Best Electric Saw for Cutting Firewood 2024

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Saw, an apparatus for cutting strong materials to endorsed lengths or shapes. Most saws appear as a meager metal strip with teeth on one edge or a flimsy metal plate with teeth on the fringe. Typically, the teeth are “set” to substitute sides with the goal that the kerf cut by the saw is more extensive than the thickness of the saw. This doesn’t allow binding between the cut surfaces and the sides of the saw. It came in a variety of saws. Mainly there are two categories of saws. Those are hand saws and power saws. Our concern is all about the electric or power saws. We have compiled some of the best electric saw for cutting firewood in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Power saws are available in corded or cordless forms. The cordless saws are actually for lighter works like cutting of woods etc. Additionally, these are lightweight and mostly weigh a couple of pounds. The corded saws are somewhat bigger and are for heavy works like cutting heavier objects. As they are big their weight is also greater than those of cordless saws. The other major deciding variable in choosing these saws is that they are available in different blade sizes. Each size for different purposes. The types of blades also matter. Like some of them have chained blades and some of them have round tooth blades. Now let’s see what powered saws are present there for the cutting of materials like wood.

One cutting apparatus is an all-rounder cutting tool. These are solid and strong. They are underlying a comparative way to the expert form however they will be somewhat less incredible than the expert. These are ideal for low maintenance use and broadly useful wood cutting. They are utilized widely in ranger service, development, destruction, medication, and chasing.

The other one is the chainsaw, the quickest one to cut wood. Regardless of whether you’re managing huge branches, felling trees, or cutting kindling, this instrument is the best. It is the go-to device of each forest worker and other times for property holders. It works by twirling steel around a distending arm at speed. They can likewise be hazardous. Not exclusively are their gas-fueled cutting apparatuses yet these days you can purchase electric cutting tools, as well.

They are typically available with three power sources. The first one the gas-powered which use 2 cycle gas meaning 2 stroke gases. It uses a 50-cc engine for this. The other one is an electric-powered chain saw which uses electricity for its working. You can put plug in any electrical source to do work with it. Last, but not least, cordless chain saw, which uses batteries like Lithium-Ion batteries.

These are hazardous devices to work with and can cause genuine wounds and even passing. A slip or a fall when holding one of these can be deadly. The greatest danger when utilizing a cutting tool is a free dress which can undoubtedly get caught up. The experts will consistently wear gloves, eye assurance, and caps.

Best Electric saw for cutting firewood (Comparison)

Craftsman CMECS60019.7x8.2x7.8 inches6.8 PoundsCheck Price
KIMO Electric Chainsaw18.63x11.94x8.376.19 PoundsCheck Price
WORX WG322 20V25x7.5x9.5 inches6.19 PoundsCheck Price



Craftsman CMECS600

16-inch 12-amp electric chain saw is developed under the brand name craftsman. The product ID is CMECS600. This chain saw is also built for the cutting of firewood. It’s available in two colors: red and black. At the point when many people consider cutting apparatuses, they envision a weighty, uproarious, thunder tearing machine that puffs out billows of blue smoke.

These are in reality more easy-to-use alternatives that are better for both the administrator and climate that sudden spike in demand for power. This Craftsman electric cutting tool has an incredible engine that will permit you to make cuts that are generally troublesome with different gadgets.

The 16″ bar and low-payoff chain will make it simple to deal with your gadget while inactivity. 12 Amp 16-in bar Chainsaw includes an incredible engine assisting the client with dealing with those intense cuts. The high-proficiency engine that is outfitted in it comes with an oil level window and doesn’t need any preparation.

Craftsman’s chainsaws arrive in a variety of sizes. What’s more, they’re estimated by the length of the guide bar—the metal sharp edge that the chain turns around. The length of this bar is the thing that decides the sort of woodcutting you are going to do, like managing, pruning, cutting down trees, cutting up kindling, and so forth. For instance, a 16-inch cutting apparatus can’t chop down a 32-inch-thick tree. Its length is made for managing and pruning little branches.

For how long your cutting apparatus is connected to an electrical plug, you can cut for eternity. There is no halting to refuel like there is in a gas cutting apparatus or re-energizing batteries when utilizing a cordless cutting apparatus. You can work the entire day with no wavering.

Most of these chainsaws are fueled by an engine, not a motor, and they possibly make a noise when you pull the trigger. Thusly, corded cutting tools are a lot calmer than gas cutting apparatuses, which are better for your ears and your neighbor’s. Besides their lower cost, corded cutting apparatuses are additionally less expensive to claim over the long haul. With less support and no fuel to purchase, these machines are simple on your wallet.

Low maintenanceNot suitable for heavy wood
With in your budget
Easy to wok with


Craftsman 16-inch chainsaws come with incredible motors ready to tear down wood branches and kindling etc. There is a cover for the chain bar that makes it protected to deal with. The security lock button on the handle makes it simple to access.

You can initiate the chain brake through the front and backhand watches with no issue. With regards to fixing the chain, there is a handle put at a place that makes it too simple to get to. Built-in oil window and no preparation required. A chain brake is a system that prevents the chain from turning when an unexpected kickback happens.




KIMO Electric cordless Chainsaw

The cordless 9-inch, w/0V 4.0Ah electric chain is developed by KIMO and embedded with Lithium-ion chargeable battery. As it is cordless, it is good for cutting lighter objects say firewood. With regards to mobility and comfort, cordless instruments are unmatched.

KIMO 20V cutting apparatus outfitted with a strong unadulterated copper engine will offer you a major kindness and give similar effectiveness each time regardless of what dependability that a corded one has. Instead of a 2.0Ah battery, this cordless saw is furnished with a redesigned 4.0Ah battery and offers twofold runtime with 40 mins steady cutting stroke for uncompromising.

You can easily get 150 cuts approx of 1-1/2-inch branches per charge. KIMO 20V 4.0Ah battery cutting apparatus is redesigned with a 9-inch premium Oregon bar and extinguished chain, running at a speed of 15 Ft/s.

A high-density defensive film framed on the outside of the chain is useful for sturdiness. The one-step tensioning framework makes you effectively change the pressure of the chain with no guide of apparatuses. Furthermore, it keeps you from over-tensioning for an ideal activity without fail.

You can make your cutting work more direct than before with the chainsaw. There is no additional weight and mass. The compact and ergonomic style of it lessens strain and weariness.

If you get a chainsaw like this then you won’t be stressed any longer about gas, exhaustion, and breaks to fight with. The auto oil framework conveys a consistent oil supply for a smooth and viable cut without fail and expands the existence of your power-cutting tool. Regarding security, a lock-off switch has been planned on the elastic handle side, and you will not have the option to begin inadvertently.

Applied with the viable porous warmth dispersal design with various directional warmth scattering, the KIMO battery-powered saw can work for quite a while without getting burned. The chain-brake watch stops the chain quickly on payoff as well as keeps the cutting trash from sprinkling. For this saw, you don’t have to be worried about the fact that you don’t have the skills. Everyone with just holding practice can use it.

People usually worry about assembling products like these. Those have to go with the electric chainsaw as there is no assembling problem with it to stress over. It comes completely gathered in the box and doesn’t need any further institution.

You just connect the 20V 4.0Ah lithium-particle battery, you are prepared to initiate the battery cutting apparatus when the choke lock is pushed. When invigorated, the prefilled oil is scattered equally on the bar and saw. Upheld with a 2-year shopper guarantee, this is a dependable choice for your best sewing needs. Another good point about it is that the use of li-ion batteries makes it quieter than the other electric saws i.e., gas or electricity-powered saws.

Lightweight and compactWithout power source they are of no use
Easy to handle
Quieter plus durability


There isn’t anything cooler than a cutting apparatus. They are forceful devices that make handling hefty wood materials easy and charming. A cutting apparatus requires a high yield of force to cut productively, without slowing down or impeding down.

Ease of support, diminished commotion, no more exhaustion, and no seriously blending fuel. Numerous experts are worn out on managing the support of gas-controlled saws as well. There is no need of changing any blades and something with this cutting tool as it was with other fueled saws.



WORX WWORX WG322 20VG322 20V

20V cordless power share 10 electric chainsaws are manufactured by WORX embedded with auto tension. The product ID is WG322. It is also battery-powered. It’s cordless like the KIMO’s chainsaw. With the battery connected, so it’s a lot simpler to deal with than the other conventional cutting tool designs.

The chain pitch is a mechanical quality 3/8in, and the included Bar and Chain Sheath adds a layer of assurance during capacity. Moreover, you can broaden its usefulness by buying the Pole Saw connection (WA0167, excluded) to acquire up to 10 feet of reach for managing tree appendages.

A 20V 2.0 Ah battery and charger accompany this apparatus meaning you don’t need to purchase the battery. Worx Power Share is viable with all Worx 20v and 40v instruments, outside force, and lifestyle items.

A FAST CHAIN SPEED 12.5 foot each subsequent will tear through any sensibly measured log or branch. That speed, joined with our auto-pressure and auto-oil frameworks, and the general lightweight plan, makes for one smooth saw insight. This cordless tool is just about as quick and incredible as anything in its group. Without any gas and no rope, there’s considerably less fuss. The automated, tool-less tensioner framework guarantees you’ll generally have the right strain for the current task. Additionally, the simple tensioning framework can keep the chain fitted appropriately.

Kickback happens when the tip of the chain scratches a hard article or the chain gets squeezed between the wood. A chain brake is a system that prevents the chain from turning when an unexpected kickback happens.

There are two kinds of chain brakes: Manual and Inertia-Activated. The WORX chain saw comes with a manual chain brake. All cutting tool binds must be changed occasionally. Furthermore, in case you’re accomplishing rock-solid work, they may even be retightened all through the responsibility. More cutting edges can be bought and are effortlessly changed at the press of a catch.

Professional cutting activityBattery has to be changed after 3 years
Light weight
User friendly interface


The amazing domestic cutting tool, the 10in 20V Chainsaw is enough for regular lawn and firewood cutting tool performance, and simple enough to utilize that you don’t have to be an expert to work with it. Cut fell branches after the gale, or trim appendages still on the tree before they become an issue.

An entire set-up of personal satisfaction highlights makes this saw a superior device that is shockingly agreeable to use as a cutting tool. The automated chain-pressure framework prepares for over-fixing, so you will not harm the chain.

Furthermore, the auto-grease framework keeps the chain running easily around the bar at 3.7 m/s. Not exclusively do these frameworks guarantee that your saw is continually running at top proficiency, however, they essentially broaden the life span of the apparatus.




Final Thoughts:

Electric saw is very convenient and easy way to cut all sorts of firewood. Market is full of small, medium, and large electric saws which you can use for firewood cutting purposes. We reviewed in detail, some of the best products above for you so that you can decide easily which one suit you the best.


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