Best Earbuds for Note 9 2024

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We all know that Earbuds or earphones are very convenient to use as these can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you are working with your laptop or playing games with your friends, walking in street, or browsing social media on your cell phone, you can connect these with almost any electronic device via Bluetooth technology.

The first headphones were available in the early days of radio. The inventor was probably the American Nathaniel Baldwin, who launched his “Baldy Phones” from 1910 onwards. However, this is not entirely clear. Since then, the development has produced not only different variants and designs but also an ever-better quality.

These devices are now accessories that you can use to enjoy music and a lifestyle considering that there are various types on the market. In addition, many of the existing devices also have names with different functions to the resulting sound effects to provide a different music listening experience. We have compiled some of the best earbuds for note 9 in the article. We invite you carry on exploring and have a look at them.

The popular devices in circulation have various types. However, in general, everything functions as a device for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, even for virtual teleconferencing needs. Earphones have a small shape, usually inserted into the ear or stuck in or near the ear canal. However, there are two types of earphones, namely Earbuds and IEM (In-ear Monitor).

The Earbuds themselves sit outside the ear canal, and the sound produced is more natural, while the IEM goes into the ear canal and usually has rubber or silicon tips or ear tips. The sound produced by IEM is more soundproof and can hear the more detailed sound, but the sound experience provided is small, like being in a studio room. Unlike headphones, the sound produced is like in a large concert venue and feels natural.

In addition, earphones also have different designs. For example, one comes with cables that fall and goes behind the ear (over-ear) before entering the ear. Use of over-ear earphones, is by someone who likes sports or at a music concert stage, while some use them daily for video calls or telephone calls. The demand for wireless earphones is also getting higher for people with high mobility who do not like to be bothered by wires. The size of the driver’s house is often only a pea with an ergonomic design.

Some have silicon tips, and some do not. The use of silicon tips is the most preferred because it is more comfortable and the ear canal does not hurt or irritate. The design itself has two types circulating, including those with handles extending downwards and or without handles that sit in the ear canal.

Thanks to earphone light and compact design, its use is easy because it only uses a Bluetooth connection for pairing to a smartphone, and users can immediately operate with one or two taps.

The technology of earphones with TWS is also relentless. Even though they have miniature driver housings that stick to the outside of the ear canal or go in with silicon tips, many have a feature called Active Noise Cancellation. This technology can reduce noise from the outside so that the bass sound produced is solid and transparent.

Earbuds are constantly evolving. For smartphones can be connected to Bluetooth, where the device has a battery. In addition, at the bottom, there is an elongated section and the performance of the wireless system. Earphones for smartphones no longer use audio cables. The price of genuine wireless device is high; even one wireless unit can be more expensive than a beginner class smartphone.

Wireless devices are becoming a standard product in smartphones. The latest models are designed with a wireless charger.

Best Earbuds for Note 9 (Comparison)

Jabra Elite4.72 x 1.77 x 7.05 inches2.82 OuncesCheck Price
Bose Earbuds0.82 x 1.05 x 0.74 inches0.47 Ounces Check Price
Performer Raycon E556.89 x 4.41 x 1.93 inches9.1 OuncesCheck Price



Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

The Elite sport earphones are an incredible product by Jabra. These are multipurpose earbuds. Without any ditching cables altogether, every gem is a separate unit with no wires connecting them. Jabra also added a heart rate monitor (HRM), a feature borrowed from its Sport Pulse headphones and a headphone primer.

The buds are big enough, but they do not stick out too far from the ears. The leading headset houses the multi-function and HRM controls for answering or rejecting calls / playing or pausing music, and linking to the Jabra Sport Life app. The secondary earphone houses have control for adjusting volume and skipping tracks.

You can use the primary earphone only when you want to listen from the other ear or want a simple hands-free headset.

The two headsets communicate via magnetic induction near the field, and the secondary headphone automatically turns on when it is within range of the primary headphone. The main headset connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

Comfort is always critical for fitness-oriented headphones, wireless or not, and the Jabra Elite Sport ticks all the right boxes. They come with a series of silicone and foam tips and wingtips for a secure fit.

In addition, a proper “Hear Through” mode uses the microphone array to let in ambient noise. You can set it to pause your music and allow only external noise to enter or allow external noise on top of your music. It is also a convenient way to have a conversation without removing your headphones, although the social implications of this are up to you. There are three wingtips of different sizes.

Battery life is always a critical point with proper wireless headphones, and it is not exceptional here again. Further, the standard battery life is only 3 hours. Fortunately, a charging case is included that will provide another six hours of playtime through two more recharges. You can recharge the case via Micro USB; for this, you need to insert the buds and recharge with inductive charging. The earphones turn on and off automatically when they are removed and returned to the case, which is a great touch.

There is also a fast charge. Just 15 minutes of recharging will guarantee another hour of use.

Built-in heart rate monitorLess color options
GPS by the phone


Considering the heritage of Jabra’s Bluetooth headsets, the hands-free calling is exceptional. Although the earphones are so small, they can pick up any voice with surprising clarity, regardless of whether you are using just one or both. Inside each earpiece are two microphones, one for voice and one for capturing ambient noise for noise cancellation during calls. The headphones will dynamically switch to any set of microphones and will provide the best call quality. These earphones offer the best experience when paired with Note 9.




Bose Earbuds

The Bose Sport Earbuds convince as sports headsets with a good sound. The multiple uses make these earbuds unique from others. The strong bass motivates top performance, and the stable hold in the ears ensures the necessary security. Anyone looking for high quality, sporty true wireless headphones will be happy with these earphones.

At first glance, it is clear that its design is for use during workouts. However, the sound character also fits: You will immediately feel the intense bass even at low volumes. The Active EQ process that Bose developed for this purpose ensures this. This way, you protect your ears and still let them be driven by the beat while exercising. No matter how loud you listen, the low notes are consistently dominant on this and similar tracks. On the positive side, the bass, despite its constant presence, never overlaps the other aspects of the song. Overall, the sound of the headphones is very suitable for training and convincing in all different situations.

Their battery, once fully charged, last up to five hours. As a result, it is an excellent value for in-ears without noise cancellation.

In addition to the batteries in the buds, these headsets also have a charging case, as is usual for true wireless headphones. As a result, you can fully charge the headphones up to two times without relying on electricity. The headphones offer a total of 15 hours of battery life and are therefore suitable for longer trips. If your phone has headphones, the runtime is reduced by about a quarter. With the quick charge function, you can charge the earphones for 15 minutes and then use them for up to two hours.

In addition to the rubber pieces in the ear canal, these earphones have supporting brackets clamped inside the auricle. Once you have the hang of it, these sports buds are always surprisingly secure. The buds come with rubber attachments in three different sizes. It guarantees the right fit for your ear. The low weight also ensures that the in-ears do not squeeze uncomfortably even when worn for long periods.

You can control the playback via the touch fields on the left and right earphones. Therefore, you can stop, start and skip songs. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to change the volume by swiping over the right touch field. It works reliably even with a light touch.

Strong sound with good bassFew setting options
Firm hold in the ears
Convenient operation on the device


The Bose Sport Earbuds do what sports headphones are supposed to do. They offer a strong, driving bass, long battery life and sit securely in the ears. Its connectivity with the smartphone and the convenient operation is impressive. Further, these earphones have true compatibility with Note 9.





The Performer E55 has a two-step pairing technology that allows automatic connectivity with the devices. Therefore, with these earphones, you will have freedom in doing your all tasks. The Performer E55 Pro is suitable for iPhone and Android users looking for inexpensive Bluetooth headphones with reasonable comfort, above-average audio quality, substantial battery life, and a good feature set.

These headsets offer premium features such as wireless charging and a long battery life that is worth it. In addition, these earphones are equally compatible with android and iOS devices.

The most significant improvements are to the charging case in two areas. First, the box has a fixed hinge that replaces the open roof design of the previous model. Second, the other significant addition to the case is wireless charging with full Qi compatibility.

With an impressive 36-hour fully charged battery life, the Earbuds stayed on for approximately five hours of continuous use by themselves before needing to be put back in the case. It means that the case can charge the headphones up to five times before they are entirely used up.

These earphones come with five soft silicone gel tips. The included default pair is comfortable, and you can go through all kinds of moves without feeling as they are about to slip off. Furthermore, there are five colors available for E55 Pro, counting Carbon Black, Flare Red, Electric Blue, Frost White, and Rose Gold, for users looking to coordinate their headphones with their outfits.

The music audio quality of this headset is just as we expected from the brand: crisp and clear, strong bass without many musical overtones. That is fine with millennial-oriented consumers through their social media influencer marketing campaigns. Additionally, it can handle a vast majority of conventional radio compatible music.

Connecting this earphone to various devices is pretty quick and straightforward. Each headset uses a touch button press for multiple commands such as answering phone calls, increasing/decreasing volume, and powering on/off. The headphones are compatible with Siri but not with Google Assistant. You do not have to bring your devices closer because of the long connectivity range of these buds due to Bluetooth 5.0.

Thirty-six hours of battery lifeMissing ANC
Five colors are available
Five silicone ear tips


The E55 has the latest chipset and offer true wireless technology to users. It provides the best sound quality and better connectivity. You can use each bud separately or in combination. It has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows connectivity with devices up to 33 feet distance. In addition, these headsets offer excellent compatibility with Note 9.



Final Verdict:

Bluetooth has enabled wireless radio links between at least two devices over a short distance since the 1990s. The technology is now standard in many mobile devices, including wireless earphones. Ensure that at least the latest version of Bluetooth is supported, which is significantly more energy-efficient than older ones. The above mentioned earbuds are famous for their multiple uses, so they are ideal for Note 9 as well.


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