What is the Nexus coil? How it works?

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What is the Nexus coil? How it works?

While metal detectors come in various types, their functionality is almost the same. Some are restricted to only detecting one type of object, while others are capable of multi-purpose. A metal detector is a useful device that is helpful for a number of purposes. It detects valuable objects like jewelry, coins, and other artifacts.

Due to these reasons, they are used in various professional fields, such as archaeology. They are also used by hobbyists for their leisure treasure hunting. However, their more advanced uses are in the professional fields. Their features and capabilities vary, depending on their field of work.

A metal detector works with different types of coils. That may include DD coil, Mono coil, or Nexus coil. These types are distinguished by their capabilities. The main difference is the ability to work in different depths.

The most effective type is the Nexus coil. It is also the topic today. So, let’s discuss it in details. It would give you the answer to your questions, what is the nexus coil? How it works?

Let’s start with the first question, what is the nexus coil? Well, in fewer words, a nexus coil is the most efficient type of coils of a metal detector. It is used for deep metal detecting. A nexus coil is most commonly used by archaeologists.

That is because they are more powerful than all the other types. They detect all kinds of metals at a depth that is unmatched by any other coil. A nexus coil works better at various surfaces as well. There are many benefits of a nexus coil that prove why is it so much more efficient. Let’s discuss its working first then we’ll get to the benefits as well.

The second question, How does a nexus coil works? The working of a nexus coil is quite different from other metal detector coils. They use temperature resistant fiberglass plates. It makes them more suitable to work in more depth. Also, they are combined with ABS casing.

A nexus coil operates with its fiberglass platers. Due to this, they can work underwater as well. It is one of the many advantages of a nexus plate. With that said, let’s discuss some other important benefits as well. It may prove why a nexus coil is better than other ones.

Gold Nuggets:

When hunting gold, you either think of large gold plates or small gold nuggets. The large pieces are easy to detect, due to their size. Gold nuggets, however, are difficult to find.

They are often mixed with other elements which make them harder to detect. But, a metal detector, equipped with a nexus coil can do this job with ease. It can detect all sizes of gold or other metal artifacts.


While the depth of metal detectors may vary with their types and models, none come close to a nexus coil one. A metal detector with a nexus coil is capable of detecting at depths way deeper than other types of coils.


No matter the type of surface, nexus coils work smoothly. They provide efficient results even if you use them at a beach or on the wet sand. Most of the metal detectors with nexus coil are also capable of working underwater.


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