How to use Earphones as a Mic?

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

How to use Earphones as a Mic?

You do not have a sound recording device at hand, but you urgently need to leave a voice message in Telegrams or make a Skype call? There is a solution – you can connect the microphone from the headphones to the computer if an extra pair is lying around.

For most people, the question of the difference between a microphone and a speaker will seem odd and illogical. On the contrary, though, it is logical, as described below.

  • Headphones are a device for playing sound;
  • Microphone – for recording.

However, nothing becomes so evident if you know how to arrange the gadgets and work. The fixtures have the same structure. They consist of a coil with an electric current, a magnet for generating a constant magnetic field, and a membrane. It means that the inside of the device is the same.

The difference lies in the direction of the current. In the case of headphones, the vibration of the coil is “pushed” onto the diaphragm, making the sound heard. In the case of a microphone, the direction of the current goes opposite, so the vibrations of the diffuser go in the other direction along the wires.

The essence of the devices is the same. Nevertheless, with the development of technology, it became possible to improve devices. For example, today, the membrane of headphones is made of more rigid materials, so it is not as sensitive. As a result, it decreases the cost of the speakers but does not affect the quality of the speakers. However, at the sound receiver, so it picks up even quiet sounds.

Although the device of the gadgets is the same, their quality has changed, so it is difficult to use a microphone from headphones on a computer. As a result, the sound will be dim and muffled. In addition, the vocal cords will have to be strained to make the recordings of acceptable quality.

Since audio devices are created according to the same principle, you can easily replace the microphone with a pair of headphones or speakers. Capsule headphones (Earbuds) are best suited to replace the sound recording device.

In most cases, you can only speak into one “earphone.” In the case of wired headphones, this is the “lead” ear to which the wire goes. With iPhone Ear Pods, both are worth checking out.

The size of the Earbuds does not affect their ability to record voice. Both small and large buds will do. The problem often lies in ear pads and other materials that should make the gadget comfortable to wear but degrade the sound recording quality.

A wired headset is included with the smartphone today. Mobile phones have only one audio jack, and the headset has one plug, but it simultaneously works for sound input and output.

The connector is combined; it mixes audio streams. It is convenient when using a headset, and however, if you only have ordinary headphones, it will not be easy.


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