Best Beach Metal Detector Under 300$ 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

As you can understand from the term used for this particular machine, it is used to detect metal objects under anything you want to search. These incredibly invented machines can indicate metal presence under one’s clothes, under the water, even beneath several layers of land and sand.

Being used widely in many different fields, these metal chasing instruments have been evolved and upgraded immensely through the years but all of them, whether outdated or advanced, all operate on the electromagnetism principle. We have compiled some of the best beach metal detectors under 300$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them

You may know it already but it does not harm to go through it again, does it? So, as all metals are conductors and they produce a specific magnetic field around them and when a foreign magnetic field comes near the magnetic appearance of the metal, they interact in a certain way which leads the machine to alarm you about the metallic presence under the gadget.

With many other functions in archaeological working fields, metal detectors are being widely utilized for treasure hunting. Whether a special or just a beginner hobbyist, from kids to very old individuals, everyone finds these detecting tools very attractive if he or she finds the treasure hunt interesting. Beach treasure search has become especially very common in regions having beaches and shores because of the high possibility of finding the lost valuables of the tourists there.

Many factors like a cold wind, dry sand, playful activities, and clothes changing habits contribute to losing gold rings, diamond accessories, watches, coins, and much more on the beaches and the turning of sand layers with sea waves cover these lost possessions of people, making it all almost impossible to find them back if lost.

Thus, these beach areas are overloaded with precious metals to be found but remember, all that glitters is not gold, you may find tons of trashy pins and cans here too. Waterproof detector coils, customizable depth and detection range, target pasteurization, personalization of frequency, advanced power sources, discrimination ability, and many more such features are revolutionizing the device’s use making the outcome more convenient and efficient within relatively much less time.

Furthermore, coins and valuable rings are found easily and many times in the very upper layer of land, but consider this, if the first layer contains so many possessions then what if we use a high-end detector to detect several more layers of the land? The hobbyists should think of this possibility too.

We are suggesting some important characteristics to look for in a detector, down here:

Waterproof: On seashores, if you do the metal searching on dry land, all of the detectors will work just fine. But if you want to scan out wet sand or the land under the seawater, you will be needing a detecting device with water-resistant abilities.

Discrimination: Beach or no beach, wherever you do for metal detection, you will find metallic trash everywhere. So, for a better treasure hunting experience, find a metal detector with a discrimination feature that will avoid trash signals and focus on a specific and valuable metal category.

Frequency: The oscillator used in the metal detectors moves with a special frequency to produce a certain magnetic field to detect valuable metals. Find a detecting instrument with a frequency that can work well to find metals of your interest.

Best beach metal detector under 300$ (Comparison)

MIYAY17.32 x 11.42 x 6.06 inches4.75 PoundsCheck Price
OMMO17.56 x 13.7 x 5.59 inches6.63 PoundsCheck Price
RICOMAX GC-102848 x 10 x 10 inches2.31 PoundsCheck Price




This professional metal tracking device is developed by the Miyay Company, having five different operational modes that allow you to accurately search for the metals you seek.

One of those is Metal mode, which has six different types of objectives, and the second is Disc Mode, which narrowly separates five different types of aims while leaving the remaining 25 unaffected.

It assists you in getting rid of everything you want to avoid and focus entirely on desirable metallic categories. Memory mode, Pin pointer Mode, and a Jewelry Mode have also been introduced to the technology to ensure that the functions are carried out with considerable credibility and precision.

It has an ergonomic configuration that has an adjustable arm stem and an anti-slip handle to make hunting more comfortable.

The stem adjusts from 43.3″ to 60.2″ and is suitable for adults, adolescents, and teenagers, and along with a shovel, you will appreciate the dig at any moment. Our metal detector has a 10inch scan coil which can go down to a depth of 8.6 inches underground.

No need to avoid wetlands and the users can even take the detector on their swim to uncover the hidden valuables under the sea soil. Keep one thing in mind that the control panel is not waterproof and you need to keep it out of water’s reach. The large-color LCD allows you to still view the detection dynamics.

The metal targets should be formed, shaped, detected, sensed, mode operated with battery indication on the screen for the users to have wide information of the target under the detector. There are also headphones to suppress noise from underwater rocks. Our metal detector will have hours of amusement whether you are a novice or an experienced treasure-seeker.

This gadget opens doors of enormous possibilities and entertainment while chasing metals on beaches, shores, parks, woods, or anywhere you like to go.

5 operational modesExpensive
Adaptable and waterproof stem
Large LCD


Miyay’s metal tracking system has five different operating modes to scan for the metals you’re looking for reliably. Being specially engineered with an adjustable arm stem and a slip-resistant handle for a more convenient metal chasing, it is useful for users of every age.

The stem can adapt from 43.3″ to 60.2″ and a 10-inch scan coil that can be lowered to 8.6 inches underground is available on this metal detecting machine. It is also possible to remove noise from submerged rocks through headphones. Explore the sandy beaches or the land underwater with this amazing metal finding tool and get the best of your treasure finding experience.





This highly accurate and water-resistant coil containing metal detecting machine is developed by OMMO that has an IP68 search coil that is entirely waterproof and can be utilized to detect metals in shallow water on beaches, streams, yards, and so on.

One thing should be noted here that only the coil is waterproof, not the control box. Smaller objects like coins can be detected within 8inch depth but for larger objects.

Its detecting depth can reach up to 3 feet. 3 different operational methods are instilled in this metal chasing tool including Pinpoint mode.

All Metal mode, and Disc mode. Pinpoint mode helps in ground balancing to detect the metals accurately and the user is notified by the beeping of the device.

All Metal modes allows every found signal to be notified to the user, and Disc mode is a discrimination feature that isolates specific metal signals from the other undesired ones. For an effective and efficient treasure hunt, this detector can be used by adults as well as kids.

The large LCD has a back-lit feature that shows all the options of depth detection, discrimination, overload warning, operation mode, sensitivity level, battery level, and audio modes along with many others, even at night time to let you do your most favorite hobby entirely uninterrupted and unaffected. Do not stress about the length of the arm, a 30-inch customizable handheld scanner, suitable for men, children, or people at various heights.

Let the lovely OMMO Metal Detector launch your treasure hunt with the simplicity of the armrest helping you to save more time, making it easier and less stressful. There are some precautions for you to consider if you are buying this detecting device as it is not recommended to use indoors, on the floor and highly mineralized land. The explanation for these recommendations is that if used indoors, large electrical appliances will disturb the signals caught by the detector and so as the case with floors.

High mineral-containing soil also cannot be detected accurately due to the presence of other metallic minerals to distraught the signals around the target. The digging tool should also be kept away from this machine to let it work precisely and uninterrupted.

3 operational modesCostly
Back-lit large LCD
Customizable 30-inch detecting arm


A customizable 30-inch manual detector arm is installed that is appropriate for adults, infants, and all individuals at different heights. 3 separate operating methods, including Pinpoint mode, All-metal mode, and Disk mode, are used with this metal chasing tool.

Large LCD has back lighted feature, which displays all options such as depth detection, discrimination, alarm of overload, operating mode, level of sensitivity, battery level, and sound modes. If you follow the given instructions, this metal device works great and it is highly recommended for treasure hunt enthusiasts.




This metal detector is manufactured by RM Ricomax. 2 alkaline batteries of 9V are required for this tool’s working and it can detect silver, gold, aluminum, copper, zinc, iron, and many more.

If you are operating the device on All-metal mode and to activate the discrimination feature, users can switch to Disc mode by pressing the given “mode” button on the control box.

The 10-inch large search coil can achieve an underground depth of up to 8″ and can be very effective to find. You will explore the sea or the beach by using the waterproof stem and coil.

A realistic and thrilling waterproof metal detector that is suitable for outdoor sports, for one thing, should be kept in mind that the control panel of the machine is not water-resistant.

As compared to other metal detecting instruments, this device offers buttons around the LCD to make it user-convenient. Depth detection, sensitivity level, battery level, operation mode, volume levels, and all the features can be seen on the screen display.

The device, being fit to use for individuals of all ages, is very easy to assemble and utilize as all the operational instructions are written in the user manual, present in the product package. Have a lot of fun with this wonderful detector’s proportional audio feature that alerts the user of a target metal with a certain sound and volume.

The sounds vary from one metal to another, making it easier for a user to identify the metal signal they have received. Pinpoint function contributes to better ground balance and depth detection of the target under the machine. 1028 metal detectors suited both for adults and kids and run with headphones, equipped with a 33″ to 40.6″ flexible stem. A mining shovel and carry bag are included in the kit.

10-inch long search coilVery expensive for its features
33" to 40.6" flexible stem
2 operational modes


10-inch wide search spiral can reach a depth of up to 8″ underground, 2 alkaline 9V batteries are provided and a proportional audio function is installed to warn the user with a certain sound and volume of a specific metal’s presence. The pinpoint feature properly aligns the device to the soil and senses the target’s depth very precisely.

These 1028 metal detectors for adults and children, with 33″ to 40.6″ adjustable arm and headphones are suitable for working in shallow water and on land. The package includes a mining shovel and a transport pack to make the product package a whole deal of treasure hunting equipment.



Final verdict:

For beaches and shores metal detection, some special features are needed in a good and suitable metal detecting tool for better efficiency and precision, water resistance is one of them. Although waterproof search coil can be found in many average detectors accurate depth detection to dictate the target’s location is a feature to be found very rarely.

All of the metallic detection gadgets described above have this feature in them and their prices are still less than 300$. Now it is up to your decision, consider all the pros and cons given and then choose a device that fits your budget and demands.


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