Which Metals Metal Detectors Can Not Detect?

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Which metals metal detectors can not detect?

Metal detector also has some limitations. The metal detecting hobby will introduce you to a world of mystery and outdoor experiences. Newspaper and TV sources both confirm that you will make a profit if you buy a decent metal detector and it is entirely possible to find treasure immediately after purchasing an electric instrument, but you should also be prepared for disappointment.

You can come across different things on your quests, such as beer cans or silver foils, but the hobby is worthwhile because you will also find money and valuables like gold, gems, jewelry, diamonds, and much more. Although, most of the metals can be found with a good metal detector some special metals can never be detected by a metal chasing machine.

Electromagnetism underpins the operation of metal detectors. This essentially suggests that they emit time-varying electromagnetic fields and detect waves emitted from conductive metals underneath the earth.

Stainless steel is the most complex metal to detect. The instrument is unable to detect it because the metal has a very low electrical conductivity. Stainless steel has low magnetic permeability by nature, which means it does not emit a high enough, signal to be detected by your machine.

Furthermore, a metal detecting instrument must be able to sense the magnetic field of a metal material in order to operate, which requires the object to be very low to the ground’s surface, preferably within a foot’s range.

If the target is within a foot or two of the earth, even low-cost sensors may detect it. When you purchase a more sophisticated and specialized detector, it can locate items that are hidden even deeper. Gemstones, pearls, bones, crystals, parchment, and stone figures are also not detectable by a metal detector and we do not wonder why they are not metals.

Metal detectors cannot detect metals under certain circumstances, in addition to not being able to detect certain types of objects. The most difficult challenge for hobbyists is that even a very low-frequency metal detector can pick up heavy signals from the sand’s many ferromagnetic substances.

Since certain sands and soils have a certain amount of iron, they have conductive properties. The presence of salts dissolved in groundwater will also lend conductive properties to sand or soil.

This problem comes with only low to average quality detectors, high-quality metal detecting gadget comes with very specialized features to not only overcome these small problems but to personalize the search operation to a specific metal.

If one does not want to buy a higher-grade detecting machine, he should choose the searching locations and places very wisely. For example, if one does the metal detecting at a place with garbage, it is more likely that he will find nothing valuable or useful.

Beaches, concert arenas, and golf courses are highly recommended to find lost jeweler pieces, but yes, if you are doing it for only fun.


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