Best Metal Detector for Civil War Relics 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

An instrument that detects metal beneath layers of land, clothes, these sensors are often equipped with a sensor that is swept over the land for detection purposes. When the sensor makes contact with a metal object, the vibration in the earphones switches or the needle on an indicator shift. The device usually shows distance; the closest the metal is to the earphone, the sharper the sound or the higher the needle increases.

A metal detector, in its most basic form, consists of an oscillator that produces an alternating current that passes through a coil, generating an alternating magnetic field. Metal detectors work on electromagnetism principles and they have become very popular among people, equally of all ages. We have compiled some of the best metal detectors for civil war relics in the article. We suggest you have a look at them

As an electrically charged metal piece is found close to the coil, eddy currents (inductive sensor) form in the metal, causing the magnetic field to form around it. If another coil is used to measure the magnetic field, the magnetic field change induced by the metallic material can be seen (acting as a sensor), that is exactly the major theory all metal detectors works on.

No matters they use it for professional purposes or utilize it for entertainment, metal detectors are always useful.

Land mine detection, detection of weapons such as knives and guns (particularly in airport security), geological exploration, archaeology, and treasure hunting are the most common applications of metal chasing machines, but they were invented for mineral exploration and industrial uses.

Through the years, detecting instruments have gone a long way of evolution and they have been instilled with some extraordinary features like best frequency induction to detect valuable metals, discrimination capabilities to distinguish between various detected metals, wireless technologies to connect with earphones, Bluetooth, GPS technology and much, much more.

Archaeologists and other treasure hunters use handheld detectors to find metallic items buried under the surface, such as jewelry and coins, clothes buttons and other accessories, bullets, and other assorted artefacts and, that is why these evolved metal detectors are especially useful for civil war relics.

Archaeological sites are much-concentrated locations for metal detecting action and this has caused a rapid up-gradation of metal detectors and other equipment for this specific cause. War relics are difficult to find as these things are mainly composed of brass, steel and other metals of this kind, furthermore, these grounds are often mineral concentrated too. Thus, for relics hunting, a good ground adjusting and balance controlling machine suit the most. Other important features and also described here:

Discrimination feature: The detectors used for relic hunting should have a good reach to discriminate one metal from another, even in its most unrefined form. As relics are not refined and have no exact shape, your detector should be of good quality.

Frequency: Many detectors are thought to be all rounder, but they always detect some special materials better than others to some extent. For relic finding jobs, the detecting instrument should be able to separate different frequencies around the target object to perform the job easily and effectively.

Good pinpoint ability: The pinpoint mode of a metal detector can help you dig out the target place with much more accuracy. These days, many detectors have in-built pin-pointers and if not, you can buy a separate one.

Weight: For long working hours of relic chasing, a metal detector should not be over weighted as it can immensely slow down your working efficiency. Or if can manage a highly weighed machine, make sure it has all of your required features.

Cost: Price, yes price is an important matter. All of us got a budget to follow, try to find a detector that can do all of your needed work along with fitting into your budget.

Best metal detector for civil war relics (Comparison)

Land Ranger Pro45 x 8 x 14 inches3 PoundsCheck Price
Equinox 80056.7 x 12.28 x 4.96 inches2.96 PoundsCheck Price
MIYAY17.32 x 11.42 x 6.06 inches4.75 PoundsCheck Price


Land Ranger Pro

Land Ranger Pro

This premium quality metal detector is pro in detecting things, which features the most recent advances in lightweight construction, target accuracy, and deep-penetrating detection technology.

The detecting device can be used with its normal mode and default settings or it can be modified according to the needs of your working. With features such as Enhanced V-Break, High-Resolution Conductivity Arc and Program Memory, as well as

Manual and Automatic Search Modes, the creation of this groundbreaking new detector has become popular in the world of treasure or relic hunters.

With its outstanding 11”DD (28 cm) elliptical waterproof coil, you can detect coins up to 10” (25 cm) deep for improved depth, target separation, and ground coverage optimized to reduce ground mineralization and make the relic finding much easier and more fun. A 99-segment Target-ID system, a 5-segment graphic indicator, mode indicator, battery level indicator, Ground-Grab warning, and an easy-to-navigate menu are all shown on the big LCD monitor.

The Pinpoint mode eliminates the need for search coil motion, allowing for further detail about the target’s form and structure as well as pinpointing its precise position to aid retrieval. Land Grab Computerized Ground Balance feature helps you to adjust the detector to the most precise level by adjusting the detector’s internal ground setting equal to the Phase of the ground you’re searching across.

Various modes should be used for specific detection purposes and to better respond to different  land and treasure conditions. There are ten different settings for sensitivity and volume. Adjust the Ground setting from 0 to 99 for the best results in harsher environments, such as saltwater beaches and heavily mineralized dirt.

V-Break featureVery expensive
Pinpoint and depth indication
Ground grab and ground balance features


The Land Ranger Pro is used in its standard turn-on-and-go mode, or it can be adapted for all of your treasure hunting needs. Pinpoint mode avoids the need for search coil motion, allowing for greater information regarding the shape and configuration of the target and aids in getting to the target accurately.

For better performance in tougher conditions, you can adjust the Ground setting from 0 to 99 as you desire. The 11″DD (28 cm) elliptical waterproof coil detects coins up to 10″ (25 cm) deep for increased depth, target isolation, and land penetration that has been designed to minimize ground minerals effect on the required target and to avoid its shielding effect. The Land Grab Computerized Ground Balance feature allows you to precisely calibrate the detector on the land and make your relic hunting convenient.





The EQUINOX 800 Metal Detector with Multi-IQ hardware is an all-purpose detection device for new to professional relic finders. This metal detector is a genuine turn-and-go metal detector since it is adaptable to both goal forms and ground conditions.

It provides further flexibility with the addition of Gold Mode, High Frequency 20/40 kHz, Wireless audio adapters, and advanced settings.

The Gold models intended to improve performance on small gold nuggets found in mineralized soil. It accomplishes this largely by the use of various audio processing techniques, allowing targets to react in both volume and pitch.

The Gold Mode would appeal to gold prospectors but will be less useful for other purposes.

Further to the issue, Multi-IQ is so fine in Park 2 and Field 2 that these profiles are as good as, if not better than, several dedicated single-frequency gold detectors at detecting gold nuggets which are unrefined in nature. Low settings have more strong hits on very deep targets but poor isolation of nearby targets.

While the high settings provide excellent isolation, the clipped audio responses needed in thick garbage make it difficult to hear very deep targets. For heavy users who want to save battery; the EQUINOX 800 also has Low, Medium, High, and off back-lit modes.

If you search in places with a lot of electrical interference (EMI) or near a lot of other devices, this can help you find the quietest environment with the least interference. Many citizens can never use Manual because it is superior to Automatic.

Hard-core archaeologists who want the additional functionality would enjoy the extra benefits and adjustments the machine offers. Being waterproof, this detector is very useful for beach and shore detection and also, this detecting device can be submerged into the water and work uninterrupted for up to 10ft.

Multi IQ technologyVery expensive
Completely waterproof
4 detection modes


This metal chasing gadget with Multi-IQ hardware redefines all-purpose detection. Gold mode is intended to increase performance on unrefined small gold pieces in mineralized soil by isolating the target metal from the shielding effect of undesired metals and minerals.

The waterproof system can be immersed in water and continue to function for up to 10 feet, this detector is very good for beach and shore tracking, and it can even be immersed in water. High-quality profiles are as good as, if not higher than, some dedicated single-frequency gold detectors. Hard-core archaeologists who need extra features will appreciate the machine’s additional advantages and adjustments.





This professional metal detector is designed by the Miyay brand and these metal detectors have five distinct modes that enable you to accurately scan for the desired metals.

First, is Metal mode having 6 kinds of goals, the second one is Disc Mode that selectively distinguishes 5 categories of targets, with the remaining 25 not omitted. It helps you to get rid of something you don’t like.

Memory mode, Pin pointer Mode, and a Jewelry Mode is also added into its technology to perform respective functions with great credibility and accuracy.

It has an ergonomic design with an adjustable arm stem and an anti-slip handle that equips the hunting experience with comfort. It has a 43.3″ to 60.2″ adjustable stem and is appropriate for adults, children, and teens.

You will enjoy the dig at any time with a shovel. Our metal detector has a 10inch scan coil that can achieve a depth of 8.6″ underground. You will openly swim with it and discover treasures concealed from other people’s eyes. Ideal for use indoors, outside, at the beach, in a garden, in a park, in a wooded area, on a lawn, in the grass, or the dirt but it should be noted that the control panel is not water-resistant.

The large color LCD monitor lets you see the detection dynamics at any moment. It is useful to obtain the metal goal’s shape, intensity, identification, sensitivity level, operating mode, and battery indication. We also have headphones to reduce any input noise from underwater rocks.

If you’re a beginner or a seasoned treasure seeker; our metal detector can have hours of entertainment. It is an excellent present for both adults and children, making it an excellent choice for family entertainment and outdoor activities. If you have any concerns, you can contact the company by the email address provided on the package.

Large coloured LCDCostly
5 modes of operation
Water-resistant search coil


The Miyay metal detector has a 10inch scan coil which can find metal up to 8.6″ underground, an intuitive style with an interchangeable arm stem and a non-slip grip. It has an adjustable stem that adjusts from 43.3″ to 60.2″ and is suitable for adults, teenagers, and adolescents.

The metal goal’s form, intensity, identification, sensitivity level, operating mode, and battery indicator are all visible on the large color LCD. We even have headphones to block out the sounds from the underwater rocks. If you’re a novice or a professional treasure hunter, our metal detector will provide hours of fun. It is a great gadget for both teens as well as adults. It’s a great choice for family entertainment and outdoor acts.



Final Verdict:

All we will now say that do not believe our word, do your own research. You will surely find these metal detectors very promising, advanced, and well suited for relic hunting. We wish you the best outcome.


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