What are True Wireless Earbuds?

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What are True Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless headphones have been trendy lately. However, one way or another, we have long understood that the future lies with wireless headphones.

Besides the usual “wireless” headphones connected via Bluetooth, but are still bound by either a wire or a headband, there are also true wireless headphones and headsets. You are probably already familiar with them, at least by the example of Apple’s Air Pods. While they were not the first examples of true wireless, they are the most popular. However, almost immediately, many alternative options appeared, many of which also offered a price 2-3 times lower.

The main difference between these headphones is the all-in-one principle. Since you only have a pair of headphones with you all the time, all controls are present in their case. There is also a microphone on it. Therefore, the body, most often, is somewhat more extensive than the usual Earbuds. The exception is Air Pods and models similar in design, and there are enough of them. The manufacturers tried to get as close as possible to the standard weight of the headphones in them.

Nevertheless, already from this, it becomes evident to whom such devices are most suitable. Therefore, whether you are on the move, playing sports, or spending a lot of time behind the wheel, these headphones turn out to be quite comfortable.

In addition, they are suitable for anyone who has purchased modern smartphones without a standard input.

True wireless headphones combine the characteristics of both headphones and headsets, so from most of them, you can listen to music, control your voice assistant, and receive calls. They are versatile and functional, which is why many people choose them.

Like regular headphones, wireless Earbuds come in several different designs. You can find liners, vacuum models, and examples of unique designs. The main requirement is ergonomics. In addition, here, you have to try on each model separately.

Replaceable ear cushions are the most convenient choice and the most popular option. It is important to note here that sometimes incorrectly selected ear pads could affect the sound quality. Therefore, if the kit includes a replacement for the standard one, the user can count on comfort.

As we have already noted, a touch panel on the body controls the Earbuds. Usually, one of the bud is the main one; therefore, it receives all commands. Different earphones do different things. Some allow you to adjust the volume, and switch tracks, and receive calls. Others are limited to fewer features.

Observe what actions you perform most often: you skip a track or, on the contrary, prefer to listen to everything, whether you adjust the sound. It depends on what exactly the capabilities of your chosen headphones should have.

There is no such advantage with headphones of a standard form. Everyone has different ears, both in size and shape, so any ergonomic shape that suits everyone is a publicity gimmick, and be sure to take into account that headphones may not fit someone.


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