Difference in Earbuds and Wired Headphones!

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

Difference in Earbuds and Wired Headphones!

Earbuds and headphones are ideal and popular devices for listening to your favorite music, but that doesn’t mean they are alike.

Despite having many similarities, they also have a few differences which can not be ignored. The terms headphones and earbuds are still used interchangeably because often, people misuse both terms. If you are also one of them who is still not sure how to differentiate between the two, then here you go:

The difference in design:

Headphones have a pair of ear-cups worn on the outer surface of the ear, whereas the earbuds fit inside the ear canal and stay in the ear very well.  Earbuds have different types of ear tips made up of foam, silicone, and rubber to give a neat fit.

Due to the small size, the carrying case of earbuds can easily fit into any pocket. The headphones are big and bulkier; they cant be easily carried in comparison to earbuds. Therefore, the portability of earbuds is high.

Wireless Vs. being wired:

As the name suggests, wired headphones are comprised of a wire connected to the device, and to maintain this connection; you always have to keep your phones with you, which can be irritating at times. Plus, the detangling of wire is another frustrating thing to do.

In contrast, earbuds are true wireless devices connected to the device using Bluetooth technology. As earbuds are wireless, it makes it more feasible and handy to carry on a long journey. You don’t have to worry about your phone; you can simply connect and keep your phone in your bag. Meanwhile, you can attend your calls and listen to music.

Style and elegance:

Earbuds look more stylish and attractive; various earbuds are available in the market, giving out vibrant colors and superb designs. On the other hand, wired headphones aren’t that classy and trendy as earbuds.

Product Safety:

Unlike headphones, earbuds come with a case, keeping them safe and secure. You can easily use them and place them back safely inside.

Battery life:

Good battery life is extremely important. For using headphones, you have to make sure your device is fully charged. Especially when you’re using your phone, you need to have your phone’s battery full; otherwise, your mind will always be worried about whether you should charge your phone or connect your headphones.

And if you’re someone who travels a lot and never want to run out of music. Then earbuds are the best choice for you as they have long and extended battery life. Furthermore, now most of them come with a charging case. If you place your earbuds in your case, they get recharged.


Overall, the purpose of using headphones and earbuds both are almost the same. But the difference in design, appearance, portability, battery life makes them differ from each other. It’s always on the user, what they find more appealing to use and what suits them more.


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