Best TV Wall Mount for Curved TV 2024

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Most television divider mounts are intended for the level mount, and if it hadn’t got away from your observation, bent boards aren’t flat. Thus, it somewhat harder to track down a suitable mount for articulations. Less bent TVs being utilized by buyers implies there are fewer mounts made in light of bent amounts explicitly.

Also, this means there will be less competition in its market that implies you’ll wind up working twice as difficult to stay away from fair items.We have compiled some of the best TV wall mount for curved TV in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

By their actual nature, bent screens will in general be enormous. The explanation bent screens are even made is because when you’re taking a gander at a flat board, the distance between the external edges of the board will be further from your eyes than the focal point of the screen. Additionally, natural eyes are very acceptable with profundity estimates, so greater screens also feel two-dimensional.

All in all, to get the advantages of curve-shaped TV, you truly need the screen to be huge. However, presently you have a curved huge-sized TV that will at this point don’t sit on top of your amusement console or whatever else in your home.

The undeniable arrangement is a divider mount, yet because you can stick your television on the mount doesn’t mean it’s the correct one to do so. Now let’s ponder over the fact that how to pick a wall mount for your curved TV. One sort of mount you’ll need to keep away from is the ordinary low-profile mounts you see utilized for thick screens.

Low-profile mounts are worked to keep your screen flush against the divider, making the screen transparent coordinated into the room. But when mounted in this style, bent screens will stand out on each finish of the divider.

For a normal screen, that marginally tilted situating would be fine, however for a bent screen, being mounted flat against the divider guarantees you will not have the option to roll out any minor modifications to the direction of the screen.

Tracking down the ideal viewing position is vital for the experience of a bent TV, so having your screen solidly mounted where it’s essentially fixed will be a non-starter for any individual who comprehends the innovation.

Some extraordinary sections work best with bent televisions, for example, turn sections that permit the television to be seen from numerous points. Remember, mounting a television requires the utilization of apparatuses, like a drill, screwdrivers, pencils, and a level. On that note, you may likewise have to penetrate your dividers.

Maybe than utilizing a divider, roof mounts are mounted on the roof, permitting the TV to hang down from a higher place. At the point when you have the correct climate to utilize a roof mount, they’re a solid decision for bent TVs since they have an extraordinary scope of movement that will assist you with getting the needed angles you require for a vivid bent sighting adventure.

The solitary mount that rivals a roof mount for adaptable reach is full movement mounts, which is a robot arm you introduce in your divider that can move, change your TV in pretty much any manner you’d desire.

Best TV Wall Mount for Curved TV (Comparison)

Forging Mount Long42x24x16 inches4.99 PoundsCheck Price
Loctek Long Extension3x29x18 inches24.5 PoundsCheck Price
Perlesmith PSMFK917.6x11.1x3.3 inches10.36 PoundsCheck Price




Forging mount is well known for wall mounts for your electronics. They come with up-to-date technologies to mount your TV especially.

This Long arm full movement articulating television mount reaches out up to 42 inches and turns/swings right or left for ideal insight.

The 42 inches long broadening arm will permit from 42 inches to 80 inches televisions to rotate an entire 90 degrees without hitting the wall.

It’s incredible to use as a corner television mount or for focusing on the divider between studs.

Television can turn 180 degrees at the full expansions area no contact no impedance with the divider.

It also has the feature of titling your TV screen that helps to move it forward to decrease glare from lights and windows. Now, you don’t have to be worried about that cynicism in your life. This Long arm television mount fits a large portion of 37-80 inch TVs.

This mount can support many VESA designs: 200X100mm, 200X200mm, 300X200mm, 300X300mm, 400X200mm, 400X300mm, 400X400mm, 500X300mm, 600X200mm, 600X400mm. This wall mount fits for 16 inches studs in addition to the concrete divider in traditional US homes and home theatres, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and that’s just the beginning.

Effectively the paper mounting layout included is a reward for inducing your television mounts amazingly in both stoned walls or wood studs. Another point to take into account is that this television divider mount isn’t for drywall’s.

The full movement television divider mounts hold televisions of 100 lbs. weight but it has also passed the 300lbs containing capacity. Prevalent welding guarantees smooth and stable developments.

The cable cuts on the arms offer unraveled wire management for a perfect look. This television section has +10°/ – 10° Slant and +/ – 3° revolution for most extreme viewing adaptability. You can use it inside and outside for entertainment.

Its strong, neat, and adaptable design will allow you to have a great mounting of your TV experience in a house where people are crazy about watching shows on TV. The long arm television mounts are viable with any television version. The delivered bundles compress of following things.

TV divider mount, 2all-important mounting equipment unit, 6ft HDMI wire, 3-Pivot attractive air pocket level, 5cable ties, Guidance manual, and a Mounting format. The Mount is made with hard carbon steel for durability. The unbreakable wall plate& arm configuration is there to help televisions stay stable while mounted.

Reduced glare while watchingArm placement is not good, it’ll cover the side of the screen which will block some of the screen’s area
Easy 3 step installation
Compact and stable


Forging Mount has been providing Tb wall mounts for curved and even flat mounts to let you have a great viewing experience while saving extra space. Full movement television Section accompanies pre-set drill opening layout and assortment of screws and simple to adhere to guidance manual to oblige any brand of TV for easy installation.

This television Divider mount can be utilized in 16 inches wood stud divider and strong stoned divider. Further, you will see that this long arm divider can be moved forwards and backward as well. The reduced glare feature and side-to-side movement make it a great choice to have.



Loctek Long Extension 


This UL Confirmed full movement television mount offers an alluring method to show television while giving the most adaptable view.

The arm can undoubtedly be changed, permitting you to appreciate it in a more agreeable, ergonomically right position.

This protected, elite mount offers a wide scope of highlights that Loctek’s rivals don’t offer. You will see the distinction immediately.

Quality craftsmanship, noteworthy usefulness, and unmatched plan increase current standards for this mount to the most eloquent level. This is manufactured wholly to fit a curved TV.

The TV-measurement that it can support ranges from 32 inches to 70 inches with a back opening. Its full movement permits the most extreme adaptability by expanding, tilting, and rotating your television somewhere in the range of 3.3 inches and 18.8 inches away from the divider, which further assists with hiding wires.

The VESA designs it can fit with starts from 100x100mm to 600x400mm. The broadened articulating framework will allow wide-point turns between – 90°to +90° to meet distinctive TV watching needs. You can also tilt your television for a wonderful review.

It slants between 2 to 10 degrees, alleviating the weariness of your cervical and lumbar vertebra exhaustion. Additionally, you can fix the minor blunder while establishment inside ±3°. This wall mount also has an automatic locking system that with an attractive knot offers safety and convenience to your TVs.

The most problematic thing about mounts is seen wires from the sides. To cope with that this Mount has a wire management plan that hides the wires perfectly. It fits with almost every curved TV for more utilization facility. Loctek has seen the opportunity to even mount heavier televisions.

The maximum weight of TV that this Mount can hold is 99 lbs. And UL approved this by giving it the certificate of 4 times(396lbs) stacking limit test. The steel development and sturdy force-covered completion guarantee solid execution of all television mounts. Besides, when the Mount is holding the TV back it will keep it 3.3 inches away from the wall, which does not give it the look of a frame.

Great swivel movementLess moving forward distance
Ultra-slim profile
Smooth movements


The loctek has been surprising everyone with its innovative TV mounts. This Mount is also appreciate-able because of its functionality. It best fits with curved TVs. The strong material used makes it durable and compact to be useful in small spaces. It can support every brand’s TV perfectly. It can move forward and back.

Further, you can tilt it upward up to 2 degrees and downward up to 10 degrees to have a glare-free viewing experience. Further, you will also be going to love the side-to-side swivel feature of this TV mount. It grips your TV well with the help of its extended brackets.





People need more space for outlets, to keep that in mind Perlesmith made PSMFK9. It’s an updated television divider mount with “工” from an open divider plate plan.

This is the greatest advantage not quite the same as other full movement television divider mounts offer.

The open divider plate configuration implies you don’t stress over the space for the divider outlet. Additionally, the wall mount accompanies the wire ties to keep everything coordinated and clean.

With up to 16.53 inches of expansion, +5°/ – 12°tilt for decreasing glare and +/ – 90°swivel for the ideal view without fail.

Anyplace you need a television up to 55 inches to go, this section can deal with it easily. This is effective for you to exactly install it like an expert because the Mount comes fully embedded you just have to attach the Mount with the wall.

You can undoubtedly mount medium-sized screens say 32 inches to 55 inches on 12 inches 16 inches studs, which opens up a universe of potential outcomes.

In the first place, the heaviness of your television ought to be under 99lbs. It also tends to be mounted on cement or block walls. As a full movement television divider mount, PSMFK9 can work with the vast majority of brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, VIZIO, and others.

The VESA design it can support is 75x75mm to 400×400. PERLESMITH television divider mount is tried with up to 4x the appraised weight cutoff. You can use it inside as well as outside in the wind. It has a protected and stable design and an 8.8-level divider getting screws for more well being.

Value for moneyLess VESA design compatibility
Range of motion
Easy installation


The PSMFK9 one-piece plan television divider mount permits you to mount your television in a breeze, and exact induction like an expert. It comes with all the necessary equipment, a nice manual, and video management so you will have your television on the divider in a matter of seconds.

The open divider plate likewise leaves more space for divider outlets. The above-mentioned features make it worthwhile to have it installed for your curved TVs. The glare-free, more movement flexibility can be useful for watching shows from different angles and rooms. Further, the full-motion Mount has wire ties for a more elegant and clear look.



Final Verdict:

People having curved TVs were afraid they will not get the benefits of people having flat TVs. It was a myth that curved TVs can’t be mounted. However many brands made mounts for curved TVs as well. Now you can also free up space by hanging your curved TV as well. The mounting will not only hang your TV they will also let you move it side wise, forward & backward, and even 3-degree adjustments.


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