What is a Booster Car Seat?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

What is a Booster Car Seat?

Talking about the booster seats, they are the one which plays a major role in keeping your kid safe during the car ride.

Once your child has started to regrow, you should start using the car seat right away to protect them from any accident or injury.

Booster seats are responsible for lifting the kids so that the seatbelts lie across all over the strong bones of their chest and pelvis. It won’t touch their neck or belly areas to make them feel uncomfortable.

How can you choose a Booster Seat?

  • It would help if you looked for the seat, which adds up with the label, which states it exceeds or meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.
  • Never make use of any seat over six years old or the one that had already faced the crash.
  • Plus, avoid buying the seats with missing parts or are not labeled under the manufacture date or the model number. It is better to avoid those cars which are not even having any instruction manual guide.

How can you install a Booster Seat?

Before you plan to install the booster seat, read the complete manual guide and see how the installation of the seat can be done for you. This manual guide will also explain the tools and extra accessories coming with the safety seat.

Place your booster seat in the rear seat in the forward-facing position. You can often choose to make it place in the middle of your back seat where the shoulder belt and lap are positioned.

Before each use, make sure you do check the overall seat positioning.

To fully make sure that the booster seat has been secure enough, you have to:

  • Read the complete guide of the booster seat manual very carefully.
  • The lap belt has to be below, and it should be tight enough all across the kid’s hips.
  • The shoulder belt has to be lain flat, and it needs to snug all across the shoulder of your kid. This will keep the belt away from touching the face and neck.
  • Shoulder as well as lap belts need to lie flat and should never be twisted.

When do your Kids can Outgrow Booster Seats?

Kids should completely stop using the booster seat during:

  • If they are bigger enough for using the car lap and shoulder seat belts while they are sitting with the back against the seatback. They should avoid bending their knees over the edge area of the seat without slouching.
  • If the lap belts are resting low and that too on the top thigh areas. The shoulder belt has to lie down comfortably across the middle of their chest.
  • They can easily stay in their favorite position for the whole car ride. This might happen when the kid has reached the height of 4 feet-9 inches and is at the age of 8–12 years old.


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