Best Electric Saw for Cutting Floorboards 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

In case you are wondering, what is an electric saw and what is it used for? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s start with the basic question. What exactly is an electric saw?

Electric saw is a type of saws that use electric power to run. Electric saws are usually handheld due to which they are also called Electric Handsaw. They use a certain power motor to work. Most commonly, electric handsaws are used for cutting wood and metals. Although it does not need any gas-based power source, an electric saw requires oil lubrication for its bar and chain.

Electric saws come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their use. They are used for various purposes. Also, the features in electric saws vary with their purpose. For instance, cutting hard pieces of wood or metal may require a more powerful saw.

Circular saw, Reciprocating saw, Chain saw, and Plunge saw are some of the most common types of an electric saw. Although all of them are handheld, there are also some types like Circular Table saw that require a large space. These types of electric saws are used for cutting large-sized objects. We have compiled some of the best electric saw for cutting floorboards in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Now, let’s discuss the uses of an electric saw. An electric saw is used for a number of purposes, such as cutting tree trunks, metal pieces, ceramic and tiles, plastic, etc. Different types of the electric saw are suitable for different purposes.

For example, a chain saw is considered ideal for cutting tree trunks. Similarly, a reciprocating saw is best for cutting up pieces of metals or steel rods. Electric saws are also used for cutting materials like PVC pipes, aluminum, copper, and fiberglass. Due to their variety of features, electric saws are perfectly suitable for professional as well as personal purposes.

Since there are several types of saws that fall under the category of an electric saw, using it as a general term would not be wrong. There are so many types of electric saw that can confuse those who are considering buying one. Well, the easy way is to first determine the purpose you are buying it for. As mentioned earlier, each type is suitable for a purpose.

To find out the right electric saw for you, you must make sure that the one you are considering to buy fits all the requirement of your use. If you are buying one for personal use, the basic things to check is its power and noise. The power helps you determine whether it fits your requirement or not. An electric saw used in the home should also produce less noise, that is why it is an important factor to check.

For professional purposes, however, an electric saw needs to have more than just a powerful motor. Many fields require features that are unavailable in basic electric saws. A field like floorboard cutting requires a powerful as well as a stable saw. That is because such purposes require stable and efficient results. A little wrong vibration can affect the whole process. If you want to buy an electric saw for professional uses like cutting floorboard, you need to ensure all the necessary features.

Best Electric Saw for Cutting Floorboards (Comparison)

Black & Decker PHS550B14.1 x 10.11 x 4.3 inches4.99 PoundsCheck Price
WORX WX550L.98.75 x 6.75 x 5.75 inches4 PoundsCheck Price
JCB Tools - 12"38.58 x 22.44 x 14.76 inches45.1 PoundsCheck Price



Black & Decker PHS550B

The Black & Decker PHS550B is the right choice. It is one of the most popular ones and has positive feedbacks from people. It packs all the basic and essential features that an electric saw should have. The powerful 3.4 amp motor is the main highlight of the saw which delivers 4600 SPM for cutting metal, wood, and plastic.

This electric saw provides the option to change blades as it comes with two blades. One is a large capacity blade that is capable of cutting large pieces of wood. It is also suitable for cutting floorboards efficiently.

The other blade can be used for cutting metal pieces or other ferrous/non-ferrous materials that are up to 1/8 inch thick. The electric saw is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. That is because of its lightweight and compact design.

It is completely portable and handheld. The small size and less weight also make the electric saw easier to handle.

This electric saw is ideal for use if you are a beginner. It allows easy handling and works like the traditional saws. However, it requires much less force than the conventional handsaws. Unlike many other handsaws, this one is also comfortable in use and does not require much effort.

If you face any issues with the blade or you need a different one for some other purpose, you can easily switch the blades without the use of tools. It comes with a long 6 ft cord. It also allows users to extend the reach by using an extension.

Needless, to say this electric saw has all the features that are helpful for beginners. All the instructions for the use and handling are mentioned in the manual as well. You can get used to the saw with just a little practice. Another useful thing it comes with is the storage bag. The storage bag allows storing the electric saw, cord and blades.

Features two blades for cutting metal and woodInstalling a blade can be difficult
Lightweight and small in size
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses


Easy to use and feature-rich, Black & Decker PHS550B is one of the best options available in the market. One of the main reasons for that it is user-friendly. It has all the necessary features and allows easy access to those features. The two different types of blades provide more efficient results as they can switch blades depending on the work.

Whether you are working with wood, metal or plastic, this electric saw delivers smooth results for all. Its small size and lightweight are also some other plus points. The electric saw can be easily handled and due to its less weight, it allows more stability. Ideal for a number of purposes, it is easily one of the best and accessible electric saws you can see right now.



WORX WX550L.9 20V AXIS 2-IN-1


One of the most reliable and popular electric saws is WORX WX550L.9. It features capabilities that are unmatched by most of its competitors. The main advantage it has over other electric saws is its multi-functionality. This efficient electric saw is a 2 in 1.

It has features of a reciprocating saw as well as a jigsaw. You can change the modes of both types by simply pressing a button. This feature comes in handy when you have material that requires a jigsaw instead of a reciprocating saw or vice versa. It’s not only this feature that is simple, all the options in the electric saw are easily accessible. Another significant feature is orbital cutting.

It uses circular motion to cut objects, which is more efficient considering the density of some materials. This method is better as it does not use back and forth cutting method like conventional electric saws. It also saves time because orbital cutting is quicker.

If you face any issues with the blades, you can change them at any time. It does not require you to install only WORX blades, you can get blades of any brand and install them easily.

This electric saw also features an integrated dust blower. It keeps the dust away from the surface and object, providing you with better visibility of the object. Weighing only about 4 pounds, the electric saw is easy to handle and maneuver. It allows you to work for longer with less fatigue and with less strain on the hands. Since it features two electric saws in one, it is also more convenient to carry a tool that packs two.

While most of the other electric saws are able to cut wood, metal, and plastic only. This electric saw can cut those, along with ceramic, tiles, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, steel, and much more. Moreover, it is capable of providing a longer battery life and allows changing batteries from WORX 20v or 40v.

Has a built-in dust blowerThe safety switch is at a position that is difficult to reach while working
Can cut through a number of materialsCan be a bit difficult for beginners
Easy to handle due to its lightweight


Featuring a unique option of two electric saws in one, WORX WX550L.9 is a powerful tool that is equipped with all the advanced features. It is multi-functional and versatile in terms of its option. The orbital cutting is another feature that distinguishes it from other electric saws. Its small size and lightweight makes it easier to handle and allows it to work comfortably. It has the ability to cut through many hard materials, making it perfect for professional uses. Needless to say, this electric saw is one of the best and most efficient options available.




JCB Tools - 12"

Although not as popular as some other electric saws, JCB Tools 12-inches saw still holds itself as a competition because of its variety of features. It has a multi-functional blade that is capable of cutting hard materials like metal, wood, plastic, etc. The built-in blower allows clean working by clearing all the dust from the surface.

Due to its vast library of features, the electric saw is suitable for professional purposes. It is also lightweight as compared to other electric saws with the same features. Being less in weight also makes it easier to handle and comfy to use. The comfortable rubber grip of the tool allows better handling. The powerful 15 AMP motor works at 500 RPM (Rotations per minute) to provide smooth and efficient results.

Its brushless motors do not produce noise and much vibration. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The electric saw uses lithium-ion batteries that are replaceable and allows additional batteries as well.

It uses a single bevel for more precision, delivering more accurate cuts and allowing users to create designs through cuts. While most of the other electric saws do not have options for accuracy, this one features laser accuracy. It allows to cut the object with more precision and delivers more efficient results.

The electric saw is ideal for woodworks like cutting floorboards or home improvements. A unique advantage it has is that its blade can be tilted. Depending on the object, you can change the angle of the blade or tilt it to a certain angle.

Allows to tilt bladesA bit costly
Delivers efficient results
Comfortable grip


With its wide variety of features, JCB Tools Electric Saw is one of the most capable ones out there. It has features that distinguish it from many other electric saws. Its powerful motor is the main highlight that provides a smooth working experience without making much noise. It delivers accurate and efficient results with its user-friendly settings.

Considering the work and object, users can easily set the angle for the blade. It delivers results that the users desire. Perfect for several professional purposes, it is easily one of the best electric saws out there.



Final Thoughts:

Since the electric saw is a broad term and carries a large number of types in it, it can be difficult to buy the right one. To help you select from the best ones, we handpicked three electric saws and mentioned all their features. It will help you save your time as a long list has been shorted to just three picks. Depending on your use, consider all the pros, cons, and features of each electric saw to pick the best one.


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