Common Hazards When Working With Circular Saws!

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Common Hazards When Working With Circular Saws!

Circular saws are one of the most common types of an electric saw. They are considered efficient and ideal for cutting various object, including metal, wood, plastic, and much more.

They deliver accurate results due to their use of circular motion instead of traditional up/down or to and fro motion. It allows you to cut the object from the desired point that can be the middle or the edges.

Hazards with circular saws


The compact circular saws are small in size and are easy to handle. The table circular saws are suitable for large objects due to their sizes and are a bit difficult to handle, especially if you are a newbie.

No matter which type you are using or how experienced you are in this field, there are certain safety measures that should be taken before dealing with a circular saw. If not handled properly, circular saws can lead to various dangers.

It is not only the blade that can be harmful, but there are a number of hazards that may occur when working with a circular saw.

Let’s discuss all of them that will help you give a clearer picture and the answer to your question, what are the common hazards when working with circular saws? So, let’s get started.

Particles Projection:

When operating a circular saw, you: must be careful about where your particles land. The efficient circular saws are built in such a way that they do not throw away particles in the air when cutting.

It is an important thing to consider because the flying particles can harm those who come in contact with them. That is because the circular saw works at a fast rate. So, the particles that are projected in the air also follow that speed, which can be extremely dangerous, especially if the particles are of a hard material.

Blows to the blade:

When the blade hits the object, it has chances of coming back to its original position. It happens when the blade is not correctly placed or locked. Another reason is if the blade is not sharp enough.

When the motor is powered ON, it starts the machine which causes the blade to rotate with a certain speed.

No matter whether the blade is in working condition or not, it will rotate at a fast speed. If it is not sharp enough, the object would blow the blade back. It can be extremely dangerous as the user can get injured with blade. It is also known as “kickback”. To avoid kickback, always make sure your blade is sharp.

Cut from the blade:

This one is probably the most common one. When operating a circular saw, or any other type of saw, always makes sure your finger is out of the working field. If not, the blade can harm your finger. It can also occur by the slip of your hand.

That can be caused by the vibrations of an electric saw. That is why it is recommended to buy an electric saw that causes less vibration. Or even if you have one that causes vibration, ensure your finger’s position location before start cutting with an electric saw.


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