Best Cordless Lawnmower for Small yard 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

People with gardens are always in need of a lawnmower for cutting their lawns’ grass. The leveled grass looks enchanting to everyone, also it provides you happiness while walking on it. However, the struggle to get it done is not liked by anyone.

So, many manufacturers consider this need and develop different types of lawnmowers. Lawn trimmers have blades for cutting even grass. They all have different force types that define their kinds. We have compiled some of the best cordless lawnmowers for small yard in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Before producers made their likely products, people cut the grass with their own hands by using a sharp tool but the outcome is not worthy (uneven grass). After that, came the lawnmowers that have blades and a handle from where you can move the cutter on the grass for a more sophisticated look.

You utilize your dynamic power to do so. Further; producers come with more unique ideas.
More powerful and reliable machines are developed till now which can cut your grass easily without any physical power. You can sit on it like a car and mow your lawn easily without sweating.

Let’s describe these durable and worth the money devices. The first one is Battery Grass Cutter. These cutters use lithium-particle battery packs and are accessible in both push and self-moved assortments.

The run times of battery trimmers are 1 hour or less. Most battery cutters cut a 20-or 21-inch area beautifully. They additionally start no sweat, produce no fumes discharges, and run more discreetly.

The other one is Gas Yard Cutter. Dependable gas-powered trimmers aren’t restricted by battery-powered batteries and can cut a lot bigger yards in one go. They also come in both push and self-impelled assortments and typically cost not exactly their electric partners.

However, you may spend more over the long haul on fuel and upkeep. Most gas trimmers can deal with long or thick grass and weeds and can sack side-release, and mulch clippings.

The next newly invented kind is a Lawn Tractor. These gas-controlled machines can slice a few times quicker than straightforward push trimmers, making them most appropriate for bigger yards. The lawn tractor can cut a 42-to 48-inch area and can pack mulch, and side-release clippings.

Overcoming any issues between stroll behind cutters and farm trucks, back motor riders are ordinarily less expensive than work vehicles however don’t cut to fast, since they have smaller decks, commonly around 30 inches wide. They also take less space. It additionally less expensive.

What kind to go for is a difficult question, you have to consider many things i.e. yard size before going to decide which lawnmower to take home. Purchasing a cordless grass cutter may be the correct decision for you if you have a little yard.
If you purchase an electric yard trimmer, you are probably going to find that they are more modest, lightweight, and simpler to move around than heavier petroleum grass cutters.

Best Cordless Lawnmower for Small yard (Comparison)

Greenworks MO48L221154.8x19.4x40.24 inches49.2 PoundsCheck Price
Greenworks G-Max 2532228.5x17x21.3 inches37.5 PoundsCheck Price
Greenworks Pro 250120232.3x18.2x20.4 inches74.1 PoundsCheck Price
the RedBack30.24x19.6x14.96 inches 35 PoundsCheck Price


Greenworks MO48L2211Greenworks MO48L2211

This is a green-colored battery-powered lawn mower by GreenWorks MO48L2211 for smoother grass cuttings.

Even and beautiful deep cutting can be achieved with this mower. It can cut up to 17 inches.

The cuter is embedded with two 24V batteries combined have 48V power to go for a longer period with one charge.

The batteries are lithium-ion batteries which makes this trimmer cordless and more durable because these batteries can go for years.

Additionally, the rechargeable feature makes them worth buying than other gas and petrol powered lawn mowers as no up keeping after sometime is required.

You can use them as it is. The recharging can be done with the help of its USB dual-port charger.

Just put the charger in an electrical source and left it for charging. Further, it is furnished with a motor which takes power from the batteries and can cut your grass for up to 1 hour or less. The run time of your lawnmower also depends upon the grass conditions.

If your garden has weeds and more disturbed grass growth then one run time may not be enough for your yard. The delicate and small yards can be done in one run. Additionally, the brush less motor is very efficient and can offer the required torque for trimming.

The overall design is very compact and the material used is rust free so you can not have to give extra attention to its storage. The product is very lightweight that makes it move with less dynamic power when not in use.

The lawnmower also has a size adjustment feature and you can adjust it according to your height. This can be done with a push-button present on the machine.

The handles are fold able which makes everyone’s the ideal mower. Other benefits that it can offer are mulching and rear bagging. You can start trimming your garden by just pushing a single switch near the handle.

2 batteriesExpensive
Single push start
Adjustable height with the help of a button


The GreenWorks MO48L2211lawn mower is battery-powered and has a brush less motor for easy and amazing cuttings. The rust-free and lightweight machine can let you adjust its size according to your demand and can cut up to 17 inches.

The cordless device has an easy installation feature that can help you get an elegant-looking garden with minimal effort. Mulching and rear bagging are additional features that make it a must-have product in your gardening tools.
The Single-button utilization framework is reliable for people that want no extra struggle to get it practical.



Greenworks G-MAX

Greenworks G-MAX

This product is an upgraded one after the brush less lawnmower. It has similar functions but with additional characteristics.

The battery-lawnmower cutting width of 16 inches. G-Max utilize Lithium-ion batteries for greater long-term operation.

The cordless lawn trimmer is lightweight and sturdy and deals with weather conditions as no additional care is needed.

The height adjustment feature of this lawn mower will keep up with a wide range of customers with different tallness.

The product has a gear-like switch for fixing its height. The deck of this machine will let you have smoother cuts on all types of grasses.

It can even cut weeds and other things that lessen the grace of your garden.

You can have gorgeous lawn with its 1-1/4 inches to 3-3/8 inches grass size cutting range. Further, the sturdy lawnmower has great mulching and grass cuttings collecting capacity. It can hold much more grass than its line’s previous item. The trimmer has 400m2 cutting capability in just one charge.

The wheels are the main thing to consider while buying any lawnmower. As they sometimes get stuck in the grass. This lawn trimmer has 6-inch front wheels and 7 inch back wheels for more secure and steady cuttings.

Many people were complaining about the noise of other lawn mowers by Greenwroks so G-Max has this noise reduction framework that will not disturb you and your neighbors while cutting your grass.

The device also has a battery indicator that shows the battery life in 4 levels. You can easily know the time of recharging with its help.

Durable and cordlessSome issues with clippings
Noise-free cutting experience
Powerful batteries


The G-Max lawnmower has a great cutting capacity with 2 4Ah batteries. The model is updated with noise reduction feature that lets you have a peaceful grass-cutting experience.

The style of this cutter is very compact and durable. You can utilize it for years without any up keeping problem. The batteries are also rechargeable and the motor works smoothly.



Greenworks Pro 2501202 

Greenworks Pro 2501202

GreenWorks came with great products for your garden. They try to keep up with every customer’s needs and upgrade their items timely with changing technology trends.

Pro Push 2501202 Lawn mower battery-powered cordless trimmer for your small-sized yard offers better execution for stubborn and normal grass patterns The battery can give you 80V energy.

The 4.0Ah battery can be charged speedily, so there will be no delay if you are using it for longer yards.

You can operate it with the help of its great motor that can provide more strength to your lawnmower as compared to gas-powered lawnmowers.

The motor is brush-less and can begin working in no time. It is suitable with a 180cc engine for added performance. The mower has lithium-ion batteries for its working and can deal with a small yard within an hour. This is also furnished with smart technology for even cuts.

The lawnmower has 3 additional advantages namely; mulch, side-dispenser, and a rear sack. The size of the lawn cutter is also customization to 7 positions, you can adjust the height according to the person who uses it.

Meaning, wives, husbands, and even adults can work with it. Each run will allow you to cut between 1-3/8 inches and 3-3/4 inches. 21 inches deck is best for the highest maneuverability.

The whole machine can be breakdown and can have 70% less size in contrast with its wholly installed size. This provides extra versatility while storing it with your other tools.

Easy installationHeavier
Maximum energy
Supports 3 kinds of battery models


The GreenWorks pro cordless lawn mower comes with a steel deck for cutting your yard’s grass for longer periods. The 80V enhanced energy of the batteries can perform well than the fueled-powered lawn trimmers.

This machine is reliable and compact because of the brush less motor built inside of it. The batteries can be charged again and again for more jobs. Pro lawnmower has one push start functionality for an easy run.





The Red back is also known for its gardening sharp tools. This Cordless yard cutter is outfitted with a brush less engine.

Which has less vibration and lower commotion (96dB), longer help life than brush engines.

A low-supportable engine will conveys super-smooth cut at a speed of 3900 rpm. So you can cut without agonizing over upsetting other people around you. Because of its grass brush, the mower cuts easily along dividers, bloom beds, and yard edges.

It utilizes an amazing high-limit 40V Lithium-particle battery that offers up to 2600 Square feet of run time with fantastic force and execution.

This runtime differs relying on the grass condition and activity strategy. The cordless lawn mower is furnished with a stream-enhanced steel sharp blade.

This battery grass cutter cuts a fresh 15 inches wide way with accuracy in a solitary pass.5 cutting statures could be chosen ranging from 1 inch to 3′ inches with a single switch for various seasons and inclinations.

It will also effectively handle diverse grass conditions guaranteeing reliable cutting proficiency in thick grass. Further, the lawn cutter comes with a huge 40 Liter grass box, which means less time spent purging grass clippings. The instrument must be utilized with the actuation key.

On the off chance that the key is taken out, the instrument turns off to make preparations for inadvertent actuation. The machine can be securely put away and moved. The smaller and lightweight plan makes cutting the grass easy and fast, with amazing outcomes.

The control outline is additionally fordable, which makes winter stockpiling and transport a precise accomplishment. The simple running wheels of these cordless grass trimmers are very strong and hard-wearing.

Extremely lightweightNot reliable
Bigger grass box
Sharp blades


The Red back cordless grass cutter has a basic catch for the moment start. Its helpful plan gives you the best insight. The focal cutting stature change on this quick battery-controlled yard cutter is spring-stacked making it simple to work and has Five (from 1-3 inches)

Focal change levels to acquire the ideal cutting tallness for the grass. Additionally, the mower is embedded with an enormous 40 Liter grass box, which means less time spent exhausting grass clippings.


Final Verdict:

Gardens with leveled yards can be achieved by using different lawnmowers. They can be corded or cordless or fueled powered. However, to help people who want a battery-powered lawnmower a list of the best cordless lawn trimmers is given above. This will help them with better buying decisions.


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