Best Electric Saw for Cutting Logs 2024

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Saw, a mechanical assembly for cutting solid materials to supported lengths or shapes. Most saws show up as a pitiful metal strip with teeth on one edge or a shaky metal plate with teeth on the periphery. Commonly, the teeth are “set” to substitute sides with the objective that the kerf cut by the saw is broader than the thickness of the saw. This doesn’t permit binding between the cut surfaces and the sides of the saw. It arrived in a variety of saws. Fundamentally there are two classes of saws. Those are hand saws and force saws. Our main point of concern here is about the electric or force saws.

Force saws are accessible in corded or cordless forms. The cordless saws are for lighter works like cutting of woods and so on. Also, these are lightweight and weigh just a few pounds. The corded saws are fairly greater and are for hefty works like cutting heavier objects. As they are huge their weight is likewise more than those of cordless saws. We have compiled some of the best electric saws for cutting logs in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The other significant choosing variable in picking these saws is that they are accessible in various blade sizes. Each size for different kinds of work. The sorts of cutting edges likewise matter. Like some of them have fastened cutting blades and some of them have round tooth sharp blades. Now let’s talk about powered saws that are available there for the cutting of materials like logs.

One cutting contraption is an all-rounder cutting instrument. These are strong and solid. These are ideal for low support use and extensively valuable wood cutting. They are used broadly in destruction, improvement, and medication.

The other one is the cutting apparatus, the speediest one to cut wood. Whether or not you’re overseeing enormous branches, felling trees, this instrument is awesome to use. It is the go-to gadget for each carpenter and on different occasions for homeowners.

It works by spinning steel around a distending arm at speed. They can similarly be dangerous. Not only are their gas-energized cutting mechanical assemblies yet nowadays you can buy electric cutting instruments, too. They’re commonly more suitable and less difficult to manage, which is why they are an excellent choice for a few.

There are categorized on the basis of their power source they are using. They are normally three force sources. The first one is the gas-controlled which utilizes 2 cycle gas meaning 2 stroke gases. It utilizes a 50-cc motor for this. The other one is an electric-fueled cutting apparatus that utilizes electricity for its working. You can place plug in any electrical source to work with it. Last, but not least, cordless cutting tool, which utilizes batteries like Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are chargeable and can work until all the charging is used.

These are unsafe gadgets to work with and can cause serious injuries and surprisingly passing. A slip or a fall when holding one of these can be hazardous. The most serious threat while using a cutting device is a loose dress which can without a doubt get caught in the blades of the saw.

Best Electric Saw for Cutting Logs (Comparison)

Mini Vatemax12.44 x 4.88 x 4.41 inches3.95 Pounds Check Price
WORX WG304.120.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 inches11.3 PoundsCheck Price
Oregon CS150018 x 37.5 x 10.5
12.6 PoundsCheck Price


Mini portable cordless chainsaw by Vatemax

Mini portable cordless chainsaw by Vatemax

4-inch mini portable and chargeable batteries operated chain saw is made under the brand Vatemax. This product is available in red color only. The whole package includes 2*Chains,2*Batteries(24V, 2200mAh),1*Charger,1 Wrench,1*Guide Bar,1*Chainsaw Body,1*Screwdriver,1*English client Manual,1*Gardening gloves.

The best feature of the device is its small size. The little cutting apparatus weighs simply 4 lbs. (With the battery), simple to work with one hand, ladies additionally can without much of a stretch control use it. Also, long working hours won’t be tiring.

Extraordinary wooden teeth model of it will provide you with higher productivity. A copper engine is utilized, which is incredible. Cutting proficiency is higher and quicker. Vatemax this mini cutting tool embraces a top-notch control chain, after profound extinguishing and solidifying treatment, which is more wear-safe and sturdy than a conventional chain, permitting you to cut easily.

Also, entirely appropriate for wood cutting, tree pruning, and gardening. The implicit control circuit board has an over-burden security work, and the engine will consequently quit working when it is overheated, making you more guaranteed and more secure to utilize.

The speed switch embedded with it makes speed change more convenient. This offers you smooth pruning fast, moderate, or any kind of. This has large capacity Lithium Battery offering longevity. Additionally, the versatile cutting apparatus is furnished with two battery-powered batteries (24 V, 2200mAh each). In the wake of being fully charged, the electric cordless cutting tool can be utilized for 2-2.5 hours.

Easy to hold, ideal reasonable for outside use. With a non-slip and stun ingestion silicone handle plan, the grasp is very comfortable. It adds a security cover flip to avoid wood sprinkling and ensure your security when logging and managing branches. Force Chain Saws consume around 10 seconds to cut a log with a breadth of 15cm (the particular worth fluctuates with the real size and hardness of the wood).

You don’t have to grease up the uncommon guide plate and tungsten steel ball, as the machine decreases the obstruction during activity and diminishes the wear of the machine on its own. Heat Dissipation Design-Timely warmth scattering to try not to wear out the engine that ensures no over-burdening. Reasonable for planting pruning, bramble pruning, little branch pruning, wood cutting, generally utilized in gardens, parks, ranches, pastures, plantations, nurseries.

Mini and lightweightPlastic blade guard
Very powerful
Easy to handle


The Vatemax mini cordless chainsaw has a small body, lightweight and advantageous, long holding time, no weariness of hands. It came with useful, quick, and low force utilization. The scaled downsize can be held with one hand.

A top-notch switch will let you change the speed easily as this is a step-less speed changer. High-quality control chain, profound extinguishing, more wear-resistance, smooth cutting. The battery-powered cutting tool is light and versatile, with a long battery life of 4 hours, and won’t harm the bark. The mini chain saw is ideal for logging and cutting small branches at home. The only problem with it is its assembling.



WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw

WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw

15-amp 18 inches electric chain saw with auto tension is developed under the famous brand WORX. Type Product ID is WG304.1. It came with a bigger saw which is 18 inches with this you can feel bigger trees, and with an amazing engine, you can complete your more quickly. 15.0 Amp engine yield conveys an all the more remarkable cutting performance. This feature can relax you for the moment as whenever people think of any chainsaw they are scared.

The smart auto-strain framework will not let you over-fix, which expands the existence of the bar and the chain. This chainsaw also has programmed oil grease and inherent oil repository with window level pointer. Each Worx cutting apparatus is outfitted with a 6.75 Oz. oil repository. The auto-grease framework keeps the chain very much oiled and running productively around the bar, for better cuts with less utilization of energy. The metal spike guard sticks into the wood, giving you considerably more influence.

The WORX WG304.1 is fueled by electricity, so it creates no harmful outflows. Not quite the same as gas-fueled cutting tools, the WG304.1 doesn’t expect you to blend oil and gas or manage troublesome for the first time. Also, in contrast to the opposition, this chainsaw highlights a programmed oiler that gives consistent grease to both the bar and chain.

The chain brake closes down the chain in a split second to avoid inadvertent cutting. That is true serenity when you’re working a cutting apparatus. Low kickback bar and implicit chain brake for additional security. The full wrap handle of it will let you grab it from any point to acquire influence for both vertical and level cutting. The rubber-treated, over-form handle gives you the ideal equilibrium of solace and control. Furthermore, its ergonomic plan creates functioning really convenient.

Additionally, all-metal canines at the base of the long, 18 In. bar help add steadiness during cutting, while a simple to-grease-up sprocket on the bar nose helps save the existence of the device. Amazing enough for your hardest positions, the Worx electric cutting tools produce somewhere in the range of 4.0 horse strength.

WORX this instrument is designed with forefront innovation or more current effectiveness principles, so you can assemble a practical device assortment that has been made to long last. As it has all the security switches inside of it, any unskilled person can use it.

Amazing long cutting barPrice
Auto oil lubrication
Much easier to use


The 18 In. 4.0 HP 15.0 Amp cutting apparatus is significantly better than the rest. The Worx restrictive, licensed instrument free chain substitution and auto-tensioning framework wipe out the cerebral pains confronted with most other cutting tools.

The auto-strain framework incorporates a solitary, larger-than-average handle that gets the bar and chain and keeps up appropriate pressure during activity – naturally. The Worx auto-tensioning framework likewise attempts to expand bar and chain life by disposing of any opportunity of over-fixing.



Oregon corded electric chainsaw (CS1500)

Oregon (CS1500)

18 inch 15-amp self-sharpening corded electric chainsaw is manufactured by Oregon. The product ID is CS1500. Oregon’s powerful, CS1500 cutting tool is a corded electric cutting tool available with a chain which it can sharpen on its own.

The CS1500 cutting apparatus has every conventional accommodation of an electric saw – moment start with the draw of a trigger, insignificant maintenance, less noise, and makes it one stride further by fusing the underlying Power Sharp chain refining framework. This is incorporated with 18inches to manage the bar and Power Sharp chain, which limits personal time by permitting you to sharpen your chain on the saw in 3 seconds or less.

The electric chainsaw is a lot quieter than a petroleum cutting tool, it is probably the best benefit of it. The low noise of the cutting apparatus gives a smoothly devoted circumstance to the worker and also as he can work longer without irritating the neighbors. So, utilizing an electric cutting apparatus avoids the sound contamination of the errand zone and gives quiet and harmony to the owner. The chain stays oiled utilizing the underlying Lubri-Tec oiling framework which lessens chain rubbing and increases the saw’s run time.

All the chainsaws have the problem of kickbacks during cutting. This Oregon’s product has chain brake that can prevent kickbacks and provides you more safety. Like WORX’ chain saw this has a built in 15.0 Amp engine which will result in remarkable cutting performance.

The Oregon CS1500 offers amazing execution with its 18-inch edge that is fit for slicing through logs with a breadth of 16 inches. It can deal with hardwoods as well. It’s an amazing tool for homeowners with regular works with gardens who wouldn’t fear managing the cable. Apparatus fewer tensioning permits you to strain the chain simply by fixing the ring as an afterthought cover – no other specific instruments required.

People who are not good at assembling these kinds of machines can have this one as it came in handy and fully packed. Gas-controlled cutting apparatus send numerous poisonous vapors which is unsafe to the Earth and climate. An electric chainsaw is alright for the climate. The gadget doesn’t discharge any gas that can be damaging to the earth. It starts instantly with no pull cords, no warm-up, and no gas-oil blending. That’s its ideal tool for households as it is environmentally friendly.

Amazing cutting activityWeight
Works with both light and heavy objects
Less noisy


On the off chance that you are searching for a powerful, low-noise electric cutting tool for managing branches and appendages in your yard, the Oregon CS1500 corded cutting tool is the perfect decision. Save yourself time, since the CS1500 begins in a split second and doesn’t need any gas oil blending. Made by the world’s driving saw chain producer, this cutting tool includes an 18 In. chain that you can sharpen on the saw in 3 seconds by just pulling of a switch.

The programmed oiler disseminates oil on the bar and chains while the saw, keeping your cutting tool greased up and save you from untimely wear. 15 amps give a lot of force behind each cut.



Final Thoughts:

Why use manual saws with giant and heavy wooden logs when you have specialized machines to do this job for you in minutes without wasting your energy. Yes, we are talking about the electric saws which you can use anywhere you want to minimize your workload. We have highlighted some of the best models in this article so that you can decide easily which machine is perfect and fits better in your budget.


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