Best Label Printer for PayPal Shipping 2024

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Printers are one of the most common devices in a computer system. A printer is an output device which is connected externally to a computer. It generates a hard copy of the electronic data from a computer. The data provided to the printer is said to be in soft copy form. A printer is one of the most used and popular output devices.

It is used in various fields, professional and personal. For professional purposes, they are commonly used in offices, shops, computer cafes, etc. They are also used at homes, schools, and other educational places for personal use.

A printer is divided into many types. One of the most used types is the Label Printer. While many people know about label printers, some might be unfamiliar. So, what is a label printer? In easy words, a label printer is a type of printer that prints on self-adhesive label material, unlike ordinary printers. We have compiled some of the best label printer for PayPal shipping in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

It comes with an integrated keyboard that allows it to use separately, rather than with a computer. Along with a keyboard, they are also equipped with a digital display that shows all the necessary information. Label printers are also popularly known as Label Makers or Label printing machine. No matter what name it goes by, it is widely used.

The working mechanism of a label printer is quite different from a traditional printer. A label printer needs to have a special feed mechanism to handle various stocks, such as tear sheet stock or rolled stock. They use different types of materials for printing.

The most common ones are synthetic polymer and paper materials. For the printing mechanism, a label printer is divided into a number of types. Thermal label printers are the most popular. A thermal printer is further divided into two types, direct thermal and thermal transfer. Other types of label printer might include laser and impact printers.

A label printer also comes with different connectivity options. The older versions include RS-232 serial, Ethernet, and other types of connectivity as well. As it advanced, the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectivity label printers were introduced. They were much more accessible and manageable as compared to the previous ones.

A simple USB cable was required to connect and they are good to go for work. However, even those label printers had limitations, such as range. To overcome those limitations, wireless label printers came into the picture. They are the easiest to set up and manage as they do not require any cable connection.

A label printer has various capabilities, depending on its field of work. For industrial purposes, Industrial label printers are used. Industrial label printers are large but they also come in portable designs as well. For light or medium-duty work, Desktop label printers are used.

They do not produce noise and are less costly as compared to industrial ones. Personal label printers are the smallest ones in size and are usually handheld. They are commonly used at homes and for small businesses. They are the cheapest ones due to their less complex working criteria.

No matter the field of work, a label printer is expensive. The label printers that are capable of printing shipping labels from major services like Amazon, PayPal, eBay, etc. are considered to have an upper hand. So, if you are investing your money in one, you should always pick the right one. For those people who do not have any experience, there is no need to worry.

We have selected some of the best options from the ever-growing market. Here is the list of the best label printer for PayPal shipping.

Best Label Printer for PayPal Shipping (Comparison)

Arkscan 2054A9.45 x 6.54 x 8.31 inches3.34 PoundsCheck Price
MUNBYN13.25 x 10 x 9 inches5.84 PoundsCheck Price
Micmi8.35 x 8.98 x 12.76 inches5.02 PoundsCheck Price




If you prefer a product with good feedback from the audience, Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer is the best choice for you. It is one of the most popular and well-received label printers out there. The main highlight is probably its compact size. The small size makes it much more manageable and easy to use.

Also, it is less in weight. It is a very portable light printer that can be carried and placed anywhere for use. Another plus point about its design is that it is different from other label printers in the market. It has a completely white body with easy controls. The body of the label printer can be adjusted for different sizes of outputs. This portable label printer is perfect for commercial use as well.

That is because it generates shipping labels for a wide variety of platforms. You name the service and it can print its label. Amazon, PayPal, eBay, FedEx, Shippo, and many other shipping services are available with this label printer. It generates monochrome output. It is a multi-functional printer that is capable of printing shipping labels, barcode labels, product labels, and labels for other purposes as well.

Whether you are using it for a small business or a large one, it has the ability to deal with both. Its printing width ranges from 0.75” minimum to 4.25” maximum, while the length ranges from 0.4” minimum to 90” maximum. It allows roll paper to be loaded inside and fanfold paper to be loaded from the back of the printer. This label printer is also one of the fastest ones out there with a printing speed of 5 inches per second.

It is a wireless label printer that comes with free software. BarTender Ultra Lite Label Design software allows you to print product labels and delivers a full range of designing capabilities as well. You can create text-based or graphics barcode designs with it. It works with a USB connection and works with both Windows and Mac. This label printer uses direct thermal technology which means it does not require filling its ink toner again and again. All these features make it much more accessible than most of the other label printers.

Has a wide range of shipping services labels
Suitable for Windows only
Works with USB connectivity
Comes with a label design software


A feature-rich label printer that provides a variety of purposes, Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer is definitely a reliable option. Offering support for a ton of shipping services, this label printer is the all-in-one. It takes a maximum of 1 second to print a label. You can customize the printer settings in terms of text, graphics, etc. with the software.

The software is free to use and comes with the label printer. It is a reliable printer and does not require ink filling as it is a direct thermal printer. Overall, this label printer is one of the best ones in the market and has capabilities that are unmatched by many others.




MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer

For beginners, setting up and operating a label printer can be quite difficult. However, there is no need to worry with MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer. It is THE label printer for beginners as well as experienced users. Installing the driver for the label printer can be complicated, however, this laser printer has a simple setup.

The driver can be easily downloaded and installed within a minute. It also allows customization of labels with the use of BarTender, Microsoft, Mac, etc. The most significant plus point is the high-resolution output of the label printer. It generates labels at 300 DPI.

The labels generated are in ultra-HD quality. The volume capacity of a label is 5” and the width varies from a minimum of 1.57” to 4” maximum. It can print labels at a speed of 58 labels per minute.

The printing speed makes it one of the faster label printers in the market. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. This label printer provides labels for various services, including PayPal, FedEx, ShippingEasy, Shopify, ShipWire, Pirateship, and much more. You can easily generate high-quality labels from the mentioned and more services. Also, you can customize those labels depending on your requirement with the use of the software. It prints with 4×6 dimensions.

This label printer is also equipped with thermal printer technology which makes it overall less expensive than ink filling printers. Its USB connection makes it accessible to a larger audience. However, the specific USB port requirements are either USB or USB 2.0. Another plus point is its ability to do works that are required for professional purposes.

No matter whether you have a small business or you are using it for industrial purposes, it can be used everywhere. Thanks to its capabilities, this laser printer is a multi-functional device with a number of advanced features. It does not need any ink toner or filling.

Also, the portable design is a significant advantage. It has a compact shape and lightweight. This makes the label printer easier to move or carry around. Moreover, the small shape and availability of options make it easier to use for those who have no experience at all.

Provides labels for all shipping companies
Limited options on newer windows
Has a portable body
Easy to set up and use


If you are starting out with a label printer, there is no better option than MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer. With simple setup and use, it is one of the most suitable options for newbies. It has an HD output with a 300 DPI.

The speed is also unmatched by any other label printer. Its portability is a great factor in its benefit. This label printer delivers labels for all shipping services out there. It allows customization in the size, graphics, and text of a label as per the user’s requirements. Needless to say that with an instant setup, it is one of the easiest and feature-rich label printers out there.



Micmi Shipping Label Printer

Micmi Shipping Label Printer

Although not as well-known as the other label printers mentioned in the list, Micmi Shipping Label Printer still holds itself as a competition. It might not be that popular but the people who have used it have given it an overwhelming positive feedback. Mainly because of its support of all the shipping companies in the world.

Whether you are dealing with Amazon, Shipping Easy, PayPal, or any other shipping company, this label printer is capable of printing for all. This makes the printer much more accessible for professional uses. Also, the printing speed is another huge factor of its good reviews. It works at a speed of 5 inches per second. This label printer has a lot of room for customization.

You have different options for the width and length of a label that you want to print. The width ranges from 0.7” to 4.25” of maximum, while the length ranges from 0.4” to 90” maximum. It comes with a Windows-based software that provides full customization of the labels. Whether you want to change the text or the graphic design of a label, you can easily customize it with the software. It prints in 4×6 dimensions. The high-quality 203 DPI results are generated by this label printer.

Not to forget that it does not require ink toner as it is equipped with thermal technology. It features LED lights that glows in either blue or red color. The blue color shows successful printing, while the red color indicates an error.

Good printing qualityNot that well-known
Easy to use
Supports all shipping companies


Micmi Shipping Label Printer is a device that has unmatched capabilities in its category. It has all the basic as well as advanced features. The label printer is suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals.

It has the ability to produce high quality labels at a fast speed. Also, it provides all kinds of customization with its free to use software. This label printer supports all shipping services. It is safe to say that, it is one of the best label printers available out there.



Final Verdict:

For professional use, a good label printer is a MUST. However, because of the variety of options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To help you out with that, we presented you the list of the best label printer

These printers are good for all shipping companies and would help you save your valuable time. You only need to consider the pros, cons, and features of each label printer to select the right one.


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