computer screens for more than ten decades worldwide.

The M7L is a powerfully built stand for many modern flat screens with screen sizes from 39 inches to 60 inches. It supports VESA mounting standards from 100×100 mm around 600×400 mm.

This specific version has a broad selection of mounting hole designs and conventional ones, allowing for mounting even average VESA-sized panels.

This modern stand has a loading capacity of up to 150lbs and supports all renowned brands worldwide.

Moreover, it has the capability of supporting both horizontal and curved widescreen available on the market currently. Its robust steel construction with high-quality powder coating, more comprehensive mounting plate, and long articulating arm brighten around 28 inches and easily retractable all of the way back into the wall to 4.3 inches.

Its elegant design with vinyl hooks grip wires provides a complete cable management system for an intelligent compact appearance. In addition, its package comes with all the installation and mounting instructions and all necessary hardware kits such as bolts, appropriate for all brands, which are generally not included in regular mounting fittings.

M7 series brackets have an expanded mounting plate; therefore, the burden of the screen evenly distributes on all parts. This feature provides secure support for big heavy screens with swivel, tilt, and rotation mechanisms.

M7L includes a long mounting arm for optimum reach with larger, heavier flat screens and displays with larger sizes. When you ultimately expand the wall mount, it is easy to swivel your large screen around 180 degrees. In addition, freedom of moves gives you many opportunities to discover the ideal viewing angle from any place in the room.

Loading capacity up to 150lbsNot available in white color
Strong steel construction
Elegant design


M7L is a modern stand that supports televisions having screen sizes from 39 inches to 60 inches. In addition, it is compatible with VESA mounting patterns from 100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm, which provides more acceptability reasons.

Moreover, this stand has a more articulating arm that is extendable around 28 inches. The robust and durable frame is constructed from SPCC steel and can easily maintain modern and innovative flat screens weighing around 150lbs. If we consider its quality, style, and value for money, then the M7L bracket is a genuine winner for an exclusive viewing experience.





Mount-It wall mount

TV screens with sizes 37”-63” are supported by this mount. Easy tilting, angle customization, swivel, extension, and collapse functions can be performed easily.

This amazing mount from mount it is constructed with solid steel material and the technology used is high-tech welding. The package includes all the necessary hardware required for the installation process.

This mount can support and hold a weight of 132 pounds easily and mounting patterns up to 800*400mm. horizontally the mounting holes should be 32.5 apart and vertically the distance must be 15.75.

The wall plates are 8.9” in width and 8” in height. This one-of-a-kind articulating wall hanger was created with corner installation in mind.

Mounting arms can articulate separately, allowing for the installation of centered or off-centered corners. They can be mounted on separate nearby walls by dividing the wall plates.

The mount can be mounted like every other rotating TV wall holder if both wall plates are affixed to the very same wall. Incline feature (up to 15 degrees down or up) for an improved viewing angle and less glare.

The steep design keeps the TV closer to the wall for a clean look. The big open wall plate structure allows for easy access to the TV’s back and cords. This bracket is one of the strongest brackets on the market, with a weight rating of 132 pounds.

Two arms prevent the tv screen from sagging which can happen in the case of some mounts with one arm. So you can mount your expensive unit with confidence. This bracket is easy to install and all the required accessories and hardware are provided with a complete guide.

Reinforced steel material is used for constructionNot for tv screens of extra-large sizes
Twin arms design prevents the tv from sagging
Access to the back of tv is made easy with a large open wall plate


The most stylish TV wall hanger, that looks beautiful in every interior. With this rotating corner mounting unit, you can make more space in your sitting room. With the flexibility to tilt and rotate, you can enjoy a perfect view from any position.

The tilt functionality provides a more pleasant viewing experience while also eliminating glare. It has a double-arm structure to eliminate sag and a weight capability of up to 132 pounds, making it a reliable mount. Allows you to hang your television wherever on the wall.

The versatile back plate adapts to suit flat, slanted, and corner walls, thanks to the twin arm, no-sag layout. The specific design of this holder allows you to place your TV in any corner of a room, saving you space.


Know this, its important!

High definition televisions nowadays are so flat that they can be easily mounted on a wall, creating a lot of room that was first taken by tube televisions of huge sizes. Not every mounting stand is made for every tv so these factors should be considered before buying a wall mount.

Specifications should be checked:

The compatibility of the tv and the mount stand is very important. Each mount is designed for a specific tv screen. So if the amount is for a small-sized tv and you try to fit a big screen on it, then your new, expensive tv set is going to fall on the floor crashing. You should buy the amount after reading the specifications on it so that it can hold and support the weight and length of your screen.

Swivel or stationary wall mounts:

Large social gatherings on some occasions require the tv to be pointed in some other direction, to make the view comfortable for all people. And this is possible with a swivel mount that is moveable and adjustable. It’s your choice to choose a stationary or swivel mount for your tv screen.

Mount equipped with an arm:

Some mounts are equipped with an arm, that helps in keeping the tv a little away from the wall’s surface. And some mounts are such that, the tv fitted on them will look like a picture hanging on the wall. So what will suit you, choose according to that.

Price factor:

You should not buy a mount that is cheap and made with cheap materials, because such an amount can not hold and support your expensive TV unit for a long time. Buy a good quality mount but don’t overpay for it.



Final Verdict:

We are thankful to you for reading our guide until the end. We hope this will help you finalize your decision regarding the wall mounts for your new modern flat screen. However, we would like to add up a few more things. The choice of material plays a significant role when deciding on a wall bracket – after all, it should reliably carry an expensive device.

These stands contain Steel, aluminum, and other manufacturing materials that make them very strong for long time use. We hope this guide will help you to finalize the stand for your best flat screen.


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