Best TV Wall Mount for Drywall 2023

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

Choosing a TV stand is a relatively easy task. It is an essential product. There are not many elements to consider; carefully evaluating the different possibilities that you have available.

However, it is vital to make sure you get an optimal choice, avoiding being satisfied with a mediocre solution. A good TV stand can significantly improve the TV entertainment experience, increasing comfort in posture, improving and facilitating viewing without excessive strain on the eyes, neck, and shoulders.

Finally, allowing you to enjoy the broadcast if you wishfully. We have compiled some of the best TV wall mount for drywall in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Often, when it comes to TV supports, it happens to limit oneself to standard solutions without paying too much attention to one’s needs and spaces. Therefore, in this guide, we have put together our advice on buying a TV stand, hoping to help you understand which model to aim for to meet your specific needs best.

There are many associated plus points if you decided to mount the large flat screen TV on the wall. First, your precious television cannot be accidentally knocked over, which is a tremendous advantage in households with small children or pets. Second, a wall mount provides you more in the room.

Moreover, you can perfectly adjust the viewing angle and the height to your requirements. The result is a very classy look. However, a suitable wall bracket must be selected and correctly mounted on the wall so that the device cannot fall off the wall.

If you plan to mount the TV on drywall, it is better to use butterfly pads for this. These clips can be metal or plastic. Because the plasma display has an impressive weight, it is recommended to use metal fasteners.

If the installed base is hollow or made of bulk, you can use chemical pins in this case. Fasteners designed for detachable surfaces and collapsing walls form an ampule or capsule with an adhesive composition, supplemented with a hairpin or anchor.

In addition to this series, the holders of the open platforms also have a net cylinder. Experts recommend using bolts or dowels for thin walls because the screws and dowels are too long. During installation, they may come out from the other side of the wall. If you follow some recommendations, you can do it without your TV going to the ground:

Please do not use support with an extendable arm: it is best to install the supports that are fixed to the wall for plasterboard walls. It will not create an advantage effect causing greater force on the wall. You must make sure to install your TV on a plasterboard plate that has a thickness between 15 and 18mm at least so that it resists it better.

In addition, if you have a heavy and huge TV, you must make sure to reinforce the plasterboard wall with a masonry service. You must use metal expansion or retractable dowels for installation on a plasterboard wall, primarily because this will provide a better fixation.

Considering these recommendations, you will only have to follow the same steps to install the bracket on drywall. However, remember that your TV will inevitably end up on the floor if you install it on a fragile plasterboard plate since these are much weaker than traditional plates. For this reason, it is always best to proceed with caution in these cases.

Best TV Wall Mount for Drywall (Comparison)

NameMovement TypeSupporting Weight
ONKRON M7LSwivel, Tilt, Articulating, Fixed150 LBSCheck Price
PIAT2 PILF2Swivel, Tilt, Articulating132 LBSCheck Price
PIAT2 PIXT1 Tilt, Fixed132 LBSCheck Price




The M7L Heavy Duty Long Arm TV Wall Mount supports modern diagonal TVs: 39-60 inches with a standard 100 x 100mm – 600 x 400mm VESA mount.

In addition, this model has various mounting hole designs as standard, so that gives compatibility with unknown VESA panels.

The TV stand quickly pulls up to 28 inches. The entire movement of the articulating arm can be tilted from -5° to +15° and rotated 180°, giving you the best viewing angle.

There is no limit to the TV sizes that this wall mount fits. If you want to know if a wall mount fits your TV,

The first thing to do is check its weight and its VESA compatibility. It has an impressive maximum payload capacity of up to 150 lbs.

Moreover, it has a heavy-duty, high-quality powder-coated steel construction. Wider mounting brackets and long joint sleeves can extend up to 28 inches. It has a Modern Design with a complete cable management system. Its plastic hooks ensure a neat arrangement of cables and wires.

The M7L has a long mounting arm that ensures the best reach for more extensive and heavier TVs and monitors with a broader scope. In addition, by extending the TV wall mount fully, you can easily rotate the large TV up to 180 degrees.

The TV wall mount package includes all the necessary hardware, including the most common screws, step-by-step installation instructions. A 5-year warranty backs all these features.

Payload capacity up to 150 lbsHard to find
Powder-coated steel construction
Extended articulation arm


Its exceptional features back this review, as we discussed above. The M7L is fully adjustable, and you can tilt the TV from -5 to +15 degrees and rotate it 180 degrees. Freedom of movement offers many opportunities to find the best corner in each room.

Moreover, The M7L has a more extended articulation arm; can be extended up to 28 inches. Components are easily pulled against the wall until the profile is just 4.3 inches. The sturdy and durable frame is made of SPCC steel and can easily accommodate TVs weighing up to 68kg. This TV wall mount has passed a triple pressure test and is very safe and promising.






PIAT2 tilting TV wall mount by Pipishell is compatible with most 50-90 inch TVs, suitable for VESA up to 600 x 400mm.

This premium TV wall mount fits with most 37-90 inch TVs. It can support all televisions, which weigh up to 132 pounds. It is VESA compliant up to 600 x 400mm.

PIAT2 long arm TV stand has three pivot points, which allow you to rotate it up to 180°, tilt ±10°, and flatten ±3°; therefore, you can watch TV from multiple seats in the room.

The ultimate angle rotation depends on the range of the TV. You can adjust its height to +/- 3° to set the entire display with flexibility.

You can easily customize your viewing experience to find the most comfortable and healthy viewing position.

Moreover, it is more robust and heavier than you imagine. In addition, its manufacturer provides seven days week support throughout the United States of America. Its easy-to-use instructions and simple three-step setup process make setting up your TV easy. If you have any questions during the installation process, you can contact the manufacturer directly.

This premium television wall mount gives universal TV compatibility. Its pre-packaged hardware kits offer a variety of spacers and screws for most televisions. Before purchasing, check the VESA TV model (minimum 200 x 100 mm – maximum 600 x 400 mm), weight (up to 165 pounds), and size (50-90 inches). Then, you can easily install it on 16 “- 24” wood beams, concrete/brick walls, and drywall.

Its expandable maximum tilt design provides a memorable viewing experience. Large TVs mounted on traditional tilt stands often collide with walls, limiting the entirely possible angle. However, you will have a different experience with this wall mount.

In addition, this television wall mount saves space and gives you easy access to cables. Its tilt functionality eliminates glares and gives you crystal precise results. In addition, this TV stand has sturdy steel manufacturing. It has been tested to support four times its weight.

Suitable for curved flat all types of modern and smart TVs. Its structure, strength, and durability give you mental satisfaction regarding falling off your TV. You can plug the open wall panel directly into the socket, and the elegant edge of the board prevents the TV from slipping; Easy to remove and lock with an intimate tie.

Compatible with most 50-90 inch TVsHard to find
Display with flexibility
Memorable viewing experience


It comes with complete hardware, a simple 1-2-3 installation method, and a detailed and easy-to-use graphical English installation guide that is useful and impressive. In addition, a wall-drilling template is included so you can easily install this slanted TV wall mount.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about anything from the installation process to comfort usage with excellent Customer Service. We hope if you are finding the best TV wall mount for your drywall, then it will be your new household item.






As long as your TV is 90 inches and Max VESA measures up to 600 x 400mm, PIXT1 TV wall mount is fitted with your TV.

It works with almost all major brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Thomson, Toshiba, Sharp, LG, Philips, JVC, etc. A truly great innovation by pipishell.

This TV Mount has an attractive 1.37″ low profile on the wall to save space. Its wall plate is long enough for the TV to be easily attached.

A single section wall plate reduces mounting and makes mounting easier TV mounting.

It allows you to eliminate screen glare issues without any tool and provides you best possible view from all angles. It is the beauty of its tilt functionality.

The PIAT2 universal VESA design is suitable for models with studs (100 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm), load capacity up to 165lbs, and TV sizes for the 50-90 inch series. It can be mounted on 16″- 24″ medium-sized wooden buttons or concrete, brick walls, and drywall.

This package includes all necessary installation hardware, a simple 1-2-3 installation method, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help you create your TV wall installation. The PIAT2 consists of a universal hardware kit with a variety of screws and brackets to fit most televisions.

Moreover, its full-tilt function from 2.4″ to 5.2″ and stretching from 6 to 8 degrees help to reduce unwanted glare and enhance your viewing experience. Plug-in 5.2 also provides additional space at the back of the TV for easy cable use, regardless of the size of the TV.

PIAT2 is made of solid steel that has been tested to support four times its weight. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for large or very large flat panel OLED, LED-LCD, 4K TVs.

PIAT2 premium TV wall mount has two extension arms that pull your TV up to 5.2″ from the wall to save space. It provides you more freedom and gives your home a clean and comfortable look.

Full-tilt function from 2.4" to 5.2"Hard to find
Attractive 1.37" low profile
Simple 1-2-3 installation method


The PIAT2 premium wall mount has an open plate structure, which can be mounted directly on the outlet. Very easy to install, and you can use it on drywall without any tension or problem. However, you have to make sure the correct drywall anchors then it will do the purpose. I hope this premium TV wall mount will prove itself as valuable for money.




Final Verdict:

A TV stand helps hang a flat-screen TV on the wall. It can be fixed, rotatable, or tiltable to suit the needs of the user. This accessory is an alternative to the television cabinet. There are several models of supports. – Fixed are famous for their affordable price and small size.

A TV stand will allow you to comfortably watch TV in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom without the need for a piece of furniture or table that acts as a base and takes up a lot of space.

It is a very discreet accessory that offers the possibility of rotating the screen and adjusting its tilt to facilitate viewing, and that fits televisions of all types and sizes. To do this, it only needs to comply with the VESA standard and offer sufficient strength and load capacity.


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