Best Drones for Photogrammetry 2024

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Having a drone is a great idea. A drone has various applications including photography, home inspection, or for entertainment purposes. Drones are best used for photography and videos. They provide excellent aerial views for photos that can not be achieved by normal cameras. We have compiled some of the best drones for photogrammetry. Let’s find out.

Having good camera points also make drones a better option for home inspection than an ordinary camera. For fun purposes, you can use it on vacations or trips or you can gift a drone to your kid. Drones make amazing gifts that are much appreciated by children. However, a drone has more professional uses than you can expect from it.

Another professional use of drone that stems from photography is photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the method for obtaining solid information of an object or place. This information is used for measurements, recordings, or interpretations of the object.

That information can be in the form of photographs but there must be more than one photograph and they should be captured from different vantage points. It is also defined as a process to survey and designating precise measurements of an object(s). In modern days, these tasks are done by high-quality cameras to provide clearer view of the object.

However, an ordinary camera can make this task much more difficult that in it is. To gain photos from different vantage points and angles is very challenging for traditional cameras. That’s where the drones come in. Drones are perfectly suitable for such purposes.

For instance, the use of drone for home inspection purposes explains why drones are better for these types of jobs than ordinary cameras. Drones provide a larger view and good vantage points from a certain altitude. Plus, if your drone is capable of gaining a higher altitude, it can cover the entire area of the object in a picture or video.

As easy as the job sounds with drones, finding the right drone is not easy at all. That is because the market is flooded with drones and new ones keep coming. The technology is advancing every day and brands are introducing newer and advanced drones. If you are considering buying a drone for photogrammetry, you should check the drone’s camera and its features.

The camera of a drone must provide high-quality results for photos and videos. It should have a 4k HD camera with all the essential options to capture the best aerial view of an object. You may be wondering what those camera options are. Let’s discuss that in detail

The first and foremost option a drone must have is a stabilizing support. It can be either gimbal or altitude hold option. If you want to buy a drone for photogrammetry, the stabilization is essential to provide you clear and stable result.

Another feature of a drone is to have adjustable lens and FOV. It helps you capture photographs from different angles which is very helpful for photogrammetry. The last but not least, is the Zoom. Sometimes, zooming in on an object is necessary to view its details, even the miniature ones.

Although we have discussed all the essential features of a drone for photogrammetry, some people might still face problems when buying a drone. Worry not, we have handpicked the best ones for you.

Here is the list of the best drones for photogrammetry that may help you finding the suitable one for you and save your time. These drones can be used for other purposes as well because they do have the advanced options. But since we are talking about photogrammetry, let’s stick to that.

Best Drones for Photogrammetry (Comparison)

Ruko F11Pro6.9 x 4.1 x 3.15 inches1.1 PoundsCheck Price
DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone12.05 x 9.84 x 5.59 inches0.35 PoundsCheck Price
FIMI X8SE8.03 x 4.17 x 2.86 inches1.69 PoundsCheck Price



Ruko F11Pro

Ruko is a reliable brand that has a wide variety of options available, in terms of drones. Their drones are suitable for both entertainment and professional uses, plus they are very well-reviewed by the audience. Ruko F11 Pro is another feature-rich drone by the brand that packs all the necessary features a drone must have.

It provides crystal clear results with its 4K ultra-HD camera for photos. For photogrammetry, 4k cameras are the best as they provide high-quality and better resolution for photographs. Hence, Ruko F11 Pro gets a plus point because of its breath-taking camera. Also, if you want to capture videos, the drone offers a 2.9k camera for videos.

The vivid colours and contrast in the drone’s camera is unmatched by most of the other drones in the market. Moreover, the camera is 90-degrees adjustable and has a 120-degrees FOV lens that allows you to capture from multiple angles. Ruko F11 Pro drone has a 2500mAh battery that provides up to 30 minutes of flight time.

The drone also allows an additional battery of the same specifications. With both batteries inserted, the drone’s flight time is up to 60 minutes that is more than what most drones offer. While capturing videos, you can watch its real-time live transmission on your smartphone with in a 500 meters area. The maximum range of the drone is 1614ft.

Ruko F11 Pro also has all the advanced smart drone features that provide fun experience along with its professional use. Also, Ruko F11 Pro is a drone that is easy to pilot and operate, no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced individual. It comes with a 30-day return or exchange warranty and also with a 90-day free warranty use.

60min Flight timePhone holder is not up to the mark
Easy to fly
4K UHD camera


For photogrammetry, some drone features are essential, along with a high-quality camera. Ruko F11 Pro is one of the best drones in the market for photogrammetry, or other professional purposes. Its 4K HD camera provides a quality result that cannot be matched by any other drone out there.

The long battery timing and ease of use allows all kinds of users to access it without any problem. The drone has a long video transmission range that allows you to capture the best videos by viewing them in crystal clear quality on your smartphone. Overall, Ruko F11 Pro is THE drone for photogrammetry.




Drone X pro limitless by Drone-clone Xperts is a lesser known, yet a positively-received drone by the people. It provides a wide variety of features that are unavailable in many other drones. The 4K HD camera is the main highlight of the drone and also the most important feature, since we are talking about photogrammetry and other professional uses.

The camera allows you to take high-quality captures with different angles. This is very helpful, especially for photogrammetry because the proper survey of an object is required and it can be done by capturing aerial shots of that object from various vantage points and angles.

You can also easily share your photographs to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc, with just one click. DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS battery allows up to 25 minutes of flight time that can be increased by inserting additional batteries. The drone is equipped with brushless motors that allow a smooth flight without making any noise.

The efficient system of the drone provides extended lifespan of battery and precision controls. DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS has smart drone options, such as Follow-me mode. It sets the drone to follow you automatically, while capturing photos or videos at the same time. The drone simple gesture commands also.

Another plus point of DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS is its GPS module that is unavailable in most of the other drones in the market. It provides even a wider range of options for your drone, including auto-return and tracking.

No matter how far you have flown your drone, it can easily return to you with just a few clicks using auto-return feature. Along with tracking, the drone features a map that provides the exact longitude and latitude of the location of your drone. The simple operating of the drone is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users.

GPS systemCustomer service
Auto return home system
4K resolution


If you want to buy a drone solely for the purpose of photogrammetry, DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS is the best one for you. Although it is overlooked, the drone has a set of features that are unavailable in most other drones. The main benefit of the drone is its HD 4K camera that delivers a breath-taking result.

Also the GPS system of the drone allows you to never lose track of the drone anywhere. Not to forget, its small size makes it very portable and easy to carry around on a trip or to a vacation. Many other features and options available in the drone make it one of the best drones in the market and deserve a spot on our list of best drones for photogrammetry.


FIMI X8SE 2020

FIMI X8SE 2020

Another important quality of a drone is its portability. FIMI X8SE 2020 is a powerful drone that is extremely portable. Its wings can be folded and the folded size is much smaller which makes it easier to carry around. It is a good drone for beginners to start with, as it provides all the essential features with simple controls.

The drone has a powerful camera that delivers 12 MP photo results and 4k videos at 30 fps. The main highlight of FIMI X8SE 2020 drone is that it provides gimbal support. It allows you to capture clearer and stable photos and videos. You can catch the live HD 1080p transmission of your recording video within 8km range. FIMI X8SE 2020 provides 3x zoom to capture photographs in details and transition between zooming in videos.

The zoom feature is very helpful for Photogrammetry purposes and provides more efficient results. The drone also provides altitude hold that allows the drone to hover in the same altitude. It provides even more stability to your photographs.

The GPS module allows you to track your drone anywhere it flies. FIMI X8SE 2020 has smart drone options, including Smart Tracking. It allows the pilot to lock the target with effective planning. Additional features of the drone include Quick shots, Obstacle sensing, Vision positioning, and much more.

Smart tracking modeNot a Wi-Fi drone
Precise Vision Positioning System
Capture impressive 12MP photos


Although the best part about the drone is its portability, FIMI X8SE 2020 does not hold back in terms of features and smart options. It is a powerful drone that has a 4K HDR camera, much needed for Photogrammetry.

Its quad-copter design has rain-proof body and foldable wings. Also, the stability it provides for photographs with both gimbal and altitude hold is unmatched by its competitor drones. Needless to say, it is a smart drone that is suitable for experienced people as well as beginners and for any kind of purpose.


Final Verdict:

No matter what purpose you are buying a drone for, it is recommended to inspect all its features and read its reviews on the internet before making the decision. Talking specifically about photogrammetry, having a high-quality camera drone is essential.

However, that’s not it. A drone needs to have more features than just a good camera. If it does not have a stabilizing support, your photos will not be clear enough. Similarly, if it does not allow zooming, you cannot zoom in on the details in a picture. Portability is another important factor as it allows you to keep your drone with you.

To keep you out of the complicated market of the drone, we presented the list of the best drones for photogrammetry for you. Consider all the pros, cons, and features of every drone and then pick the right one for you.


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