Best Dirt Bike for 9 Year Old 2023

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Motorcycles were once thought to be merely a mode of transportation for getting from point A to point B quickly. It has, however, evolved into something more advanced over time. Off-road riding and other motorsports now feature motorcycles.

We have compiled some of the best dirt bike for 9 years old in the article. We recommend that you take a look at them and continue your search.

To cater to the different categories of motor sports, motor bikes have transformed into various types. A few of them are heavy bikes, dirt bikes, long bikes, etc.

In this article, we will specifically focus on dirt bikes. This is their popularity in the modern world, where people significantly demand them.

Dirt bikes are very fascinating; you can take them to sandy tracks and mountainous areas to feel the thrill while riding them. Overall, dirt bikes are a game-changer in the motorsports world.

Dirt bikes themselves come in various types in terms of shape, size, power, and transmission. This is because bikes are popular between adults and children evenly.

Different variants and new learners:

For new learners and children, companies manufacture these bikes in low-power categories and small sizes. However, for experienced people, there are more powerful bikes that deliver maximum power on the track.

Dirt bikes also differ in terms of transmission. Some of them come in manual transmission while the other is available in automatic one. So it depends on the demand of consumers that what they prefer.

The automatic variants are more suitable for new learners and children because you don’t have to put so much effort into changing the gear which could be little complicated for new learners. They enable you to focus on developing control over the bike primarily.

The Manual dirt bikes are made for thrill-seeking people who are experienced and developed enough skills to override these dirt bikes.

People who are experienced in dirt bikes don’t need much information before purchasing. However, if you are buying these for your children, there are many things to consider before proceeding with the purchase.

Dirt bikes are not as simple as regular bikes. They are quick and fast. So you must consider all the necessary details before purchasing a dirt bike for your children.

But there is no need to worry because, in this article, we have gathered all the details that would be enough to enable you to purchase the proper dirt bikes for your children. So, without further ado let’s find out what top dirt bike models do we have in our list:

Best Dirt Bike for 9 Year Old (Comparison)

Coolster QG 21052.8 x 24.8 x 32.5 inches80 PoundsCheck Price
Razor MX65024.5 x 34 x 52.5 inches112 Pounds (Package)Check Price
Razor MX35024.5 x 31 x 44 inches55 PoundsCheck Price


Coolster QG 210 mini dirt bike

Coolster QG 210

The first one on our list is Coolster QG 210 dirt bike. It is powered by a 70 CC engine that delivers enough power that ensures safety and joy simultaneously.

It is a semi-automatic dirt bike that does not require too much effort for changing gears. This stylish dirt bike comes in black, providing a modish and elegant appearance.

It has both rear and front suspension with a braking system installed in the rear wheels. You can use it to train your kids and get them familiar with dirt bikes. It’s a great source of entertainment to keep your kids active.

A powerful but safe engine:

Dirt bike often comes in engine variants that deliver too much power. However, the dirt bike is powered by less CC engine that keeps your kids under safety limits while they ride it.

The engine power in comparison to the size of this bike is optimum. The safety of your children is especially considered while manufacturing this dirt bike.

It ensures that the bike doesn’t go beyond the speed limit even when your kid pulls the whole throttle. The optimum power delivery makes this bike suitable for kids nine years and above.

You will be amazed after knowing that it has a maximum speed of 30 mph, depending on the road condition and the rider’s weight, which is perfect for kids.

Stylish body frame:

Kids love the structure of the bike more than its specification. So for that reason, it is designed in a sporty look with attractive edges add curves.

It is painted in 3 tones of color black, red, and white. Surely they will grab the attention of any children who will ride it.

The robust steel structure ensures the durability and reliability of this dirt bike. It is guaranteed that all of your children could learn on this dirt bike for years.

The plastic parts used on the bike are made from highly flexible. They have enough elasticity to bear the bumps and frequent falls your motorcycle will receive while your kids learn to ride them.

It is a safer option:

The safety of your kids is the top priority, and the company knows it. So this dirt bike is equipped with all the essential safety items.

It has an effective braking system installed that stops the bike when the rider presses the break. The test-braking system is highly effective.

Furthermore, it has foam covering installed on the handle frame. It keeps the rider’s face safe during impact with the body frame In case of unwanted situations.

The load-bearing capacity of 130 lbs. ensures that all kids can ride it fearlessly. It is always suitable for the kids and welcomes short heighted riders too.

Transmission and fuel capacity:

As mentioned before, this dirt bike is semi-automatic with four gears. It has a maximum fuel capacity of one gallon. The fuel-efficient engine ensures that this one gallon won’t run out soon.

The best part is, this bike comes 90% assembled which will save your time.

It is a safer optionIt doesn’t have a throttle limited
Keeps your kids active
Strong body structure


Overall this dirt bike is suitable if your kids are familiar with dirt bikes. The only concern here is that it doesn’t have a throttle limit.

So you must teach your kids about the throttle response and how much to use it. Otherwise, it’s a great option to keep your kids active and let them ride a dirt bike in safe conditions.



Razor rocket electric MX650 dirt bike

Razor rocket electric MX650

Dirt bikes are also evolving, and fuel efficiency is taking the next step. They are evolving into electric engines as a source of power.

So the MX650 from Razor does not require any fuel refill. You have to charge this dirt fully before allowing your kids to write it.

The razor rocket dirt bike is well known for its quality and safety for kid riders. It features a high torque motor with a rear-wheel chain drive that delivers more power and traction.

Environment-friendly electric engine:

Vehicles are turning into environment-friendly engines, and so are these dirt bikes. Unlike the fuel-burning dirt bikes, these razor dirt bikes have an electric motor that isn’t harmful to the environment.

So if you want to contribute to the environment, this option is a must to consider. The main attraction of this dirt bike is that it doesn’t have any exhaust pipe, so there is no chance that your kids might get burned from getting in contact with the exhaust pipe.

Suitable for new learners:

This razor electric dirt bike is specially designed for new learners. It has a small body frame and low powered engine that delivers a maximum speed of just 14 mph. So safety guaranteed.

It means that small kids can use this bike easily, and develop skills while keeping a low speeded and easy-to-handle bike frame.

It is a light weighted bike, so your kids won’t feel it is difficult to handle. The high torque engine ensures traction on the track as well. So there is a lower chance that the bike will skit on the edges.

Considerable running time:

The 24 Volt sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries ensure that your kid can ride his bike for a considerable amount of time. It can run for about 30 minutes at a total capacity with one charge, which is pretty good. However, you can have more running time from the batteries at a lower speed.

Attractive body frame:

This electric dirt bike has a beautiful body frame with adjustable angle add riser-style handle bars. It features 12-inch spooked wheels with knobby tires. The whole cycle stands on a retractable kickstand.

Good for the environmentToo small for grown-up kids
Save cost of fuel
Ensure kids safety


Overall, the razor electric dirt bike can be your kid’s first bike because of its safety features and environmentally friendly operations. Depending on your kid’s height, there are various options available to grab one. So there are tons of possibilities while considering the dirt bike.



Razor dirt Bike MX350

Razor MX350

Another option to consider is from the same company. The 3rd dirt bike on our list is also from razor the MX350. Razor is one of the famous manufacturers of electric dirt bikes. So this is why we have two razor dirt bikes on our list.

This bike features a 650 watt Electric motor. It can carry the rider at a maximum speed of 17 mph with authentic dirt bike frame geometry.

It has the maximum operating time on a single charge of 40 minutes. Overall this bike is great for kids aging from 9 to 16 years old.

The super cross-inspired design delivers more power uphill and in off-road conditions.

Intelligent body frame:

The aerodynamics provides good speed to this dirt bike because this bike is designed with a super cross-inspired body frame that is lightweight and easy to handle. It allows the bike to go uphill without lacking in power.

Furthermore, this body frame allows easy handling on rocky tracks and edges. Overall it reduces the chances of accidents losing control over the bike.

Powerful electric motor with more operating time:

The less speed and good wattage ensures that your kids won’t get bored while riding this bike. However, safety should always be considered while handing over this to your kids.

Furthermore, the operating time with maximum speed is extra-ordinary; however, you can increase it while riding at a slower pace. All you need to make sure of is to charge these batteries for at least 12 hours before using them. Failing to do so will result in the batteries not accepting the charge.

Advance suspension system:

This modern dirt bike has intelligent suspension technology with a dual suspension with a front wheel. It ensures comfort while riding off-road. The rest also bears the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces and keeps the body safe.

The large knobby tires where the dual suspension system provides maximum support in performance to cater to rough terrain. The pneumatic technology provides additional speed due to more grips on the track.

Robust quality and durability:

Razor bikes are known for their robust quality, which is reflected in the overall body structure of the cycle. The durable steel frame ensures a compromised quality of the general body frame of this dirt bike.

The plastic parts are highly elastic and can bear the impacts with rocks. The elasticity in plastic parts saves them from breaking even after frequent clashes.

Provides a thrilling experience It doesn’t have training wheels
More powerful than other bikes
No dangerous heated exhaust pipe


This razor electric dirt bike is more potent than other dirt bikes in this league so you can consider this option for your kids. However, it might not be suitable for grown-up kids because of its too low ground frame that might be undersized.



Final conclusion:

Dirt bikes are a great way to pass the time. It will enable your children to participate in outdoor activities. Taking your kids out on a dirt bike is a great way for them to get active and discover a new hobby with friends or family.

It improves their overall experience. They will fall, learn, and as a result, their riding experience will improve. However, to avoid any injuries, make sure to use all of the safety features as directed before riding the dirt bike.


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