Best Portable Table Saw for Dado Cuts 2024

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We have come far from that time when traditional saws were used. An ordinary saw was sharp and it had the ability to get the job done, but it was not very efficient. The question is why is that? Well, the simple answer is their cutting mechanism. A traditional saw did not use any kind of power to work.

What is used was just brute force and manual power. If you need to cut an object with an ordinary saw, you need to move it to and for continuously. When the material is easier to cut, it would take less time. However, if you have a harder material on your hand, it would take way more time.

So, for various materials, they were quite time consuming. They also required a lot of energy. You cannot sort out a lot of tasks at once, with an ordinary saw. Cutting one hard object is enough to give you fatigue.

It may also cause strain on your arms. That is why you might not see them being used in a home very often. They were only used by professionals, like a carpenter. That is because they were not suitable for indoor use. In short, they were not the ideal tool. We have compiled some of the best portable table saw for dado cuts in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

To overcome their limitations, electric saws were introduced. Now, what is an electric saw? An electric saw is a kind of saw that uses electric power to work. Unlike manual power, it works with electricity to cut an object.

There are even some types of saws that work with gas power as well. However, they are not considered friendly for the environment, so they are not used commonly. The electric saws are quite commonly used and have replaced traditional saws. They offer better and more efficient working along with a number of advanced features that might help on the job.

One benefit of the traditional saws was that they were portable. They were easily fitted in the tool box and were convenient to carry around as well. The electric saws come in various types.

For instance, types like circular saws, jigsaw, chainsaw, and reciprocating saw are easy to carry or move around. Although they are larger than an ordinary saw, they are still very much portable. Thanks to their lightweight, which makes it possible. Also, some of them are in small sizes as well.

If you are working with larger objects, you may require heavy-duty electric saws. They are large in size as well. Mostly, such types of saws come with a table. These tables are used to place and hold large objects. They are less portable than mini electric saws. Some of the newer versions of such saws allow dissembling of the parts. It makes them easier to carry around and you can assemble them back without much effort. These types of saws are called Table saws. However, there are exceptions as well. There are many portable table saws available in the market.

To choose the right table saw can be quite challenging. For complex purposes like dado cutting, there are a variety of options available. It can be quite difficult to choose the right one, especially for beginner. Also, having portability is another tricky requirement.

However, there is no need to worry because we have listed ideal saws for dado cuts. These saws are capable of working with a number of advanced projects, but dado cutting is our main priority.

Best portable table saw for dado cuts (Comparison)

BladeRunner X216.1 x 17.5 x 8.3 inches16.76 PoundsCheck Price
Huanyu Mini12.32 x 12.17 x 9.06 inches9.57 PoundsCheck Price
WORX WX572L15.71 x 16.89 x 7.13 inches14.7 PoundsCheck Price


BladeRunner X2 


One of the most popular and reliable saw is Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw. It is an electric saw that is equipped with all the advanced features. This tabletop saw is one of the easiest to use ones out there. It has a simple setup, after which you can efficiently use the saw. Another advantage is the portability.

The saw is easy to carry or move around due to its small size. It is smaller and weighs less than many other electric saws in the market. The tabletop name comes from its compact size. Also, it comes with a built-in hand carry handle that allows easy carrying of the saw. Although it is smaller in size, it is capable of cutting large objects as well.

That is because of its powerful and efficient motor. The workspace of the saw allows the placement of a full-sized object, while the blade cuts it professionally. With this tabletop saw, you can perform cross, rip, scroll, and miter cuts. It allows 0-60 degrees miter cuts. For woodworking projects, it is a major advantage. You can adjust the gauge to pull off precise cutting and desired results.

Also, the saw allows you to change the blades easily. It can use any brand’s standard blades. The saw comes with five blades that can be switched. It is able to cut through several materials. That may include metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, etc.

However, the strong point of the saw is for cutting wood. It cuts would effectively and gives results better than expected. The electric saw has an onboard storage option. That means if the components of the saw are not in use, they are stored in the base of the saw. It also comes with essential safety options.

The safety switch prevents accidental starting of the saw, keeping the user safe. The saw comes with useful accessory as well. The miter gauge helps you adjust and determine the miter cuts. Another thing it comes with is the rip fence. All of the features in the electric saw are easy to access and the saw, itself is also easy to handle. It makes the saw suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. A little practice can get you to master the tabletop saw.

Compact size and lightweightCannot be used for heavier materials
Allows changing the blades
Can cut various materials


For small wood crafts and some advanced projects as well, Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw is one of the most effective electric saws out there. It gets the job done better than most of its competitors. Thanks to its size compact size and lightweight, it can be easily moved around and set up within minutes.

Not only it has the ability to cut small objects, but it can also process some large objects as well. It can also deal with a wide range of materials. If you face any issues with the blade, you can get it changed. The onboard storage adds up to the portability of the saw. In the end, to say that it is one of the best options available in the market would not be wrong.



Huanyu Mini 

Huanyu Mini

Probably the most portable table saw on our list is the Huanyu Mini Table Saw. That is because of its size which is smaller than most of the other table saws. Its weight is also less than its competitors. It has the ability to cut through the hardest of materials.

That may include wood, plastic, acrylic, and metal. Yes, this machine is capable of cutting metal too. However, due to its compact size, it cannot cut hard metals. You can use it for smaller projects that include soft metals, like copper, aluminum, etc. It has a cutting thickness of up to 40mm all the way from 1mm.

The angle of this table saw can also be adjusted. This is a useful feature that is suitable for many materials. The angle can be adjusted between 0 to 90 degrees. This table saw can be used for many advanced projects like grinding, drilling, and many more. Moreover, it is also suitable for complex works such as dado cutting. You can also use the table saw for small DIY projects. It can be used in homes, thanks to its compact size and lightweight. It has the option of variable speed as well. The remarkable speed is delivered by the powerful motor.

Its speed can go from 1000 to 3000 RPM. The variable speed offers you extra points of accuracy. It also allows you to deliver desired results of a user. That is because if you are able to set the speed of the table saw, it would function the way you want. Needless to say this table saw works with precision. Also, it fulfills the requirement of portability as it is a mini table saw.

Allows variable speedLesser known than some other options
Allows angle
Very portable


If you have got some advanced projects on your hand, consider buying Huanyu Mini Table Saw. This is a powerful table saw with tons of features. Its portability, however, is its main highlight. It allows the saw to be used anywhere, indoor and outdoor.

Also, it makes it easier to carry around and convenient to use. It can sort out small tasks as well as the advanced ones. The table saw works at a remarkable speed and allows variable speed. Its powerful motor permits user to work for longer and with more efficiency. Its ability to adjust the angle makes it much more precise than most of its competitors. The mini table saw is able to cut a variety of materials, hard and soft. Needless to say, this saw is one of the most effective table saws out there.





One of the most reliable and popular electric saws is WORX WX572L. It features capabilities that are unmatched by most of its competitors. The main advantage it has over other electric saws is its multi-functionality. This efficient electric saw is 2 in 1. It features both rip and cross cuts. You can change the modes of both types by simply pressing a button.

This feature comes in handy when you have material that requires rip cutting, instead of cross cutting or vice versa. It’s not only this feature that is simple; all the options in the electric saw are easily accessible. If you face any issues with the blades, you can change them at any time. It does not require you to install only WORX blades; you can get blades of any brand and install them easily.

This electric saw also features an integrated dust blower. It keeps the dust away from the surface and object, providing you with better visibility of the object. Weighing less than most of their competitor, the electric saw is easy to handle and man oeuvre. It allows you to work for longer with less fatigue and with less strain on the hands.

Since it features two electric saw features in one, it is also more convenient to carry a tool that packs two. While most of the other electric saws are able to cut wood, metal, and plastic only, this electric saw can cut those, along with ceramic, tiles, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, steel, and much more.

Easy to useThe accuracy is mediocre
Extremely portable
Allows cutting many materials


Easy to use and reliable, WORX WX572L is a table saw that gives you the best experience. It is equipped with advanced features that make it able to cut a wide assortment of materials. Whether it is a hard material or a soft one, the table saw can cut it, thanks to its powerful blade. It allows you to work longer due to its lightweight. Thanks to its small size and portability, it can be used at home or other indoor places as well.



Final Verdict:

Whether it is a portable table saw or a full-sized one, buying one can be quite a challenge. To help you out with this task, we presented you the list of the best portable table saw for dado cuts. It will save your time and will provide you a clearer picture. By considering the pros, cons, and features of each option mentioned in the list, you would be able to pick out the best one.


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