Best TV Wall Mount for Brick Fireplace 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

A TV stand will allow you to comfortably watch TV in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom without the need for a piece of furniture or table that acts as a base and takes up a lot of space. It is a very discreet accessory that offers the possibility of rotating the screen and adjusting its tilt to facilitate viewing and that fits televisions of all types and sizes.

To do this, it only needs to comply with the VESA standard and offer sufficient strength and load capacity. We have compiled some of the best TV wall mount for brick fireplace in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

When you want to mount your television above the fireplace, you will have twice the viewing pleasure. However, this application in a modern environment may not work well if you do not plan everything correctly. Before placing that television above your fireplace, you should know several things.

The advent of lightweight, linear flat-screen televisions has solved the TV focal point dilemma concerning the fireplace. Mounting a television on top of the fireplace is a good idea because it provides a good aesthetic appearance.

Moreover, hanging flat-screen TVs over your mantel or brick fireplace can provide you with an entertainment center that is likely to become the visual centerpiece of the room. The television-fire ratio will free up a lot of free and valuable space so that you can focus on how to arrange the furniture on a single wall, thus satisfying both lovers of looking at fire and fans of surfing the channels.

You must remember that, as with other high-tech designs, this type of pairing will pose many challenges. Installing a television, especially a flat-screen, over a fireplace is not easy. Whether it is an LCD TV or a plasma TV, the critical contention is the fireplace, which is the focus. You must be aware of the choices and the problems that may accompany such an installation.

It offers a more modern design in the room. Such a stand will bring the latest technology into the room, and it will look more modern than usual. In addition, one of the main objectives of these supports should not be forgotten, which is to improve the viewer’s visual experience.

It gives more durability to your TV. We are not joking in telling you that the fixed and well-thought-out position of the electronics belonging to the television can improve its performance and its life cycle.

The TV bracket proves to be an extremely convenient solution when you have little space in your apartment and you need to optimize it to the fullest. The choice of a home TV wall mount involves a series of steps and preliminary knowledge that can help the end-user.

In recent decades, the world of audiovisual technology has undergone a dizzying evolution, both in the substantial technical and design changes of the new television sets, and in the new materials used. Today we have a wide range of flat-screen televisions with great performances, which, unlike the old cathode ray tube televisions, often huge and bulky, easily, adapt to the most disparate living contexts.

The TV stand is a piece of furniture in the house: it must therefore fully align with the lines, styles, and colors already present and must blend and integrate harmoniously into the context in which it is installed.

If you are concerned and looking for a TV wall mount for your modern flat screen television, do not worry, we are going to give you a series of recommendations so that your choice is perfect.

Best TV wall mount for brick fireplace (comparison)

Perlegear Long Arm35.83 x 13.39 x 4.92 inches36.4 PoundsCheck Price
PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount17.5 x 10.43 x 3.54 inches7.41 PoundsCheck Price
Physix 2120 Long arm28 x 14.75 x 6.5 inches19.14 PoundsCheck Price



Perlegear-Long Arm wall mount

Perlegear Long Arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount is an ultra-strong TV holder. This TV wall mount is made of high-quality steel material and provides support to most TVs with screen sizes from 37-75 inches and weigh up to 200 lbs.

It is a very tough and durable TV stand for VESA standard 200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm, etc.

Therefore, you must check your TV’s pattern, weight, and size before purchasing.

This television wall mount is very space saving. Its double swivel long arms allow you to slide 3 inches from the wall from its original position and stretch up to 15.4 inches from the wall.

This TV wall mount has the capacity of tilting your television at the angle of + 10°/-10 °. You can get maximum angle rotation up to 60° depending upon the size of your television. There is also a height adjustment functionality for maximum viewing + 3° / -3° degrees. Its easy customization gives you a cinematic viewing experience while watching your TV shows along with your family.

In addition, this TV wall mount is very heavy and looks very compact, providing a feeling of stability when holding a large TV. Everything you need is there. We recommend placing about 2×4 on the wall bracket and positioning it so that it does not fit too tightly against the wall.

One of its unique features is that it can be fully rotated 80 degrees for the side view of the room. Therefore, you can move the TV end to end or closer.

Detailed installation instructions and information for standard equipment are included in the package. Therefore, you do not have to worry about installation. Cable management helps with a squeaky-clean installation.

Perlegear Long Arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount installation process is very smooth. There are some pre-installation requirements, which you should consider before starting installation. One of the most important requirements is the weight of your TV. You should make sure that your television weighs less than 200 lbs.

Rotation up to 180°
Hard to find
Easy installation
5-years guarantee


The Perlegear is a compact, fully flexible wall mount for all modern flat-screen televisions with a size range from 50-100 inches. This well-built TV wall bracket stretches up to 31 inches from the wall and allows you to rotate it through 180 degrees, which enhances your viewing experience.

Its tilt functionality helps to reduce glare. Moreover, this long arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount with 31 Inch Extension Swivel articulating wall mount comes with 5-years guarantee with professional customer service.





Full motion articulating television wall mount by PERLESMITH Single arm mount can support a TV with a panel size between 32 and 55 inches and supports screens weighing up to 77 lbs., which is more than enough for most devices on the market.

The manufacturer guarantees compatibility with all VESA models including popular brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, LG, Philips, JVC, and Sony.

The term VESA, for those who are not aware of it, refers to a consolidated standard to which most companies have now aligned and which allows you to buy universal brackets.

On the other hand, considering the space occupied, once the bracket has been fixed to the wall, it can be completely folded back on itself, spacing the TV 80 mm from the wall or in total extension up to 410 mm from it.

The maximum rotation is 45° from left to right, 5° upwards, and 12° downwards, allowing a high degree of customization of the viewing angle.

Moreover, the installation process is very smooth and easy. The first step involves hooking the brackets of the front panel to the back of the TV, for which you will have to use the compatible screws included in the package. Subsequently, you will have to identify the exact point in which to drill the wall to fix the wall plate, this operation must be performed with some precision, so do not be afraid to calculate the exact position several times.

At the end of the installation process, you will have to insert plates through the guides previously installed behind the TV in the bracket and you can lock it completely. All installation instructions are included along with the package in the form of a manual.

Compatibility with all VESA modelsHard to find
Extends up to 410 mm
Easy installation


Thanks to the VESA standard, the bracket is compatible with most TVs including popular brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, and many others. Its built quality is awesome which allows holding modern flat-screen television, which weighs up to 77 lbs. Therefore, forget about falling off your television if you have installed this wall mount. From this point of view, the PERLESMITH product does its job very well.




Physix-2120 wall mount

If you want to have a cinematic viewing experience in your house or watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the room.

PHYSIX LONG arm 2120 TV wall mount will give you a lot of fun. This wall mount offers the best experience and mobility for a wide range of applications.

PHYSIX LONG arm wall mount is compatible with LED, LCD, or plasma TV. With its large capacity, this base supports screen sizes from 32″ to 75″.

It can carry a TV weighing up to 77 lbs. therefore you do not have to worry about falling off your precious modern smart television.

Moreover, this long wall bracket can extend up to 47 inches from the wall, therefore allows you to watch your favorite programs from any part of your room.

Its angle adjustment settings help to relieve pressure on your neck and eyes while watching your favorite shows with the convenient tilt and scroll function.

It has also been fully tested at more than three times the recommended weight. The assembly process is very convenient. This wall bracket will also help you manage cable bundles around your TV.

It has clear instructions, drilling templates, and all other important things like wall pins for bricks/concrete and the necessary TV mounting material. PHYSIX, the manufacturer company also offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. VESA compatibility of up to 400×400 for most TVs is good enough.

In addition, you will get everything required to install your wall mount, inside the package such as screws for each type of VESA fixing, dowels, and a very comfortable spirit level to position the TV perfectly without the slightest mistake. The equipment also allows fixing on brick or concrete walls, so you do not have to worry about getting the supports suitable for your needs.

Cable management includedCareful installation
Strongly build
VESA compatible


You can easily mount a 75-inch TV on the wall with this amazing product. Due to the frame’s support structure and compact long arms, it weighs relatively more than others on the market do. This wall mount gives you the flexibility to watch your favorite shows from any angle and in any room.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your precious free time along with your beloved family while watching television from the comfort of home, this could be your choice.



Final Verdict:

Buying a TV wall mount offers many advantages as you have seen and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money since there are them from the cheapest to others that are not so much that depends on you.

The Tv wall mounts have the best applications with respect to saving space and making your house look beautiful. Almost all the TV wall mounts have flexible features, which allow you to watch your television without any tension.

More content viewing options. If you want your TV to be functional according to the type of setting you to have in the room (if you have a fireplace, for example) a TV stand would be the best since it will give you a greater possibility of changing the position of the angle of the TV.


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