Best Metal Detector for Copper 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Metal detectors may be used to locate metal inclusions found within buildings or metal components are hidden underground. These instruments have a sensor included in the system which is swept over the earth for identification.

When the sensor makes contact with a metal object, the vibration in the earphones switches or the needle on an indicator shifts. The metal detection is based on the conductivity and electromagnetic properties of the metals and the detection process imply an oscillator to create alternating electric magnetism that interacts with the metal’s magnetic field to detect its presence. We have compiled some of the best metal detectors for copper in the article. We suggest you have a look at them

The whole process is simple but with time, the metal detecting machines have been upgraded enormously with new and advanced features. Copper is one of the metals with great conductive and electric properties and it is very easily detected with any of the versions of the metal detection tool. The first commercial metal detectors were manufactured and were extensively used for mineral prospecting and other industrial applications.

Any of the applications include land mine detection, detection of weapons such as knives and guns (particularly in courthouses, jails, airports, and such places), geophysical prospecting, archaeology, and treasure hunting. Metal object identification in food is also one of its functions, as are steel reinforcement bars in asphalt, tubing, and wires found in floors and walls. Metal chasing systems have a wide variety of applications in this ever-changing technological environment.

Copper reserves are widely found in many regions of the world but you do not need to find a whole new reserve, right? . In addition to scrap copper, old copper coins also have a huge reserve scattered around us nowadays and beaches, seashores, concert arenas, golf courses, and entertainment parks are the most important places for such aspects.

And portable metal detectors are utilized greatly to track metallic artifacts such as jewelry, coins, clothes buttons, and other accessories, bullets, and other assorted artifacts buried under the ground. You can search scrap copper wires, pipes, and nails lying about in the soil but before starting your copper hunt on some private property, make sure you have authorization. You surely do not want to get in trouble for trespassing or getting arrested just because of your negligence.

When metal detecting for scrap copper, you can make some decent money while still helping to clean up the area. All you have to do now is look for it around anywhere you feel like it.

Here are some significant characteristics of a metal detector you should always find when buying it.

User-friendly features: The perfect metal detector should also be easy to use. You should be able to enjoy your metal detecting hobby without having to contend with a slew of unnecessary features that you do not even know to use. The big and comfortable display is another important feature.

It can be beneficial to you and all you have to do is look at it and get all the information you need for a better and easier search. And, the headphones should be of good quality and should block out all ambient noises so that you are not distracted.

Frequency: We highly urge you to pay special attention to technical features such as the number of frequencies, frequency types, number of search modes, and search mode types. Of course, 13,6 kHz is a universal frequency that works well for all types of queries, but a capable machine should be able to provide something else to its users, so, if you get additional frequency options, go for that particular metal detector.

Weight: Weight is a significant factor to consider because heavy devices can slow you down and wear down your hunting enthusiasm.

Cost: Depending on your budget, find a detecting device that can fit into your budget and all the requirements you need to fulfill with that device.

Best Metal Detector for Copper (Comparison)

Sorandy12.7 x 11.0 x 4.6inches7.77 PoundsCheck Price
YWYW GR-10015.7 x 13.8 x 4.7inches8.88 PoundsCheck Price
GARRETT AT PRO22 x 11 x 5 inches3.02 poundsCheck Price



Sorandy Metal Detector

Sandy designed this magnificent handheld detector and did a spectacular job by shrinking the massive metal detection dimensions into an extremely compact, lightweight handheld unit.

This metal chasing device has two unique features: precise positioning and a remote search system that makes the detection process very fast and quick.

Due to this feature, even children with adults and experts can utilize this awesome metal detector for their metal hunt. There is also a plastic case on the packaging box to hold the detector during and after its use. It takes 10-12 hours to completely charge the battery used in the gadget.

This metal sensor can be used by people of any age and working field because of its various user-friendly functions and advanced technology. The retail kit includes a consumer handbook, charging adapter, transmitter, receiver, 6 antennas, and a cardboard shell, making it a whole treasure hunting package for you and your loved ones.

A standard frequency of the underground layers is mounted in the system body. In addition, the instrument contains six antennas to detect the precise location and depth of the target object.

The micro-electrical processor chip is also a feature of this awesome detector that maximizes the detection and scanning speed with unit calibration and auto-test mechanism.

This instrument has all the qualities and innovations in place to minimize the labor force and increase the quality of metal detector work. You can buy it for your copper hunt or you can give it to your children to develop an interest in your hobbies. This can make greatly improve your relationship with your children and make your picnics more fun and joyful.

6 antennas for detection workNot useful for higher grade metal search
Highly portable
A remote search system


There are two special features of this metal chasing scheme: accurate alignment and a remote research system. The full charging of the battery used in the device takes 10-12 hours. Due to its numerous amazing functions and sophisticated technologies, this metal sensor can be used by people of all ages and working environments.

A customer handbook, recharger, transmitter, receiver, 6 antennas, and a shell are included with the retail box, making it a complete deal of metal hunting for you and your loved one. You may purchase it for your copper quest, or gift it to your children to grow attraction for treasure finding activities.




YWYW-GR-100 Metal Detector

YWYW has developed a modern model, different from all the other conventional detection systems, and created an innovation that is in line with all those machine consumers.

Whether they are an ordinary customer or a specialist or businesses looking and exploring for a strong new high-capacity service.

This technology may have the first remote sensing system with a monitor, which would have an LED panel. An outstanding detector’s version that is equally useful for children, adults, and even the old individuals who want to go on a yielding treasure hunt.

It is possible to adjust the device so that only one metal can be detected at a time, while the antenna (copper) that can collapse on the device top was produced and designed as the first free-trip antenna in the world and expert in disclosures of gold, gems, silver and diamonds and ancient ruins below the surface of the ground at depths of 30 meters and 1,000 meters.

You should get the scanner straight to the ground and then turn it on by clicking on the screen while selecting the target and setting the depth and detection range of this metal chasing device. It has an LED panel that makes it the first remote sensor with a screen, while the device is characterized by small size, ease of use, and pace of discovery of the goals of minimizing fuss and hunting effort. Gold, silver, gem, diamonds, and other precious metals can be found.

A detection system with a dual structure with two analytical models provides more resources for accurate conclusions that make the objective discoverable and the opportunity to assess the depth of the target, facilitating and enjoyable for users the entire shooting. So, buy this detector now and get on with your enormously yielding cooper hunts.

Depth of 30 metres detection capabilityCostly
Antenna scheme for free movement
Discrimination feature


This new model, distinct from all other traditional sensing systems, was developed by YWYW and it is fitted with an LED display, which makes it the first remote sensor with a screen along with a compact, user-friendly system with a fast speed of metal detection. The copper antenna which can crash on the system was developed and manufactured as the world’s first free-trip antenna.

This machine is a specialist in gold, jewelry, silver and diamond revelations, and antiques in various layers of land below its search coil and being useful for teenagers, adults and even the elderly who would like to search for a treasure, this the very best of a metal detector that you can buy for copper hunting.




Garrett-AT-Pro Detector

This perfectly devised Garrett’s metal detector is a great choice, whether you are a specialist or a hobbyist, using the device to search jewelry, coins, gold, gems, or whatsoever.

With six operational modes of All-metal mode, coin mode, custom mode, zero discrimination mode with tone roll audio, coins mode with tone roll audio, custom mode with tone roll audio, and pinpoint mode.

This detecting machine is the most versatile and accurate than has been made so far. Three audio modes of iron audio, tone roll audio and pro audio mode are installed in the detector’s system along with MS-2 headphones compatibility.

These headphones are included in the product box which only works on land detection while if you want to dive into the water alongside your waterproof detecting machine.

You will need separate water-resistant headphones to hear the signals indicating a metal’s presence near your gadget.

Tone Roll Audio provides a fuller signal transmitted via the headphones, allowing you to assess the depth of a metal object, whether other targets are nearby or not. This feature even tells what kind of target you are detecting under the operation of your device when the tone varies during the sweep of the search coil.

The 2-year warranty with the product is another benefit that ensures the users of the credibility and competence of the product. It is a water-resistant metal detecting instrument that can ground balance itself in saltwater while it is functional both in fresh water and saltwater up to 3 meters of depth.

VLF single frequency technology is used in this gadget, having the default frequency of 15 kHz. Round balance is both manual and automatic with 4 AA batteries of 20 to 40 hours of continuous battery life.

6 operational modesGiven headphones does not work in water
3 audio modes


This detecting machine is a water-resistant instrument that can ground balance itself in saltwater and is usable in both fresh and saltwater up to 3 meters in depth along with, obviously on land. This device employs VLF single frequency technology with a default frequency of 15kHz. The round balance is both manual and automatic, and it is powered by four AA batteries with a battery life of 20 to 40 hours. Another useful feature is the product’s 2-year warranties, 3 audio modes and 6 operational modes give this gadget more versatility and advancement.



Final verdict:

All the above-described metal detectors are very effective and efficient in their working. They are already reviewed and pros and cons are given. So, when buying, no need to speed up stuff, study and learn the detector details.

If necessary, search the product feedbacks and choose one of the best ones. Specialists can use advanced machines, but hobbyists can settle with a device having only a few crucial features. Modern and more functional gadgets can cost more than the more simplistic ones.

So it is important to find a gadget that does not overload your wallet with those functions that you are not even going to need in the future. Determine your needs and decide accordingly.


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