Best Metal Detector for Wet and Dry Sand 2024

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Using a metal detector for leisure is quite common these days. People often use metal detectors to look for precious and valuable objects in their backyards. The reason behind the popularity of metal detectors is that they are great devices for hobbies.

Treasure hunting with a metal detector is one of the few rewarding hobbies out there. You never know what you can get from your home’s backyard. There are a lot of precious artifacts buried underground such as gold jewelry, gold nuggets, metal pieces, coins, etc. They can only be found by the use of metal detectors. We have compiled some of the best metal detector for wet and dry sand in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A metal detector is capable of detecting all sorts of metals. For instance, useful metals like gold, silver, etc. are pretty valuable and can be detected by these devices. They are usually hidden underground and mixed with other elements which make them harder to detect.

Those other elements may include unwanted metals or non-metals as well. Other than valuable metals, these devices can also detect metals like iron and aluminum. Such metals have no value in the market. However, they are sometimes mixed with some worthy artifacts. Needless to say, metal detectors are good for all kinds of metals and valuable artifacts.

Mostly metal detectors are used on balanced surfaces. It can be a park, backyard, and other places like these. These are the most common uses of metal detectors. And, people who use them as a hobby usually use them at such places.

However, a metal detector is used on many other surfaces too. That may include rough and unbalanced surfaces. Also, sandy places like a beach are a challenge. While a metal detector may provide smooth and stable results at a balanced surface, its efficiency would not be the same at rough grounds. That is because it may face the ups and downs that would affect its depth capability.

There are a lot of good metal detectors that work on all kinds of surfaces, whether it is smooth or rough. But, the real difficulty arises when the surface is wet. Not all metal detectors are waterproof. Also if a metal detector is waterproof, it does not mean that it necessarily can work there.

There are many types of coils of a metal detector. Many metal detectors in the market are equipped with waterproof coils. They allow users to work on wet surfaces as well. One thing to note is that, while their coils may be waterproof, the control box might be not. It means that when you are operating it on a wet surface, make sure the control box is out of the reach of the water.

The market is filled with countless options of metal detectors. That includes waterproof metal detectors too. Some metal detectors can work underwater as well, thanks to their capable coils. You can use such metal detectors in a limited depth underwater.

The depth varies with different brands and models. However, the thing that is common among all is that they work flawlessly at that depth. You can find hidden objects and artifacts underwater with the help of such metal detectors.

Although the many options of metal detectors might sound good, it may also be a bummer. That is because if you are a beginner, it can be extremely difficult to determine the right one for you. There are many different types of metal detectors out there, differentiated with their capabilities and options. However, we are here to help you pick the best one.

So, here is the list of the best metal detector for wet and dry sand. This list packs some of the best metal detectors in the market that are capable of working on all kinds of surfaces.

Best Metal Detector for Wet and Dry Sand (Comparison)

Makro Anfibio22 x 14.5 x 6 inches3.99 PoundsCheck Price
Gold Bug Pro10.25 x 6.25 x 28.5 inches2.5 PoundsCheck Price
Garrett AT Pro22 x 11 x 5 inches3.02 PoundsCheck Price


Makro Anfibio

Makro Metal Detector

Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi-Detector Bundle w/ KR18C search coil if you are looking for a metal detector that is suitable for both personal and professional uses, then look no further than the Nokta Makro Anfibio detector.

It is one of the few metal detectors in the market that is capable of a variety of purposes. It is a versatile device that provides multiple features.

This detector is a multi-detector. It means that it is capable of detecting several materials. The multi-detector can detect metals up to 5 meters. It is also protected by dust ingress.

This feature allows the device to detect only valuable artifacts by ignoring all the dust underground. Another plus point of the detector is that it allows setting different frequencies.

You can operate the device on 5 kHz, 14 kHz, and 20 kHz frequencies, depending on the type of use.

Keeping up with its variety of options, this detector also provides users with different coils. There are 7 coils in the device that you can choose from. These options allow users to carry out various tasks, depending on the type of metal they want to detect. Its coils are extra powerful. With them, you can detect metals underground at additional depth.

The best part about the multi-detector, however, is its ability to function at several places. While most other detectors only work on the land, this one can also work underwater. Also, it gives the ability to detect at beaches too.

Any place that has a lot of sand or wet sand can be worked with this detector. While working at all these places, it provides stable results as well. It is also easy to use than most of its competitors. Even beginners with no experience can get used to the device with a couple of uses. That is mainly because of its simple features. The ease of access of all options makes this a suitable option for both newbies and experienced users.

It comes with an instruction manual that gives all the necessary information about its working. Not to forget that it has a warranty of 2 years as well. Furthermore, the bundle comes with all the necessary accessories and equipment to support the detector. It makes the overall cost of the detector less than many other ones out there.

Easy to handleNot that well known
Allows changing frequencies
Seven different coils to choose from


Providing a variety of basic and advanced features, Nokta Makro Anfibio multi detector is unmatched by any other detector in the market. Thanks to its ability to change frequencies, you can operate it as per your requirements. It also allows working on different types of places that may include even full sandy places, like the beach. The multi-detector allows users to change their coils from seven different options.

The availability of seven coils makes them useful for many purposes. The ease of handling is another significant benefit of the metal detector. It has a standard design with all the essential options present on it. With this multi-detector, tasks like finding gold nuggets have never been easier.



Gold Bug Pro

Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

As by its name, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal detector is the device that works wonders underwater. It can hunt a variety of materials. It can detect gold nuggets and coins in highly dirt areas. It features various modes for hunting metals.

This metal detector provides stable and smooth results no matter what kind of surface it is being operated on. It allows setting filters for unwanted metals.

The device then excludes those metals when treasure hunting. This feature helps you save your time and locates only useful metals.

With this metal detector, you can find even the smallest precious artifacts that are mixed with minerals. It gives off the exact location of those metals. It works at 19 kHz Frequency.

Moreover, the device is also quite lightweight. It makes the metal detector suitable for longer use as well.

The design of the detector is quite simple which makes it suitable for beginners. Its backlit LCD screen shows all the essential information which helps you in treasure hunting. Gold bug pro is good for both adults as well as kids. Its kit contains the entire necessary accessory as well. So you do not have to worry about anything when you go out treasure hunting.

LightweightControl Panel is not waterproof
Hip Mounting
Adjustable for comfort


Equipped with all the basic and some advanced features, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal detector is an efficient device. It is simple to use and can be handled by a newbie as well. It allows working on all kinds of surfaces. Also, it works flawlessly underwater. Needless to say, this is one of the most effective metal detectors in the market.



Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Looking for an underwater venture with a good metal detector? Well, Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the best choice for you. It is one of the most popular options available and also one of the most reliable ones as well.

It works well on any kind of surface. It even works underwater. You can use it at up to 3 meters in water.

The detector works flawlessly for both salt water and fresh water. The best part is that it does not lose its control there at all.

No matter what kind of water situation you are facing, the detector keeps its balance. It provides efficient and stable results. This is made possible with the help of the DD coil.

It is one of the most efficient types of coil that works wonders on all surfaces. Moreover, it is equipped with six different modes. You can switch between those modes, according to the place and surface. It allows ground mineralization.

Due to this, users can detect objects at various depths. This metal detector comes with Garrett MS-2 Headphones. It gives you the sound if the device detects anything valuable.

Another benefit of the headphones is that they alarm if the device detects iron or anything that contains iron. This comes in handy when treasure hunters are looking for something valuable. The iron is considered invaluable. So, wasting time on it is worthless.

There are many rocks or other objects buried underground that contain iron and can give signals to detectors. However, this one does not allow that. Also, it cuts the nearby unnecessary frequencies as well. For instance, nearby phones and metal detectors can interfere with frequencies. This metal detector cuts them with its electromagnetic interference.

The control box of the detector is equipped with an LCD. It makes it easier for users to change or view their settings. It is also easy to use to some extent for beginners. For instance, they can switch ON/OFF, reset, and change other settings as well without any problem. However, this metal detector is more suitable for professionals with some experience.

Able to work underwaterNot very suitable for beginners
Allows switching between 6 different modes
Cuts nearby frequency interference


For several reasons, Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is one of the most efficient devices out there. Firstly, it is capable of working underwater and providing smooth results up to 3 meters. It can differentiate other elements from Iron so that it does not alarm it as a valuable object.

This metal detector cuts frequencies from nearby devices too. All these features allow it to work better and save more time. Needless to say, this is one of the best metal detectors you can buy right now.




Final Verdict:

Although choosing the best metal detector can be challenging, this list will help you a lot. It will save you time looking in the market and selecting yourself. With the help of this list of the best metal detector for wet and dry sand, you can have a shortlist of the best options out there. All you have to do is to consider the pros, cons, and features of each one to ensure which is the best for all of your needs.


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