How Many Times Can You Charge Wireless Earbuds?

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How Many Times Can You Charge Wireless Earbuds?

The majority of the earbud users want to know how long a wireless earbud can run and how many times in a day you have to charge it. It might sound like a tricky question because the charging capacity varies from one model to the other. Right through this guide, we will explain how long the wireless earbud will last and how many times you should charge them.

How Long Do Wireless Earbuds Last?

By taking into account the user guide of the earbuds, you will find that many of them are having a listening turn-around time of maximum 5 hours. And for the talk time, they can survive for almost 2 hours upon the single charge.

This means that the users have to get their earbuds charged at least once or twice a week. In this way, you will avoid any frustration in the power outage while using the earbuds for the whole day.

This would be a real issue for some heavy users because, upon the single charging, you would not be able to run the earbuds for the whole day.

Different brands have come up with their solutions to better deal with the hassle of earbud charging. For example, Apple has introduced the charging case, which is essentially the portable charger.

Apple has often claimed that their earbuds have a listening time of 24 hours with 11 hours of talk time. But this is possible if it is paired with the fully charged case.

How Can True Wireless Earbuds Be Made To Last Longer Than They Now Do?

If you really want to increase the life expectancy of your earbuds, then there are a few essential tips that you can follow. Among them are the following:

The first tip is about carrying the case. This will stop the batteries from running of the charge when you need them the most. You never want your earbuds to run out of the charge.

It would help if you built a proper routine for charging your wireless earbuds with which you can fully exhaust their battery. Try to charge them at the time when you are not using the earbuds. This can be either during work or while you are sleeping.

With time, make sure you clean the earbuds as well. Take a toothpick and clean the rubber area of the earbuds. Be gentle with them!

Avoid carrying them in the pocket all the time. Any key or metal item in your pocket can damage the whole carrying case, reducing the life expectancy of the earbuds. Store them inside the case when not in use and keep them away from the liquid.

It would help if you never slept by wearing earbuds. This is not just damaging the earbud quality but is also harmful to your hearing sense.

Final Conclusion:

So this was a quick guide about for how long time you can charge your wireless earbuds and how they can survive for long. Follow the guidelines carefully and let your earbuds survive for long hours.


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