Best Metal Detector For Starting Out 2024

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Metal detectors are great devices, whether you use them for professional purposes or hobbies. Using a metal detector is also considered fun. That is because it provides rewarding results. When using a metal detector, you might find some valuable objects that are buried underground. This is the reason why they are also used by hobbyists.

They are also used in many professional fields. The most notable one, however, is archaeology. Archaeology might the job that makes the most use of a metal detector. With this, archaeologists are able to find different valuable artifacts like jewelry, metal coins, gold pieces, gold nuggets, etc.We have compiled some of the best metal detector for starting out in the article. We suggest you have a look at them

Other than professional fields, metal detectors are quite commonly used by people who are adventurous. Finding some artifacts that hold good value is considered a popular hobby among people. It is also a good adventure. You would not know what you can get in a hunt for valuable metal. People have found very precious artifacts in their backyard.

Also, objects like gold nuggets are pretty easy to find. It is not because they are spread out very widely underground, but because they are mixed with other elements. Those elements are usually not detected by metal detectors; thus, leaving behind a lot of precious and worthy stuff.

So, how do you overcome that? Well, a good metal detector is recommended. There are a lot of quality metal detectors in the market that gets the job done well. Some of the most important qualities of a good detector are that firstly, they work on all kinds of surfaces.

Yes, you can use them in various places. It may include even working at sandy places. For instance, a beach is one of those places. A good metal detector works flawlessly on beaches as well. It detects all the valuable artifacts that are hidden underground on the beach.

If you are still surprised by that, well there is more. A quality metal detector also works wonders underwater. They do not give any errors at a certain depth in water. That depth may vary with different metal detectors.

However, one thing that is common is that they help to find artifacts underwater as well. It helps a lot because they are a lot of precious objects that are hidden underwater. You might find metal coins or gold nuggets in the water. For such purposes, a capable metal detector is recommended.

There are also many other qualities of a good metal detector. For instance, they only produce sound or indicate when they find valuable material. If you are detecting iron or some other object that does not hold much value, the metal detector would produce a specific sound to notify you of that.

It would mean that the item underground is not worthy. This helps in saving time and finds only precious artifacts. Features like these make a metal detector suitable for professional use. Also, a good metal detector can be used for personal purposes as well, like a hobby.

If you have never used a metal detector, you do not need to worry. It is pretty easy to get used to it. However, buying one is not that easy. That is because the market is flooded with tons of different options. It makes it difficult to buy the best one, especially for beginners. Even the features defined above may not be that helpful in buying a metal detector.

But we have prepared a list of the best ones for you. It would save you time and costs by helping you choose the best one.

Best Metal Detector for Starting Out(Comparison)

TK46.25 x 10 x 28.25 inches3.7 PoundsCheck Price
SUFFLA17.76 x 11.22 x 5.71 inches4.88 PoundsCheck Price
Ginour17.32 x 11.02 x 5.91 inches6.18 PoundsCheck Price



TK4-Metal Detector

One of the most popular and reliable options on the list is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector. It is one of the most positively reviewed ones by the audience as well. So, what makes it a good choice? The simple answer would be its variety of features.

This metal detector, unlike other ones, works well at a great depth. It can detect valuable metal in serious ground conditions as well. It is capable of finding all kinds of precious objects.

That may include coins, jewelry, and also worthy household items. Also, the materials can range from iron to silver or gold.

Another plus point is its stylish design. It’s simple, yet unique display gives all the necessary information required by the user.

It indicates whenever it is moved over the ground that holds a precious item. These features make it easy to use for beginners as well.

Moreover, the metal detector features various modes as well. The useful All metal, 2-tone audio, and discrimination modes can be easily and quickly switched between whenever needed. They are helpful in finding large items that are not easily detectable in the ordinary mode. The size of the object can be up to 3 feet.

If you are worried that you might need to use the detector on rough surfaces, well worry not. This metal detector can work on almost all kinds of surfaces and still provide smooth results. It has a ground balance that neutralizes its responsiveness to ground minerals.

The metal detector has a huge stability factor that may not be present in most other options. Also, it saves a lot of working time. How so? Well, it is equipped with Disc/notch control options. It helps the detector distinguish between precious and non-valuable items.

It does not indicate when moved over some unwanted metals. So, you only get the best and most precious artifacts.

You might think that’s all the package comes with, right? That’s not the case. It comes with a bounty carry bag as well. The bag allows easy transportation of the metal detector. It also helps protect the device from dirt and other weather damages. The bag makes the detector easier to be carried around without the risk of damaging it. It also features additional space to keep extra batteries and the worthy items you have found.

Lightweight and easy to transportDoes not feature pinpointing mode
Good value for its price
Features 2 tone audio mode


Reliable and easy to use, Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is a great device for treasure hunting. It features a ton of options that are very helpful for various purposes. Whether you are buying it for professional purposes or hobby use, it will prove itself as one of the most effective detectors out there.

The availability of various modes makes it suitable for any given condition. Unlike some other metal detectors, which may also indicate useless items, it ignores them and detects only precious ones. It is capable of working at a good depth that gives a better line of working.

Not to forget the useful carry bag provides a huge portability factor. The weight of the detector is already quite less and it is made even easier to carry around with the bag. With this metal detector, you can rest assured that you are working with the best one.




SUFFLA Metal Detector

If you are looking for a metal detector that is the easiest to use, then SUFFLA Metal Detector is ideal. It is a metal detector that is suitable for all kinds of purposes. Moreover, it can be used not only by adults but teens as well.

If you have just started out treasure hunting, this is the right one for you. It might be easy to use but it is equipped with all the essential features of a metal detector.

There are four different modes available in this. They help in finding various objects.

The modes include all-metal mode, Pinpointing mode, Disc, and Notch. With these, you can hunt almost any kind of precious artifact buried underground.

Along with its mode settings, it also features changing the length of the stem. This comes in handy with the height of people.

As children have a lower height, you can make the stem smaller. Also, adjust it back if there is an adult using the device.

The height can be adjusted between 41” to 52”. It has a design that is comfortable to use. You can use the device for a longer time period without getting fatigued. The lightweight of the detector also adds up to that factor. It weighs less than many other metal detectors and can be easily moved around.

Once you are done with adjusting the settings of the detector, they are saved in its memory even when it is powered OFF. It is also a very useful option that saves your time from adjusting every time you use it. The metal detector can detect valuable metal at a depth of 8.7 inches.

That may include gold, silver, or other useful materials. It also pinpoints the exact location, no matter the size of the material. So, whether you are hunting nuggets, coins, or large pieces, the results are precise.

Another huge benefit of the detector is that it works underwater as well. The metal detector is waterproof and can hunt metal there too. However, one thing to note is that the control box is not waterproof. When working underwater, make sure that the control box is out of the water.

Suitable for beginnersNot that well known
Works underwater
Allows adjusting the length of the stem


For beginners and kids, SUFFLA Metal Detector is one of the best options out there. It has the features of a professional metal detector. The ease of access to all its options might be the most significant plus point of the detector.

Also, its ability to work underwater gives it an upper hand over many other metal detectors. With this device, you can find almost all kinds of precious objects. You can also set the settings of the device as per your requirements.

It can work in a depth that is unmatched by many other options. Moreover, it is capable of pinpointing the precise location of the object. It is safe to say that, with all of its useful features, it is easily one of the best metal detectors if you are starting out.




ginour Metal Detector

Looking for a metal detector that can detect a large range of objects? Ginour Metal detector is the answer for you.

It has the ability to hunt a variety of materials, including iron, tin, copper, gold, and aluminum. It features three modes for hunting metals.

It provides seven different levels of sensitivity. With this mode, you can detect metals as deep as 8 inches underground. The second one is the DISC mode.

It allows you to ignore unwanted and invaluable metals such as iron. The last one is the NOTCH mode. This one helps you filter out those metals that you do not want to detect with your device.

Another huge benefit of the device is that it can be used underwater as well. For such jobs, it is equipped with a waterproof coil that is 9.84 inches large. The design of the detector is quite simple which makes it suitable for beginners.

Its backlit LCD screen shows all the essential information which helps you in treasure hunting. Moreover, the size of the device can be adjusted between 24” to 34”.

Additionally, its kit contains the entire necessary accessory as well. So, you do not have to worry about anything when you go out treasure hunting.

Easy to useLacks some features
Ability to work underwater
Good for hunting various metals


Equipped with basic and some advanced features as well, Ginour Metal Detector is an efficient device that can be used for various jobs. Whether you are finding metal on the ground or underwater, this can get the job done.

Its adjustable size and additional coil option make it suitable for some advanced projects as well. Overall, this is easily one of the easiest metal detectors to use and very good for beginners.



Final Verdict:

Needless to say, metal detectors are quite expensive. The wise move is to spend your money on the right one. But, as mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to choose the suitable one for your needs, especially if you are a newbie.

To help you out with that, we presented you with the list of the best metal detector for starting out. It would help you selecting the perfect metal detector to fit your needs. Consider the pros, cons, and features of each one to understand their specifications and restrictions.


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